Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis Pain?

Physical therapy and arthritis

You're going through life and bam! One day you wake up with joint pain and stiffness. Could it be arthritis? 

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. It can occur in one of your joints or several and it worsens with age. 

23% of American adults are suffering from arthritis. Is the diagnosis the end of the story? What are the signs and symptoms? Is there arthritis therapy to help deal with the pain? 

Does physical therapy help arthritis pain? Let's take a look at everything you should know about dealing with arthritis in this helpful guide. 

How Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis? 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis but that doesn't mean there are no solutions for dealing with this common ailment. Physical therapy for arthritis can get you moving with less pain so you can get back to your daily routine. 

Exercise Program

A customized exercise program is developed for the patient. Do you need physical therapy for knee arthritis? Or is it shoulder arthritis physical therapy exercises you need? Or one of many other arthritis therapies? 

A physical therapist will design a program that involves specific exercises that target your arthritis pain. Weight-bearing activities and strength training will improve the lubrication of the joints. Less pain will result. 

The therapist teaches you how to perform the exercises that effect each problem area. Proper posture is emphasized to relieve pain in other parts of the body. 

Following the exercise plan results in your ability to move easier and with less pain. Physical therapy can be difficult at times, but keep your mind on the goal. 


A physical therapist can suggest modifications to your home and your routine. Use an anti-fatigue mat while standing in the kitchen to relieve your arthritis pain. Get an ergonomic chair or an orthopedic chair cushion for relief while sitting. 

Lower shelves and closet rods if reaching is causing pain. Don't clean your entire house in one day. Think about having your groceries delivered to eliminate carrying heavy items home from the store. 


Do you need a walker or a cane? A physical therapist will show you how to properly use these devices. 

The therapist may suggest shoe inserts, braces, or splints to support your afflicted joints. Hot and cold therapy is often recommended for pain and joint stiffness. 

Additional Tips

  • Switch up your exercises.
  • Keep moving even when experiencing a little discomfort.
  • Don't overdo it. 
  • Don't forget your small muscles. Do dexterity exercises. 
  • Stretch before you get up to loosen the muscles. 

Are You Ready to Sign Up for Physical Therapy for Your Arthritis?

Now that you've seen the answer to the question, "Does physical therapy help arthritis?", are you ready to find a physical therapist near you? Get your body moving with less pain. 

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