Looking Beyond The Storms Of Multiple Sclerosis

Medically Reviewed by Jacque Parker, RN

View out a stormy window

Do these physical impairments determine who we are? How do we turn these feelings of despair into sunny, cheerful feelings of joy? Change the fears and anger into love? How do we change the MonSter into a friend?

We can take these thoughts of disability and turn them into thoughts of ability. One baby step at a time, we can change our feelings of "I can't" into feelings of "I can". Maybe you "can't" run that 5K marathon, maybe you "can't" remember your thoughts of two minutes ago....but you "can" wake up in the morning, you "can" choose to be a participant in life.

We can take advantage of being alive. We can be good to ourselves. Being kind, patient and loving to ourselves can be as easy as taking that extra nap, or just sitting for 5 extra minutes. Take the time to laugh, be silly, or just to enjoy something. Put forth the effort to put multiple sclerosis into the background of our existence, and put forth the effort to put life into the forefront.

By making life a priority, we're not allowing the negativities of ms to control us. Personally, I would much rather be known as a kind, fun and caring person than a MS disabled person. We can make the choice to be the person we really want to be. The wobblies, the brain fog, and all the other things MS has given to me are just a part of me; not who I am or what my life is really about.

The effort we put into life involves so many feelings. Accepting those feelings, those feelings of happiness, fear, anger, joy, or denial, is a part of living our lives. We can take the time to explore those feelings deep inside our hearts, and make them a valued part of ourselves. Accepting those feelings as reality helps keeps our spirit alive.

Yes, Multiple Sclerosis is a disability. We do have to make accommodations for this intruder. We were not given a choice in this matter. Our responsibility though, is to make our lives and spirits our ability. Making the choice to not allow multiple sclerosis to control our beings gives us the opportunity to live life.

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Charli was a regular contributor and writer at MS MuSings, a monthly online magazine written by and for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

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