Medical Intuition and Healing

by Rita Louise, ND

As we move into the new millennium, the face of health and healing are taking on a whole new look. With it, a new paradigm in the assessment of health is making its way to the forefront, its tool: Medical Intuition. As the name states, Medical Intuition is a science, where the practitioner, using a highly developed sense of intuition, "looks" into the body, evaluating it on energetic levels. According to Medical Intuitives, we, as humans, are more than just a physical body. Instead, we are made up of a vast array of interconnecting energies and energetic fields, with physical diseases appearing as an external manifestation of disturbances to these energetic fields. A Medical Intuitive easily detects these disturbances.

A Medical Intuition evaluation can provide invaluable information as to issues of the physical body, but can also identify mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health issues. Medical Intuitives do not diagnose disease. Instead of labeling a disorder, a Medical Intuitive can identify the location of inflammation in the body, evaluate the health of a gland or organ or validate a strong emotion that is impacting health. Many times, a Medical Intuitive can identify imbalances within the body long before it fully manifests as disease.

Medical Intuition is a complex blending of both modern science and esoteric religion, both of which provide a vocabulary and conceptual framework from which a medical intuitive works. These concepts help the practitioner explain and clarify what is being seen, felt or experienced on energetic levels. A solid understanding of the form and function of the physical and energetic bodies is also critical to this work. Without this framework, which quantifies what is being experience, the information gathered by the medical intuitive would make no sense to both layman and practitioner alike.

As a Naturopath and practicing Medical Intuitive, I have spent over 10 years working with clients on these levels. It never ceases to amaze me the depth and breath that this skill has to offer. Working with a client one day, I intuitively saw red, inflamed and swollen tissue in and around his sinuses and nasal cavity. I asked him if he had a cold or was he suffering from sinus congestion. He told me he wasn't. One week later, I received a call from this same client. He informed me that the day after our session he suffered from one of the worst sinus headaches he had ever experienced in his life, with the pain and congestion taking a full week to finally clear.

I had another client who sat down for an evaluation. As I started to scan her body, I noticed that her spine was twisted and contorted. I asked her if she had some form of scoliosis where her spine instead of twisting in the traditional S-type pattern, her spine twisted on its axis. She confirmed my observation. Another client came for an assessment with complaints of arthritis in her hands and feet. When I evaluated her body, I noticed a dysfunction in her kidneys. I also noticed that her kidneys seemed extremely acidic. Later on my observations were confirmed by her blood work. She wasn't suffering from arthritis, but gout.

By far, the majority of the clients I see with health concerns share one thing in common - an emotional trigger. Science is now starting to recognize the impact of emotions on health, but the implications go deeper than the effects of stress on blood pressure. A Medical Intuitive can provide in-depth insights into the emotional triggers that give rise to a condition of disharmony in the energetic system, thus creating a state of disease in the physical body.

Let me give you a few examples. A few years back, I had a client who came to me for an evaluation. When she sat down for her session, I observed an area of dark, stagnant energy sitting over her heart. When I assessed this energy further, perceived that she had unresolved issues with her mother. After sharing this information with my client, she quickly told me that she had been adopted and never knew her birth mother. I found out later in the session that my client had only recently recovered from quadruple bypass surgery.

I also worked with a woman who was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disorder that impacts the thyroid gland. To the casual observer, my client appeared strong, outspoken, open and ready to share her thoughts and opinions with anyone regardless of whom they are. When I appraised her thyroid intuitively, it was easy to see that this extremely strong, communicative woman, was completely shut down when it came to talking with her husband, choosing to stuff all of her thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. She decided it was better to not say anything when it came to issues in their marriage and "keep the peace". The result: the manifestation of a disease in the energetic area of communication. Her husband, in turn, handled the stresses and strains of life and their relationship differently. As a quiet, self-contained man, he is either unable to or unwilling to share his thoughts feelings and emotions choosing in its place to bottle them up. The result: he walks around like a pressure cooker with no release valve. It was no surprise to me to find out that his blood pressure was running dangerously high.

When looked at intuitively, the role emotions play in distorting the energetic field is not something to be taken lightly. We are all filled with a life force energy that moves and flows through the physical body. Our life force energy starts running at the point of conception and is unhampered by thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments. After birth, as we go through life . . . life happens. When we experience negative, hurtful feelings such as abandonment, abuse or rejection our energetic field can become distorted. Over time, the energetic distortions can grow, slowing down our life force energy proportionately, until it finally stops. Once stopped, disease is only a step away.

For true healing to occur, balance must be achieved not only within the physical body, but also in the mind and emotions. The issues that distort the flow of life force energy must be released. The fear that binds them must be overcome. It is only through knowing, on some level, where the energy has deviated and the strength and determination to work through these unresolved issues, that true healing will ever be achieved.

Medical intuitive are not medical doctors. This means that they are not allowed, by law, to diagnose, treat, alleviate, mitigate, prevent or care for any disease of any kind, in anyway. They can, however, provide in-depth insights into one's health and wellness by identifying potential physical conditions before they reach a dysfunctional state. It is as if the Medical Intuitive can let you know that you are driving around on bald tires before you find yourself sitting on the side of the road with a flat. This tool is a bright new shining star in the world of health today.

Dr. Rita Louise is a Naturopath, Medical Intuitive, lecturer, teacher and the author of the book entitled "The Power Within". Visit the author's web site at

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