Promoting Breast Health!

by Susun Weed

Promoting breast cancer awareness

Adapted from the book, "Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way ".

Things that counter and reverse the initiation, promotion, and growth of cancer.

Consumption of phytoestrogens

  • Sources: Red clover infusion, lentils, miso, tamari, roots.

A diet rich in cabbage family plants, grains, and beans.

  • Source: Semi-vegetarian diet.

High dietary intake of carotenes

  • Sources: Dark leafy greens, orange and yellow produce.

High dietary levels of vitamin C complex

  • Sources: Six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Reduced by: Oxidation from washing, heating, aging.

High dietary levels of vitamin E

  • Sources: Sunflower seeds, freshly ground wheat, freshly pressed oils, Olive oil, nut butters, freshly-ground flax seeds.
  • Reduced by: Heat, light, time.

High dietary levels of selenium

  • Sources: Organically grown garlic, onions, mushrooms.

Sufficient production and absorption of vitamin D

  • Sources: Sunlight, 10 minutes daily; sardines, tuna.

Melatonin production

  • Sources: Darkness, low-calorie diet. " Reduced by: Alcohol, beta-blockers, lights on at night.

Regular, significant exercise throughout one's life.

  • Sources: Active lifestyle, yoga, dance, moving!

Susun Weed has been living the simple life for more than 30 years as an herbalist, goatkeeper, homesteader, and feminist. Visit the author's web site at

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