weak and aches in joints,fatigue

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   Posted 2/4/2009 10:44 AM (GMT -7)   
HI im 16 years and have been suffering with mild aches and a genaral feeling of weakness ,and numbness in joints ,isomtimes my joint click and pop  and i get shooting pains  think thats the best way to describe it lol,
i get pians in mostly my elbows, knees , sholders, hands feet , rarely hip
but when i dont feel pain it just feel numb and weak
ive had this problem for about 6 months now and still dont know what the problem is ,
ive had tests for athiritus and many other things and all came back negative and have done this several times ,,,
my life style is very active and outgoing but this illness has realy made me realise how valueble health is and that it is taken for granted ..
i play alot of sport and do street dance but since this , i dnt feel the same , and somtimes my body cant take it,,
ive tried resting for a month, tried taking supplements , glucasamine and codliver oil,,
but no effect
the doctor said it could be a virus and you eventully get over but , i think its more than that
somtimes its worse than others and somtimes one day ill feel slightly ok then the next i feel it bad
i think im gong to change my diet, i heard some food can trigger pain
any advice o Help much appriciated ?
any others had the same situation ?
thanks ..

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   Posted 2/8/2009 8:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Tyy, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I had JRA as a child and know how not-fun it can be!
Have you seen a rhuematologist to diagnose the RA? You might want to see one speicifically, sometimes the blood tests are not reliable. Have you been tested for other virus' like EBV (mono)? Do you get swelling in your joints? Were you on antibiotics recently or very sick? Have you seen an allergist to see if you are allergic to anything? Do you have the support of your parents to help you get through this?

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   Posted 2/8/2009 2:16 PM (GMT -7)   
hi thanks for a reply,
yh its not fun at all !

im going to a rhuematologist in the next week hopefully should be able to get some answers.
dnt think ive been tested for EBV , what are the symptoms ..
i don't have swelling or any redness , just a sharp ache at times others just a dull ache in knees shoulder elbows hands ankles , and feel weak.
i heard that some foods can trigger joint pain im looking into food intolarances .
haven't been very sick , just flu's n colds last few months.
allergist sounds like a good idea , ill get to one
parents are supportive but think im crazy when im looking on the internet trying diagnose my self lol

if i did have a allergy to certain food what foods would it most likely be ? causing pain ?

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   Posted 2/14/2009 5:26 AM (GMT -7)   
well, EBV is mono. You'd be tired, achy, hard to stay away, sore throat (maybe), flu-like symptoms with excessive tiredness.
We've had discussions before on here about foods that trigger flares. I think it comes down to what you have an allergy or sensitivity to. For instance, I'm intolerant to milk product - if I go overboard, I start having some pretty bad flares, my joints hurt, my psorisis gets worse, etc.
I don't think it is necessarily a bad idea looking on the internet for help while trying to find answers, but you do need to be very careful and wary with the sites you go to and the information that is out there.
Good luck with the rhuemy, I hope you get a good one who can give you some answers or at least put you in the right direction to better health.
Stretching, by the way, is an amazing reliever in pain. May not get rid of the pains completely, but daily stretches can help lighten the intensity of it.

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   Posted 2/19/2009 3:13 PM (GMT -7)   
i went to a rhuematologist a couple of days ago and was given some advice and what my be the cause.
i was examined and bloodtested for arthiritus and everything was normal,
i am quite a active person , running , athletics , alot of the week and becuase i am tall and quite slim the rhuematologist said that all the constant sports that i do , and that im quite slim and tall (6ft)
was putting alot of strain on my joints becuase of the lack of muscle supporting it ,
the rhuem reccomended building muscle to reduce the pain and support the joints ,
i found out that i am flat footed lol , and that would explain the pain in my kness and ankles
and now have to have insoles in my shoes,
hopfully things will get better , if not ill see about it .

can you have a intolrance to food without any stomach problems????

thanks for your replys

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   Posted 2/19/2009 5:49 PM (GMT -7)   
The advice your doctor gave you is pretty standard advice they give to start with. It is true that strong muscles will help the joints...I compare the idea to lifting properly - you want to use strong ab muscles to lift a heavy box, not your back. If you don't lift properly, you'll have back trouble.
If inserts are causing a lot of the pain, then they will help tremedously. They do take time to adjust to. Break them in slowly once you get them. Hopefully, they'll make them specifically for YOUR foot by taking a mold of your foot.
If you find that your knees and ankles are swelling, I would elevate and ice. Or alternate ice/heat...I think it was for 20 minutes...off and on every 5?...my rowing coach told me to do that 20 years ago and I can't remember the actual instructions. LOL.
Be smart in your quest for strength. Pay attention to what activities may be causing more pain than others and see if you can modify or change something to help lessen the pain. It'll take time to build the muscles you need, but at the same time, the arthritis blood tests are not always accurate. So take care and listen to your body.
As for your intolerance question - I don't know. Allergic reaction come in many forms, but I don't know about intolerance...though I can say Dairy causes my psoriatic arthritis to flare up....if that means anything. But it often causes stomach distress as well.
Take care.

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