Varied Arthritic symptoms.

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   Posted 10/28/2009 7:23 AM (GMT -7)   
Boy where to start. When I was a young man my father took protraits. I grew up helping in a darkroom and by the time I was nine had my bedroom designed like one. I went on into the field as a lab tech and did that for years. Along with that I worked part time making cleaning chemicals and pesticides for industrial uses. Along with working in various other positions. Ok now for what is going on. by the time I was sixteen I started to have frequent mouth sores ( canker ) that wouldn't go away by the time I was twenty I never went a day without them along with the new symptoms of Osteo melitus. I would about every two or three years end up hospitalized for that along with the continual mouth sores. I was sent to be checked out for Pimphigus at the mayo by the time I was twenty two and at about the same time had a perferated bile duct from a gall stone that was to big to pass causing me to have peritinitus. Then the joint dissorders started. it wasn't frequent but a nuisence so about every six months or so I would end up in the hospital or at the doctors being checked for joint pain. They thought Lymes disease they thought some sort of weird gout and various other things. The problem continued with a weird rash on my body from time to time and when the canker sores migrated to the esophagus they took biopsys and they came back positive for Systemic Lupus then another set up biopsys came back negative.
Still the frequent joint pain whitch would get so bad that I would be down for a week at a time. I was also a work a holic very few days less than twelve hours most sixteen seven days a week. Ok.. now the migrating joint pain continued till it got so bad I couldn't walk hardly the doctors once again sent me to see specialists that determined I didn't have arthritus then the legs swelled and Regional sympathetic dystrophy set in and the legs would mottle and at times turn black with water blisters.  It finnaly took me down so I couldn't get up out of a chair at age forty eight. I developed seizure symptoms without any sign of a seizure dissorder. My eyesight was weakening to the point that just reading glasses wouldn't work any more and regular glasses needed to be.. they now think it is Berchets but then it doesn't. Almost nintey percent of the people I worked with have the exact problems some worse some not. I now use a cane for ambulation not a wheel chair but a few times a year I still need the walker and to have someone stay with me. There is more confusion in my life. like with some of the spells I have I cannot remember anyones name one time.. another time I couldn't remember where I live. a lot of times I will be in a conversation and cannot even remember what the conversation is about etc.
Ok there is my lifes history. thought  would toss it out and let anyone see if they have the same problems from photo chemicals. Some think it is a combination of my working hurting my auto immune system combined with the toxisity of the chemicals I worked so freely around.

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   Posted 10/30/2009 12:24 AM (GMT -7)   
Wow, Dusty, thats some list of symptoms, you put us all into shock.
I'm absolutely certain all these toxins in our lives add to our autoimmune diseases starting out. Give them the kick start so to speak. I work with chemicals in art and developed first asthma and then RA, I'm told they're not linked but I can't help wondering.
You're very welcome to join our site, its great to have a place to just talk to others in pain or disabled or just in need of venting their frustration. We all have our different conditions and a lot of understanding of the "joys" of life involving idiot doctors or frustrating tests or meds that give more side effects than the disease. So its a good place to come and rave and vent.
Welcome and tell us more about the chemicals you were working with, golitho

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   Posted 10/30/2009 12:51 PM (GMT -7)   
What didn't I work with is the big thing... Never did I link them all together until about six years ago. in 2001 it got so bad that I was going from one set of prednesone to another..then it wouldn't keep up with the arthritic nature and my physician sent me to see a bone Ortho man. He did some tests and said you don't have arthritis and sent me on to another doctor.  by the end of october I was so bad I couldn't get out of a chair. then the history all started to come together. When I was a very little child my father had a home photo lab and I would help by the time I was an adult I had been exposed to all the photo chemicals and then some Working around and with the making of pesticides and herbicides along with household chemicals to boot. things like benzine, trychlor ethylene, DG12, phosphoric and hydrofluric acids., a various line of alchohols and bases, sodiums alykalies  etc.  Yet on top of it most of my brothers and sisters have similar problems so we thought maybe it was hereditary. Then one of my sisters doctors when she came up with brain tumors did a study on the history and effects of radiation from the testing at white sands through whole  milk . ( we all drank milk right from the cow) Along with my being a workaholic all those years damaging my system.
Now my doctors keep leaning towards Berchets..( not sure of the spelling ) and lupus and just a couple weeks ago wanted to start the line of testings all over again. I do appreciate this site just if nothing else to get some of the frustraition off of my chest. The new thing is more and more confusion after these spells I have another thing that is real recent is my eyes getting teary and I have to get them checked again for new glasses. ( I have to double check everything this is so frustraiting) Once it had progressed to the level that it got serious then all the other doctors and all the other things started to fall into place. yet most of the people I have worked with in the past they to have similar symptoms some worse some better. I got a call from one man I worked with he was going to get his marrow replaced and in the hospital was two others that we worked with years ago so he called me to see how I was doing. One of the other guys has emphysema real bad and one with pimpigus. 
Luckily I am not in the darned wheel chair right now but I do have it close by for the bad days. 
Pretty crazy things. thought well who knows who else is around that has had somehing like this or is experiencing similar frustraitions and worked in the same fields. One other thing I have to is I need a nissan wrap for a bad hernia but am not sure where to even look for a doctor that does that or has experiencing that surgery.
( big list of meical problems. that is why our insurance company is trying to hard to find a reason to eliminate us from the policy) The seizure type spells luckily aren't that frequent but do cause me some concern. especially since they can't find them or the cause.
Oh I could whine all day about all of this but at least I am still alive but how ones perspective on life changes when something of this magnetude hits is pretty amazing. All the money and things no longer had any meaning to me. it then became more evident that what I thought was important didn't have any importance at all.
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