Pain!! Only 22... help

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   Posted 1/7/2017 8:38 AM (GMT -7)   
Hey guys I'm 22 and it's time to stop ignoring it
I was diagnosed with ra at around the age of 20, and I believe the reason behind it is taking accutane 3 times which I wish I haven't .

Anyway the most pain and stiffness is in my knees with the occasional hip and elbow stiffness.

I am a truck driver so I do sit in a truck for a while and when I come out I have to walk slowly for a few minutes to get the joints going . I don't know what stage that is but I'm sitting in my truck now and my right knee is shocking me with pain .

I want to know what I can do to lessen my pain . I plan on running a mile every day from here on out. Is there anything I can take to lubricate the joints ? Things I should avoid ? I have been working out consistently since I was 16 but never really worked out my legs much other than cardio.

It's getting worse especially with this cold weather so please give me some advice

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   Posted 1/7/2017 7:17 PM (GMT -7)   
Are you on any medications to slow down the Progression?
You also need to see a doctor for exercises that are safe for you.

I use salonpas gel for a rub. It helps some. Heat seems to ease my pain.
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   Posted 1/7/2017 7:45 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Danny:

I'm sorry that you are suffering from RA but Welcome to the HW Forums. I presume that you have severe RA? There are many of us in the same category. I was the 2nd one in our Family to get severe RA and I had my first symptoms at age 24, shortly after my Child was born. My Cousin got it at age 10(Juvenile RA), Aunt at age 30, my Dad at age 68, my younger Brother at age 45, my Sis at age 46. I'm sure there are more though. Thus, ages vary greatly. Most common is between ages 40 - 65 and more females than males.

If you have only had these symptoms since you are 20 years old then you are in the early stage but you must get help quickly in order to delay complications from RA.

Are you on any prescription medications for RA? It is important to get a good Rheumatologist. It is very important to treat RA aggressively from the beginning, so as to get the RA under control as soon as possible, to save a person from becoming crippled quickly. Many of these medications can take 3 - 6 months before a person feels better. If a person with RA is in very bad shape, their Rheumatologist may prescribe Prednisone or an injection of Cortisone in the most painful joint. This is for short term use only or unless the person is resistant to most of the RA medications/other therapies.

-You could try a warm bath or shower to relieve some of the pain. Some folks use Epsom salts in the bath.
-I use the warm microwave bean bags(or electric heating pads on separate joints. Some use the warm bags for 20 minutes then the cold packs for 20 minutes, repeat or visa versa. I have secondary Raynauds, so I cannot tolerate cold on my joints
-Dress warmly while inside and especially when spending time outside, if you live in the colder regions part of the year.
-Exercise is always good but be careful to do so in moderation daily or so. Overexertion of exercise will not cause good results to the diseased joints.
-Since you drive a truck, you should get a customized seat or seat insert made for you, if possible. Or get someone(or yourself) to make a comfortable seat insert for yourself. Usually after 45 minutes of driving, I also have to get out of the vehicle to get my joints moving or after sitting or standing too long.
- I received accupunture by 2 different Drs., suction cup therapy on the back neck area(forget the name), Dr. Scholls massage mat, removing certain foods from my diet, etc. These did not work for me, although they have for some others. It may work for you since we can react differently to different stimulii.
-Yoga, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Deep Massage(Chiropractor) works for some also, if you have the time.
-Write a list of questions before you see your Rheumatologist. Write a log to keep track of your symptoms and possible side effects from medications to share with your Rheumy(RA Specialist).
-Some use Voleran Gel, RUB A535, Blue Ice, etc. These sometimes work for me depending on the Barometric Pressure.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully other members will drop in with other suggestions/experiences for you to consider. Ask us questions and vent/speak out if you need to.. We may know the answers. Best Wishes to your future of RA remissions.
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   Posted 1/11/2017 5:28 PM (GMT -7)   
Danny, get to a Rheumatologist before it gets bad. If you have been diagnosed with aggressive RA it will eventually. It has nothing to do with time either, it can become very crippling at an early age if not treated. Im 47 now and had RA onset at 23 but was not diagnosed until 26. I began having flare ups that left me unable to walk even to the bathroom at times and had to change my career due to it. I was a pipe layer/dirt work guy before it and became a desk jockey so that I could continue to work. The sooner that you begin treatment the better the possibility of slowing the progression of the disease. Make no mistake RA can work very fast to deteriorate and distort joints.

As far as things you can do to remedy the pain? I use hot hands in my shoes when I am outside as well as a heating pad a lot indoors. There are knee braces you can pick up that you might be able to use a hot hands heater or two in as well. When I was younger ice did the trick for me but now it is heat.

Also, there are gloves you can wear that might help as well as socks that have been a help to me at times also. IMAK makes them and they can be picked up off Amazon.

Fish oil and flax seed oil, help joints. Vitamins like D and B12 can help if you are experiencing fatigue. I have had a lot of problems with that over the years. When you see a Rheumy ask them to run a panel on you to see if you are deficient in any of these things. Lots of RA sufferers become Anemic over time and can need to take Iron supplements as well.

Some people have good results with things like curcumen as well. Also, you can try and see if there is something in your diet that is aggravating it. Lots of people avoid foods like potatoes, tomatoes etc. For me it is corn and things with corn syrups in it.

At any rate I wish you the best. Hope that you feel better and that some of these things help but regardless get to see a Rheumatologist soon. I can't emphasize this enough. If you have a bad flare up it can take months to see someone and when you are in pain it can seem like an eternity to get some relief. Take it from me, a guy who didn't do this and it was not a pleasant time of things.

Blessings -Don

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   Posted 1/19/2017 4:36 PM (GMT -7)   
You are at early stage so I would consider test for food sensitivity to know what food is triggering your RA, it maybe dairy products, grains, sugar, processed food etc. Try to eat as much of fresh fruits and steamed/ boiled vegetables. Of course consider visit at Rheumatologist office, check your vit levels especially vit D if it is on the lower end doctor will tell you to take supplements. It doesn't mesn it need to get worse just take care about as soon as you can.

When your knee hurts is it warm in touch? If yes- that means inflammation, cold packs were helping me a lot with the inflammation and pain. I would postpone on running until the pain is down - if there is in fact inflammation it may worsen your symptoms.

Sitting position and high level of stress are not good too unfortunately.. Ttake breaks as much as you can and move during the day. Relax as much as you can, meditation is great!

We say RA is genetic, it maybe I believe because the generations may be sensitive to same type of food. We feel worse during the fall, winter / Holidays? Our intake of fresh food is decreasing, we eat more sugar, white flour (gluten) packed sweets that's why we may feel worse. During the summer time we eat healthier, move more - inflammation doesn't like that.

There is plenty of information online on foods which may trigger RA!

Good luck!!
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