Adhesive Capsulitis

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   Posted Yesterday 1:34 PM (GMT -7)   
I was wondering how your bout with Adhesive Capsulitis is going confused    I had my left shoulder (I am right handed) freeze on me in  late October 2005.  I didn't have any idea what I was dealing with and by the time I got to a Dr. (Physiatrist) I could barely lift my arm away from my body.  I had the cort. injections and went into extensive PT including water therapy (I also had Medical Insurance then - NONE now).  Ten months of therapy later I had about 98% range of motion recovery.  For a pain med - Tramadol HCL 50 mg. saved my sanity.  That is how I found this forum - I was trying to find out if Tramadol was on Wal-marts $4 Rx list.  Thank God in heaven it is and there is hope that I will get through the next year.  I didn't mention that I am in the beginning stages of AC in my right shoulder.  I have been putting off the Dr and the cort. shot because of the cost (way over $200).  I won't go into the gory details but $200 may as well be $200 million.  We decided to do it anyway and figure out where the money will come from later.  I need to be able to keep the shoulder moving (just starting a new business) and have read some material suggesting, "the shot", if given before the frozen stage, shortens the duration.  The other thing is I see Non-steroidal antiinflamitory Rx mentioned but no one ever uses a drug name.  I was given one of these the first time and can't remember the name.  I am avoiding calling my old Dr because it is in another State and I cannot afford any toll calls.  I tossed out all the stuff I had on AC when we moved because the Dr. told me getting it in the other shoulder was extremely rare. eyes  Lucky me. Why not the Lottery?
I saw someone post something about  hurting her shoulder (falling or banging it) and then noticing an improvement.  That is what made me join the forum but, by the time I got through the registering stuff your name was the only one I could remember and ,not being very computer savy, I couldn't get back to where I found you in the first place.  The point is while I was dealing with my left shoulder I had two similar situations.  The first I smashed my (left)shoulder against the left half of a set of French Doors - the door was bolted closed into the floor.  I can't even begin to describe the pain but, the next day at PT my range of motion had improved a great deal.  The second happened in the winter - The driveway was a sheet of ice and although sanded and salted I hit a patch we missed.  skull I went down so fast I didn't even have time to put my hand out to break the fall.  I landed full force on the left shoulder then smashed my head on the driveway.  The next day at PT - same thing - vast improvement.  I wouldn't recommend falling and smashing into doors but it did seem to loosen things up.  I believe that is exactly what they do if you have the "surgery"  They just knock you out and twist and pull on your arm to break up the scar tissue.  devil   Hey it's a lot cheaper too. :-)  
I guess I just needed to vent some - the thought of all that pain for all that time AGAIN - makes me just want to scream and cry.
I hope you are doing better - judging from the dates on your posts you should be doing better.  I hope so.
If anyone can throw some names of anti inflams they've taken for this my way (I would probably remember the name if I saw it again) I'd appreciate it.  Hopefully it is also on Walmart's list too.  Sorry this is soooo long.
I get my shot Tuesday - I hope it is soon enough.

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   Posted Yesterday 5:28 PM (GMT -7)   
welcome adcap2, glad you found me again, sorry it was because of a shoulder issue...... i actually had been doing very well with decreased inflammation in the shoulder and increased rom. that is until recently my rom is pretty close to unchanged but my pain has increased dramatically. i believe this is due to my inability to continue on the enbrel shots that i take for my RA. i noticed as soon as i started taking enbrel my shoulder showed improvements, now off the medication my shoulder is painful and i am guessing inflammed like all my UE joints are. i dont have a clue how i got this frozen shoulder but yes maybe a good fall on the ice would finish off the breakage of the scar tissue like the door jerk did back in september...... not that i wish to fall on the ice. :) i am sorry due i understand you are looking for info on the cortisone shots given with the adhesive capsulitis? you can have 3 shots to see if inflammation is decreased? that is the only shot i had for the AC....enbrel is a maintenace type of RA injection not related to AC but helped me greatly. for me i had those but i also took my RA meds and lidaderm patches, they helped take the edge off the pain. and what a pain it was! i am not that bad again and hope not ever be in that much pain ever, ever again! as for both shoulders and the lottery i am extremly worried as my right shoulder is in greater pain than my left right now, so maybe we should both by lotto tickets???? however i have full rom in my right shoulder and move it daily in AROM exercises without resistance to hopefully maintain my AROM.
good luck and keep me posted.... i am on here and glady will help you get through another AC - hopefully not - but if that is what you have feel free to vent as i know how painful and limiting it can be..... worse part is to evreyone else we look like we are daily just taking another walk in the park, but we know better..... take care and welcome...... yalinda

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   Posted 12/17/2007 5:58 PM (GMT -7)   

hmm...  There was an article about this condition published last week that said there is an eighty percent chance of getting it in the other shoulder.


There are hundreds of NSAIDS starting with large doses of ibuprophen, aleeve, sulindac (my favorite),   some over the counter though those are probably not strong enough for this condition.


The recent article definetly said the steroid shot was the best treatment. 

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   Posted 12/18/2007 1:32 PM (GMT -7)   
I have AC in my left shoulder. Had the cortisone, that lasted about 6 weeks and then went again. With PT I have 50% movement in that shoulder and alot of pain BUT I am now experiencing the same pain in my right shoulder!!!!! All this in 6 months :)
Doc says to see him immediately I feel any stiffness in the right shoulder and we will get the cortisone in straight away.
Roll on next year!!! Being positive that it will progressively get better.
As for pain relief...I have crohns so the choice is limited!!
Still it could be for some!
Hope you can get relief soon.
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