Have issues...husband....mixed state jus need alittle advice please

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   Posted 6/29/2009 12:47 PM (GMT -7)   
I am trying to find away to stay in good spirits but is difficult. I have seen my therapist but my doc appt. is yet till the 7th of July. This doc I have not met. I could if I choose to voluntarily go to their treatment facility.
Here is the problem I have. I have never been hospitalized for the bipolar! It’s the mixed state that is kickin my rear. One day I am ok the next I'm not. Sometimes it’s within the day. I have klonopin and its 1mg 3 times a day. Some days R worse so maybe 1 or ½ klonopin just to help me get out of the house! I get eczema on my hands and arms & the klonopin helps this due to the anxiety and panic attacks it sometimes turns really red and itchy. The therapist said it seems to be like a hive situation where I breakout when I get in to an anxious or panicky situation. Maybe, I'm not downing that suggestion. I used to be on Lamictal along time ago around 2006. I stopped that med. It was making me way too tired. This past Dec. New Doc. An actual team of doctors (no Behavioral Health Place) my Doc. used Depakote. My Psychiatrist stopped the Depakote and then switch to Lithium in Jan . I was afraid of the Lithium but took it anyway then I got fired. I stopped taking everything and went into a deep depression.
Forward to now the end of June almost July. I have not been on anything but the Klonopin, which I ran out of for a good month & a ½ but an ER Doc. was kind enough to write me a script of them. (The visit, jus an ankle sprain) It was just my responsibility to get them filled.
Ok now this is maybe what started the mixed state of emotions. I had no money. My husband nor do I have jobs. I was fired in Jan. and never got another @ that time I lost my Health Ins. (I know it makes me sound like an idiot.) My husband has been @ home taking care of our daughter for about 3 years. He tried to work in the middle of these 3 years. The way I worked…ANYTIME we couldn’t have that. I wanted more from my job than I got apparently. We have moved to Colorado; which is our 2nd move. (I say 2nd because we moved to OK 1st. for 1 month) That place was not Healthy for my family. (Let me say it was VERY DIRTY) While I love it here in CO I hate the job situation. I have applied for my SSD, & SSI, I need my income back as well as Health Ins. But holding down a job @ this time isn’t wise to me. I am not sure when these mixed state of emotions are going to end. Its been a terrible 6 months.
(Sorry this is turning out 2 be so long)
My husband… I am not sure what to tell him any more. He simply doesn’t understand the entirety of this situation. I would possibly take the stay @ the treatment facility.... No I am not saying that “Its this great cure” the side effects are much less potent than what I know from the prescriptions I have been on. If I am depressed and forgetting to eat or forgetting ANYTHING I was suppose to do I can set aside the depression and at least clean up! Or if I am in a manic euphoria I can chill out and in the end go to sleep.
The place I go to isn’t a psychiatrist’s office or docs’ office like I am used to. It’s a behavioral health and substance abuse place. My weight thankfully is back around 105 but in the past week I dropped to 95 lbs. I went to the ER I can remember things messing up because that is when I fell down the stairs of the friend apt. where we stay. I was pi**ed off at my self for doing something so stupid but my husband didn’t understand @ that time. Falling and not being about to fill the much-needed script I had made everything worse. End result is why I called this behavioral place. I wasn’t thinking about the substance abuse part cuz I don’t abuse any substance. I am just trying 2 do the right thing in getting some kind of help with no Health Ins.
Now I am trying to make it to the 7th of July to see an actual doctor. Playing the waiting game on my SSD & SSI. I just don’t know what to tell my husband anymore we argue a lot right now. I try not to but he has NO job right now. Not being able to support our selves is driving me to a worse state. I tried to get a job a few days before my SSD appt. and that didn’t end well either tis why I choose applying for SSD. I read all the reasons why people apply and I felt I fit the criteria. Each day that I wait to hear back (which they give you 180 day denial or approval time) I have feelings of guilt.
My husband looks on Craigslist, submitted 3 applications and called may places. Jus no luck yet. I sometimes look for him and he gets upset. I feel like if he don’t get a job soon I am going to have to really push my-self to get a job no matter what. I was trying to leave it up to him but I am not sure I can.
I will be on all day so I am jus needing someone to talk to that has delt or can relate.

(I had to edit your post to fit with Rules #1. No discussion of any illegal activity or threats of violence. (ie. illicit drug use or exchange, threats of suicide or self-injury, or threatened or intended physical harm). and #2. No discussion of medical marijuana use. I can see how it's very important to your life, but it's very controversial, and we try to discourage that topic here. Thanks, serafena)

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Hi...first things first...it is absolutely OK nOT to get a job right now, even if assistance is the alternative and money is cramped..it is amazing how little money we need really, and how half of the little that is spent too often goes to food that contributes to the vicious cycle. Stay on assistance, enJOY living on less, and give yourself sufficient healing time to recoop...
There is a famous Dr. who just sold everything he has because he said it was a burden and we can't get well hanging onto to stuff.
about the disorders...my son has bipolar, anxiety depressive symptoms as well as Aspergers Syndrome an autism sprectrum disorder...all these create a toxic obsessive/compulsive senario that I am in charge of still curtailing, even though he is 26.
You must reconsider you views about marajana...there are better answers. There is only 10% of the magnesium in our soils today than there was a 100 years ago, causing an epidemic of mental behavioral disorders and like my son, yours or anyone's could be founded in that, so you could look into your nutrition for dark greens for your sense of calm and clarity. Learn about all the things magnesium does and don't be surprised if it looks like you or your neighbor. Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer without causing fatique--it gives the brain the ability to take up oxygen because it facilitates the absorbtion of calcium. It has to be taken in the right balance, so consult the pharmacist and your doctor if even over the phone...it's just nutrition, but nutrition at its basic best. Have a look at other nutrients for stress, too, and remember to consult professionals. I myself, take all nutrients related to stress, but magnesium deficiency can apparently cause even delusion, so act on your investigation fast. 



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    I also meant to say, that not all of the doctors or therapist know about this deficiency of magnesium with calcium, and I faced much underestimation from many of them, but it was several good doctors that knew all about it, one medical MD, one Chiropractor, and one medical psychiatrist here in Maryland that requires all her patients to be on it--and that's just my little circle, so don't stop your investigation at just one or two doctors...I swam through the waters of 9 or 10 before I uncovered this one. Find out how to take it in absorbable form if you do choose it. I was advised it does not have interaction issues. Once your chemistry is 'comforted', begin learning about how to make choices communication-wise that don't self-sabotage your message to those around you when you're communicating. That will give both of you peace..just hang on...you can do this, as you only have to do the size of a thing that fits inside one moment--very small an short. You never have to do more. Then give yourself 'waking' rest-time at day time. Try writing your goals and dreams no matter how big or crazy. And write down a list of things you love and that comfort you or make you happy.The other ways to get peace do work and satisfy more.....more is good, right? Defamiliarize with that, and familiarize with better...One day after, you may know when it's time to get a job. Some in my family went through this, and when the groundhog's head finally came up, they were pleasantly surprised [img]/community/emoticons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]/community/emoticons/idea.gif[/img]

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       Posted 6/29/2009 3:46 PM (GMT -7)   
    I am thankful I got a reply.
    I am just confused right now and in a mixed state of emotions so its a very difficult and painful time for me. I am just trying to make the best of what is bad.

    (I had to edit your post due to Rule #2. No discussion of medical marijuana use. Thanks -- serafena)

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