hi new here my son is 8 and has bipolor

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   Posted 10/14/2004 6:09 AM (GMT -7)   
hi my son  was told he had bi-bopolor at the age 2 1/2 ... now 8  1/2.. he is on strattra and resperdal... works ok but has his ups and downs... sometimes i wonder if he  is just hyper .. help anyone with a child with it that know the true things to look for....   kathypb

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   Posted 10/15/2004 10:51 AM (GMT -7)   

Kathy Hi.  I am 43 and bi-polar.  While checking on the symptoms I found that alot of times ADD has some of the same symptons.  Find a good P dr. that deals with Add and have your son checked for that possibility.  I would hate to think he was taking meds that are not helping due to the wrong diagnosis.



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   Posted 10/15/2004 11:39 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi Kathy,

I have an 18 yr old son who was diagnosed with bi-polar (manic depression). You asked what are some of the signs to look for, I feel that I can help answer this for you because I have to live through it as a parent and I constantly see the signs.(things out of his normal behavior)    Well just to name a few:

You notice the most changes during season changes like Easter weekend and mid-October, it's related to the sunlight, constant mood swings, aggessive or violent behavior, very religious (more than usual), no regard for authority, no responsibility, no motivation, no initiative, constantly spending money on things that he doesn't need, poor sleep patterns (either can't sleep or wants to sleep all the time), poor eating habbits, paranoia, depression, rapid cycling (constantly talking about things that don't make sense), DUEL PERSONALITY (Jeckyl & Hyde) and in some cases self mutilation.

Very often these kids are violent or get in trouble with the law.  People think he's a bad kid but the reality is he has a medical problem that can be controlled with medication.

If he's on medication for this, if he starts to feel better, he may think that his condition has gone away  so he won't take the meds anymore but the reason he's feeling better is because the meds are working.

Don't go off the meds unless consulting a Doctor first.

Randy (Ontario, Canada)

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   Posted 10/22/2004 6:23 AM (GMT -7)   
I agree with Randy, do not discontinue meds with out speaking with doctor, abruptly taking off of meds can cause serious problems. I am new to the heallingwell site, been here about a month now, I originally joined the lupus and fibromaylgia forum for me, but I have a 5 and a half year old daughter with mild autism, and bipolar, and i have a son who is a mix of bipolar and adhd, mainly bipolar, because his attention span can be real good at times, though most teachers have written through out the years Jae neeeds to listen Jae needs to pay attention, Jae needs to stop talking in class. But his behaviour in school is pretty good, somehow he manages to manitain at school and then blows up at home, I am finding out this common with many bp children, my daughter was the same way. she wa put on staterra in may for 3 weeks made her more anxious, then we went to zoloft, these was Godsend for about 2 months, than she went manic, had to wean off zoloft, most antidepressants will bring out mania in a bipolar person if they are not on a mood stablizer as well. Kara is now on Resperdal and prozac, been about 2 weeks now, I am concerncerd about the prozac, and hope it does not induce mania agian like the zoloft ultimatley did. The resperdal has helped very much with her aggression, sh ewas hurting me, kicking me jumpeing on me, biting me etc, she is doing much better, witht the exception she is manifesting severe speration anxiety, we are hopin gthe prozac will help that, today she went o full dose, so we will see. Back to my son he will 10 in a couple of weeks, He has managed to make straight As since kindergatern, how he does it I will never know, he will rarely do his homework unless i am sitting right with him, i guess has the seperation anxiety as well? But he is very aggressive with me in the evnings, its gets worse as the evening progresses, he becomes hypersilly, then just plain out of control, he rarely shows this to the outside worls, but in the last months or so he has been slipping some and lettin ghimslef show a bit around others. Just by chance yesterday I ran in to his ped at my daighters piano lessons. Since kara has been put on a liquid resperdal now 1/2 the dose of what she was on when she was taking the tablet that i crushed up and gave her with punch, I am now left with a half a bottle of risperdal tablets, and wehn I ran into his doc, i asked if i could give it to him twice a day, she said yes, he will probably hve to be bumped up thoguh he is 100 lbs and 5ft 2 inches much bigger than my 40 lb daughter!!. Oh I forgot to mention, Jae was first put on zoloft this august, doc said she did not think he had adhd he was able pay attention to well. so she gave him zoloft, afeter 4 days i did abruptly take him off, i had too, he went completly manic, and in his own words, said mom I am going crazy, so that was a red flag right there. Than we went to stimulants, aderall this made hyper talktive, ,more than he allready is. and than he got depressed on them he tryed to knock out his teeth. so we took hi off stimulants, and tryed straterra, 60 mgs once aday, teacher saw differnce at school, but i saw no difference at home. we bumped him up to 40 mgs twice a day, he wen completley manic, so he is down to 40 mgs at night of the straterra, so I am hoping the combo of the resperdal and strateera will help the bipolar matters and the aggressivness. Sorry to go on so long, but hope it helps you to relate to someone who knows what your experiencing, do any of these behaviours sound familiar. it is very very rare for a doc to dx a 2 year old with woth bipolar, most will not dx a child til he or she is a teen, or even an adult, most doc do not belive child bp exsists, but we know otherwise!!! Take care hope info helps.....sheryl
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