Extreme temper: symptom of Bipolar disorder?

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   Posted 7/28/2006 7:51 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello again,
Just wondering if this is a symptom of Bipolar Disorder:  I have always had a short fuse or a quick temper.  But sometimes it gets out of control and it leads to me saying hurtful things, getting violent (trying to hurt someone by using any means possible--usually my hands), and as of last night even screaming to the point I was losing my voice.  I have had some concerns that this  may be a hormonal issue, since some of my major mood swings occur around my cycle, or even halfway between cycles.  But how can a simple argument such as the one I was having last night lead me to want to physically hurt ones who want to help, but just don't know how.  I wish I had someone who understood and knew exactly how to get me to calm down when I'm in these moods, just someone who could calmly talk me out of it.  I'm scared to take the step to get professional help though.  My life was practically saved when I met this one particular person, and now that my life is heading down again it seems, I guess I'm just wishing that he would once again save me from this hell, but I'm losing all hopes.  It's not his fault though.  My life is going downhill again, and I'm wondering if it's something I can't help...so tell me, are these violent episodes possibly Bipolar disorder?
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Ellie 1
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   Posted 7/28/2006 9:04 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Jordan
It's possible, but just violent tendencies, without a whole host of other symptoms, doesn't sound like it. You may have anger management issues, but bipolar disorder is usually characterized by depressions with alternating manic or hypo-manic phases. Where one can't sleep, may become hyperactive, sexually indescriminate, reckless financially etc, etc. And normal periods in between. Of course the symptoms vary from person to person and not everyone will have them as severly as someone else. Nor will everyone exhibit all those symptoms.
I would seek an evaluation. A dr. is much more likely to be able to dx you than anyone here. It does sound as though it may be hormonal. Sometimes an imbalance can really cause alot of emotional problems. Reguardless, I'd have it checked out.
Take Care
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   Posted 7/29/2006 9:45 PM (GMT -7)   
i agree with ellie - get it checked out.  just one symptom doesn't make in the dsm) are required for a diagnosis.  my violence usually runs to verbal attacks.  my wife says she wouldn't mind the attacks if they didn't involve politics or religion. tongue

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   Posted 7/30/2006 2:50 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Wmnak,

Your wife's pretty lucky, I'd say, if your attacks are all politics and religion. Very often with bipolar and depression the attacks are really personal!!

Rosie x

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   Posted 7/30/2006 2:40 PM (GMT -7)   
counter, you don't know my wife! :-)    and i take religion and politics VERY personally. tongue

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   Posted 7/30/2006 5:28 PM (GMT -7)   
Jordan:  Ellie is right - sounds more like an anger problem which can stem from a lot of things.  I do know that Paxil has been used successfully in men with anger issues.  You could need some kind of anti depressant or mood stabilizer.  Your best bet is to get to a doctor and to a counselor.   Lazy

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   Posted 7/30/2006 5:31 PM (GMT -7)   
I am new here, but I have Bipolar and I too suffer from extreme anger at times. But my Therapist and Pshytrist say I suffer from Borderline Personality too. So that is where the rages and anger come from.

Do not know if this helps any but just wanted you to know your not alone in your anger issues
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   Posted 7/30/2006 10:12 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi jordan1,

Your temper description rang a bell with me. I used to suffer from what is known as "Lyme Rage" caused by Lyme Disease. Think of it as "Road Rage" not limited to the road. I noticed that you also have been previously diagnosed with Raynaud's and Lupus. Those are two of the common misdiagnoses for Lyme. Lyme tends to wax and wane in cycles and is definitely influenced by hormonal changes. According to the former president of the American Psychiatric Association, Lyme can mimic any of the psychiatric conditions in the book.

My sister was diagnosed as psychotic; then schizophrenic; then bipolar. I now believe her real problem is Lyme because her other symptoms and conditions, including Lupus, all fall into the list of Lyme symptoms. I am hoping she will be diagnosed properly very soon.

If you haven't ever gone to a Lyme Literate M.D., you definitely should just to be sure you don't have Lyme. If you would like more information on Lyme, please post on the Lyme board and many people will be happy to answer your questions.
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