just dropped my dtr off at the psych hospital

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   Posted 8/22/2006 12:09 AM (GMT -7)   
My daughter is 32 and has been diagnosed with bipolar for about 4 years.  Despite multiple meds and combinations of meds she seems to just get worse.  She is in what I believe is a dangerous downward spiral and she today admitted to me that she constantly contemplates suicide by taking all of her medications at one time.  She did agree to self refer to a psych facility and she was admitted this evening about 8:00. I'm thinking that she may have either been misdiagnosed or she has a dual diagnosis of schizo affective disorder. Does anyone have any experience with schizophrenia/dual diagnosis.  I have asked her questions like does she hear voices, etc.  She says the only voice she hears is her own constantly putting her down, belittling her and telling her she's stupid. She is paranoid in that she thinks her bosses are whispering about her all the time and that certain people hate her and want to get rid of her. I used to think that she's just one of those people who believe that everything is about them but I'm beginning to think there is more to this situation.  She lives with my son and his wife and her room and bathroom are absolute squallor and she can't seem to clean it up no matter how she tries.  She is amotivational about everything. I believe the only reason she functions at her job is because it is so repetitive and she has been doing it for so long.  I could go on and on but I'll stop here and just say that she most likely could not sucessfully live on her own and cannot handle her finances AT ALL. She makes terrible decisiions about anything to do with her personal life. I would appreciate input from you guys..you are always so supportive...thanks...Lazy

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   Posted 8/22/2006 5:57 AM (GMT -7)   
my heart goes out to you.  i would rather be condemned to hell for all eternity than to see our daughter, grandkids, or greatgrandkids suffer in any way.  i know it has to hurt.
i have been fighting the devils of mental illness all of my life.  as a teenager (that was about half a centuy ago :-) ) i was diagnosed with depression.  those were the very early days of mental health, so differentiations were few.  in my 20s, after a very messy divorce, i was hospitalized for a month and, again, they called it depression.  then in my 40s i got pretty bad mentally and again, the pdoc called it depression.  finally, in my 50s, after a botched epidural steroid injection, i was in so much pain that i attempted suicide by taking all of my pain pills at once.  fortunately my wife stopped me before i got too many down.  i saw a pdoc who first diagnosed me with schizophrenia.  he asked if i heard voices.  i am a jewish spiritualist - of course i hear voices!  it is part of my belief system!  then he changed the diagnosis to schizoaffective.  i asked why and he said, after brain scans, mris, etc, that my brain shows no signs of schophrenia, such as shinking.  i lived with this diagnosis for about a month, then started researching it on the web.  the symptoms simply didn't match.  i then got together with my psychologist and we went over the dsm.  based on my symptoms, we decided that bipolar was a more accurate dx.
what i am trying to say is that drs simply don't know.  they give educated guesses and, i feel, sometimes just give a dx in order to satisfy insurance cos.  the other thing is that, i feel, there is simply a dx du jour, which may or may not bear any relationship with a patient's symptoms.
don't know if this is the kind of feedback you wanted, but i do hope it helps.

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   Posted 8/22/2006 6:25 AM (GMT -7)   
Lazy my heart also goes out to you that had to be so hard for you but you did the right thig IMO ...getting her help and I agree that docs sometimes just dont know .....
My son has yet to be DX and refuses but I do see alot of manic behaviuor in him have all his life
The guts really rip apart when it is our children grandchildren and such
My thoughts and prayers are with you
God Bless
Thanks Waren for youtr input
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   Posted 8/22/2006 3:38 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks so much Lyn and Waren.  Yes, it is true that no matter how old our "children" get it rips us apart to see them hurting.  My daughter called me today and said the doctor told her she is experiencing psychosis and he started her on an antipsychotic.  So now she has the dual diagnosis of bipolar and psychosis.  At least there is a medication for it.  A doctor friend of mine told me recently that we can treat bipolar and schizophrenia, its the personality disorders that we can't treat.  Thank God for all the new psych meds we have today.  The potential side effects are frightening but then I look at the alternative...I feel better now that she is in a facility on a new medication so they can monitor her and see if it is helping her.  I feel some hope now.  Thanks again for your support.  Luv...Lazy

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   Posted 8/22/2006 3:55 PM (GMT -7)   
So sorry about your daughter, Lazy. At least you know she is in a safe place getting the help she needs. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Often bipolar I has psychosis as one of its symptoms. Especially during a manic episode. So this antipsychotic may kill two birds with one stone.
Take Care hon
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   Posted 8/23/2006 6:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks so much Ellie.  I have never heard that about bipolar I and psychosis so I am grateful for that information.  I have high hopes for the antipsychotic working for her.  She has been through so much. I so very much want her to be happy.  Thanks again...Luv...Lazy

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   Posted 8/23/2006 7:05 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Lazy,

I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this -- and your daughter too. My heart goes out to you both and my thoughts are with you. It's so sad that we sometimes have to make such tough decisions to help those we love. -- I believe that you have done the best for your daughter in the long run though -- takes guts and love.

I encountered a description of bipolar with psychosis in a book I've just read -- The Bipolar Survival Guide by David Miklowitz (sp?) -- my bipolar ex/partner just borrowed it off me so I don't have the details, but you can get it through the resources/books link at the top right of this page. I found this book really informative -- and calming! -- and you might feel more at ease and in control by reading it or something similar too -- as might your daughter.

Sending you love and hugs,
Rosie x
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   Posted 8/23/2006 7:07 PM (GMT -7)   

How sad I am to read this, I can imagine what your daughter and you are going through.  Not only do I have Bipolar and I did have to be hospitalized for it two times, my dad also had Bipolar and was hospitalized for it numerous times.  Bipolar is treatable yes.  There so far is no real cure, just treatment.  There is Bipolar I and Bipolar II.  You'll have to read up on the difference.  She may be having a Paranoia of some sort from your description.  Perhaps her medications are causing some of this paranoia.  Remember sometimes some psych meds give a person voices that give them suidical thoughts or thoughts of harm or danger.  Not only does sometimes the illness cause that, but I have read and heard so very many times how the anti depressants can also cause that.  Some people do indeed over dose on purpose.  Some actually survive and some don't, so it is a big danger for her. 

After her inpatient hospital stay, your daughter will obviously need psychiatric watch closely and perhaps counseling.  She may need assistance with someone such as a group home to watch her with her medication and her paranoia until such a time that she can again be on her own.  They usually don't let people that are a danger live on their own, until they are safer.  Remember this is all temporary, she may later down the road improve with the medication and the correct treatment.  It takes a long while to get those drugs to work sometimes.  And many times there are plenty of side effects and one of them is a big weight gain.  I feel so bad for both of you, as I can imagine what you're going through.

As far as taking care of herself and running a life on her own and paying her bills, that all may come later when she is in a more stable condition.  She may be a totally different person at work, especially if it is in the day time.  She may tend to be worse at night or when the sun goes down?  That's usually the way it tends to be.  And her unorganization that just part of the illness and don't be concerned about that right now, just keep her from overdosing.


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