Hearing voices inside your head

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   Posted 12/10/2006 12:20 PM (GMT -7)   
I heard that if you hear voices externally ie from behind you or coming from,i dunno,a heating vent or something then it's said to be psychotic.I don't so much have this problem,but i do hear voices inside my head a lot of the time,does anyone else get this? It's like conversations going on in my head and it's all just random things being said and in amongst it all is my inner voice trying to find me,but it's surrounded with all this other noise,i notice it especially when im lying in my bed,it's like no control over thoughts,and they are so random and jump about from what subject to the other. Is this just me?

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   Posted 12/10/2006 1:03 PM (GMT -7)   
you have actually asked a very interesting question.  after my suicide attempt in 2001, i was referrd to a pdoc.  his pa actually did the intake.  she asked mye if i ever heard voices.  i said, "yeah, of course."  she freaked.  i am a jewish metaphacision and spiritualist.  if i didn't hear voices, something would be wrong with my union with the universe.  i had to fight to get her (actually the pdoc) to understand my religious and spiritual position.  the pa had me dxed as psychotic schophrenia and ready for me to spend the rest of my life in a hospital.  shows the training and sensitivity of some so-called professionals.
there is a second possibility.  if a person is abused or undeergoes ptsd, they interpret all noises as potentially dangerous and their minds often turn these noises into interrpretable sounds.  this was very common with viet nam vets, less so with current middle eastern vets.  at least that's what my research has shown.
another possibility is very similar to the first.  many native american religions required seekers to commune with animals and other natural phenomenae.  if they didn't hear voices, their quest had failed.
hope this helps.

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   Posted 12/10/2006 2:43 PM (GMT -7)   

My thoughts move across my consciousness as words so I guess they are voices. They aren't directing me, just floating around while I gently go to sleep. I also hear them while I do yoga and relax so perhaps they are just thoughts moving about. I usually kind of shussh them and try to return to a calming scene in my mind. My favorite is a water fall that I visited years ago. I bring the scene up in my mind and watch the water go over the falls and down to the pool over and over.
~ Jeannie

"People are like stained glass windows: They sparkle and shine when the sun's out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within."

- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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   Posted 12/11/2006 5:21 PM (GMT -7)   
I don't think what you are describing is abnormal, but it is disturbing. Joan Borysenko, PhD talks about this in her tapes on meditating. In our quieter moments we are confronted by something unpleasant...our minds. The mind is not meant to be "quiet" especially during sleep.

I guess I'd ask about you think is going on. Is it that your self is in there somewhere and there is a lot of noise and static that prevents you from finding it? Almost like who you are is covered with "garbage"? If this is the case, I think I'd take it literally. I'd embark on a quest for the "self." In fact, this is what I have done through therapy.

I can't say as I experienced exactly what you are describing, but we all have inner voices. They can be acute and tell us what a waste of space we are and that we are bad people. They can over inflate our sense of the world and our place in it. They are not terribly accurate and either way, are amplified. I know I simply don't experience these AT ALL anymore.

LadyDragonfly is a broken record...go to therapy, go to therapy...
The Lady Dragonfly
Yes, it was me...I know because I was there when I did it. Lupus sufferer, bipolar II sufferer. Currently on Indocin for chronic pericarditis related to lupus, and cherishing every deep breath without pain. Currently in graduate school for mental health counseling, class of Fall 2007. Vegan and loving it!

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   Posted 12/12/2006 3:27 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi cfc_kenny ,

I hear voices , like it's my inner voice rambling on and on but because it's thinking about so many things so quickly , my brain can't keep up with it - I believe this is my to do with mania.

Then there are the snatches of voice and noise that sound real to me , they do not tell me to do things , they make me jump sometimes - these are the ones I assosiate with my Anxiety Disorder when I am under extreme stress , I have been reassured by a professional that it is normal.

Jeannies "calm place" is a great one for soothing - even if you don't have voices , pick a nice place , real or make believe - it doesn't matter which , and "go" there to relax.

Take care ,

Smiler tongue

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   Posted 12/12/2006 12:23 PM (GMT -7)   
Hey guys.i'll reply to your replies in order of the latest replies first.

Smiler,what you said there is pretty much what i expierience,has it really to do with mania though? I have never had a complete manic episode,but i have had hypermania,of that i'm certain. I feel confident funny and think i have answers to all my problems,but the truth is my mind's still wandering everywhere-the depressive obsessions are still lingering about in the background,it's just in this state of mind i take no notice of them.

Yeah ladydragonfly I find it really hard to determine my inner voice because it changes so much,sometimes i find the one i want,the one where things seem to make sense,but then it's crowded out with the depression,a lingering haze of obsessional depressive thoughts that come up and if it's not hidden by those thoughts it's drowned out by this tingling sensation in my mind,all these happy thoughts that are happy for no particular reason-the same things that make me depressed 1 minute can make me extremely happy the next minute,my perception changes like the wind if if i'm being honest.

What you said jeannie is quite encouraging cause it proves you have the willpower to ignore all your negative,racing thoughts and just relax right through them-that's something i've never learned to do. I've tried using music and things like that,but it's never quite worked for me.

It's not even just voices warren,it's noise,singing,voices,but you know it's easy to get carried away-it feels like i have no control over my actual mind,which i suppose anyone with an mental illness or bipolar expierences. I'm glad you managed to explain to your doctor of your religious beliefs. I read on this forum that a lot of people with bipolar are very religious,i don't know if there's a reason for that though.

Anyway,thanks all you guys for replying.


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   Posted 12/12/2006 5:19 PM (GMT -7)   
hi kenny,
I would reccommend talking to you doctor about these symptoms. Sometimes auditory hallucinations are a sign of pschizophrenia. If that is the case, it doesn't mean your crazy or need to be locked up. You just have an illness that needs to be treated just like any other.

I hope everthing goes well and you feel better,

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   Posted 12/13/2006 3:05 PM (GMT -7)   


my original post was far from belitteling your condition or making light of it.  i would be darned in hell before i would do that to another human being (excpet maybe my first wife :-) ).  sorry, kenny, it's my wierd sence of humor and i find it hard to control.  what i was asttempting to say is rule one:  DON'T PANIC!  there are many reasons for hearing things.  i gave you several in my first post.  kman78 gave you another reason from the opposite spectrum.  auditory halucinations are sometimes physical, sometimes chemical, sometimes spiritual, sometimes psychological, sometimes ...  get the picture?

the best thing you can do for yourself is to fiind a pdoc who understands these things and who will get you thoroghly checked out physically and chemically before deciding that the sky is falling.

i wish you well on your quest.


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   Posted 12/14/2006 5:28 AM (GMT -7)   
I hear voices in my head all the time. When I was a little kid, I had imaginary friends and I just never outgrew that. I think of them as characters I invented. I gave them names, I know what they look like, I know their whole life history. I even wrote a novel about them. Most of the time, I have some control over them. I can turn them off (get them to stop talking) when I need to focus on something and I can turn them on (have internal conversations where I play the role of one of the characters) when I need some company or want to relieve anxiety.

It's kind of hard to explain. When I had the psychotic episode that led to my bipolar Dx, it got to a point where I couldn't turn them off. They were talking to me and to each other and wouldn't shut up. Then, one of the voices started coming from outside my head and I was convinced that one of my characters was God.

Anyway, I sort of know what your'e talking about. My experience might be different from yours but I think there are some similarities.

Cat Goddess
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