Not sure if its BP

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   Posted 7/7/2007 9:18 PM (GMT -7)   
I have been married to my wife for ballpark 7 years. We have two children, 5 & 6.  When we first got married things were good.  Later on I developed an alcohol problem that I refused to deal with for several years.  I never physically abused my wife or children, and never had problems at work but nontheless i was a drunk.  After being told (2 years ago) by my wife i would lose her and the children I stopped drinking cold turkey. No Games, no bs...just done with it. (And yes..i still am an alcoholic..I will be till I die :(  )  Once I sobered up I noticed how bad my relationship with my wife was.  I worked hard to repair the damage.  Only one problem...things are not getting better. These are the things I have noticed:
1. depression.
2. lack of energy
3. lack of being able to happly interact with me or the kids.
4. mood swings.
5. trouble sleeping
6. no sex drive. (Like we haven't had sex in a year or more...)
7. all she wants to do is play her online games with her online friends and everything else can go hang
8. bursts of anger for no reason
9. weight gain
There has been one sister in law in her family that displayed very similar actions...and she was diagnosed BP.  Also her grandmother was an "extremely hard person" as stated by family members.  Her mom and I have been pressing her to go see a P-doc but she has been very reluctant to go.  She did see our Family Doctor about a year ago and he placed her on Zoloft.  He also has been upping the dosage over the last year as well.  If i didn't know any better I would thing this drug is agravating the problems.
Finally her mom convinced her to go see the p-doc this coming Wednesday.  I hope he can help her. Because if she doesn't get some help soon I am not sure I can handle much more abuse.  She told her mom that she takes all her frustrations and annoyances out on me.  When I get home from work its the worst.  Everything she has been storing up from the kids just gets dropped off to me.  I love her.  I love the kids.  I was raised in a family that stressed you got married, and had kids.  And once you did this you stayed to take care of the reposibilities. I am all about that but at what point do I say enough?
She is not the same person I married.  I have made mistakes and I am doing my best to make up for it.
darn..this thing got really confusing.  Normally I am great at composition.  Im not even sure what I am asking anymore.
I read some other posts here and alot of things sound very familiar.
Well thanks in advance.
Ps: I almost hope it is they can put a name to this and she can get some help!

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   Posted 7/8/2007 9:57 AM (GMT -7)   
First I want to welcome you to HW, I hope you will find what you're looking for in these forums.
Secondly, from what you describe of you symptoms, I would have to say clinical depression.  I would definetly go to pdoc or someone eldo who trained.
Below is straight from the DSM-IV and explained what mania hypomenia... I am not saying what you don't have VP, just that your symptoms are not that clear.
With these symtoms it makes difficult for the average BP person to function.  From my experience I get mixed-states and when I am in that states I am very disoriented and barely do much. 
I have rage issues which comes out before I have a macic state.  I get the racing thought, and spending free with the money I barely have.  I sleep less than 3 hours or less.  Sometimes I go with no sleep for days (which I do recoment at anyone) I get in that state, and it's all about me.  The world arounf me may fall apart, yet still it is all about me.
I hope this was helpful, and hang in there.   Again Welcome!!! yeah  

Manic Episodes

  • Increased energy, activity, and restlessness
  • Excessively "high," overly good, euphoric mood
  • Extreme irritability
  • Racing thoughts and talking very fast, jumping from one idea to another
  • Distractibility, can't concentrate well
  • Little sleep needed
  • Unrealistic beliefs in one's abilities and powers
  • Poor judgment
  • Spending sprees
  • A lasting period of behavior that is different from usual
  • Increased sexual drive
  • Abuse of drugs, particularly cocaine, alcohol, and sleeping medications
  • Provocative, intrusive, or aggressive behavior
  • Denial that anything is wrong

    Mixed Episode:

    1. The criteria are met both for a Manic Episode and for a Major Depressive Episode (except for duration) nearly every day during at least a 1-week period.
    2. The mood disturbance is sufficiently severe to cause marked impairment in occupational functioning or in usual social activities or relationships with others, or to necessitate hospitalization to prevent harm to self or others, or there are psychotic features.
    3. The symptoms are not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g., a drug of abuse, a medication, or other treatment) or a general medical condition (e.g., hyperthyroidism).

      Hypomanic Episode:
    1. inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
    2. decreased need for sleep (e.g., feels rested after only 3 hours of sleep)
    3. more talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking
    4. flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing
    5. distractibility (i.e., attention too easily drawn to unimportant or irrelevant external stimuli)
    6. increase in goal-directed activity (either socially, at work or school, or sexually) or psychomotor agitation
    7. excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences (e.g., the person engages in unrestrained buying sprees, sexual indiscretions, or foolish business investments)  
    1. Note: Hypomanic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder.

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