Have you experienced any serious side effects while taking seroquel?
yes, severe enough to worry me. - 66.7%
yes, moderate, not severe. - 33.3%
yes, but very little. not a problem. - 0.0%
no, none at all. - 0.0%

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   Posted 10/4/2007 2:44 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm a 19 yr old female, recently [within the last yr] diagnosed with bipolar disorder after initially being diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I also have GAD [Generalized Anxiety Disorder]. I'm currently on Seroquel 100 mg to treat it, was taking 200 mg but they cut it in half because I'm pregnant with my first child.
 I'm 34 weeks and 1 day along in my pregnancy, and they said that taking it this far into the pregnancy shouldn't hurt the child  because all of it's organs are already developed. Anyone else have experience with seroquel? some things that I've read recently about the side effects online are making me rethink continuing its use, because I know that If I want to stay leveled out or at least at SOME level of "sanity" I will be taking this medicine for quite some time, if not my entire life. Some of the symptoms are unsettling- Akisthimia [restless body,feeling like you ALWAYS have to move], restless leg syndrome, HYPERGLYCEMIA, And increased anxiety, all of which i've experienced. Not to mention the much more dangereous that I've yet to experience. Such as cataracts or the nueroleptic disorder that you can develop.
I'm not sure which Bipolar I'm diagnosed with- 1,2, or mixed. I don't remember the doctor differentiating that to me. I RARELY ever have the type of mania that causes you to be overly optimistic, hyper, or happy though. It's mostly just ANGRY mania. Irritable all the time, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING sets me off when I'm in this state. someone just walking into the room can set me off. I usually end up verbally abusing those around me, and saying hurtful things that I later regret while in this state. While I realize that I'm being ridiculous, I can't really control my emotions when I get in this state, and can't seem to calm down. If I do manage to shut myself up I end up locked in a room by myself pacing and breaking things, and take it out on myself later. I've had a problem with self injury for about 6 years now, and can't seem to stop it. I've DEFINITELY limited how much I do it though, I'm trying my hardest to control my bipolar symptoms for the sake of my unborn child. I don't want him taken from me.
When in the depressive state, I hardly function at all. Will go days without showering, hardly move from bed, and usually won't eat or end up overeating. It's one or the other, while depressed I either A. eat everything in site. or B. feel like a fat cow and the site/smell of food repulses me to the point where I PHYSICALLY CAN'T EAT.
Since I've been on this medicine it seemed to lessen my symptoms, but not completely remove them, which I don't think there is a medicine that can really do that anyway. I've been able to live with my feelings alot better and keep them from COMPLETELY debilitating me in my life. But I'm concerned about this medicine's side effects and how it might be effecting my child. while i realize that the child will not benefit from my discontinued use of it anymore then me taking it would probably harm the child, i still can't shake the paranoia and i can't convince myself that this medicine is safe! sorry so long everyone... but anyone else concerned about the medicine? It's good to meet you all.

-Bipolar Disorder
-Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder
-Currently on Seroquel 100 mg once daily for treatment of symptoms

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   Posted 10/4/2007 8:10 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the baby. I hope everything's going well with the pregnancy thus far.

Personally, I don't feel good AT ALL trying to tell you about seroquel and pregnancy. I assume you've had long conversations about this with your psychiatrist, ob/gyn, and pediatrician? How about your family?

For what it's worth I stayed on my meds while I was pregnant. (I didn't take seroquel while I was pregnant. I do have seroquel, but I only take 25 mg as needed for sleep and anxiety.) But I stayed on my Lamictal 400 mg which is Class C ("We don't know what this will do to a baby") and my Prozac. I religiously took my prenatal vitamins, as it was made clear to me that the Folic Acid would help counteract any potential damage to neural development. As you know, Seroquel is also a Class C drug. My baby is just fine. She's better than fine. She's 2 and gorgeous and brilliant and loving life. But that was a decision we (my husband and I) had to make after talking extensively. We decided a crazy mom was going to be more of a danger to her baby than the drugs were.

Any of the drugs you take for bipolar are going to have terrifying side effects, Ashley, and if you read the labels and get frightened, you're liable to stop taking any meds at all, WHICH WOULD BE BAD. But most of those side effects will never come to pass. Yes, some people do well maintaining a life without medication. But you are in a state of transition and uncertainty right now, and you admit that you don't have the depression under control. Don't stop taking this drug. You are probably feeling the pain of having your dosage halved. If you can hold on for 6 more weeks until the baby arrives, then you can go back to 200 mg a day or even try something new which might work better. Give it a few more weeks and you can get it up there again. Or, if you have a reliable psychiatrist that you like, why not give him or her a call or make an appointment, just to get some feedback about your concerns.

Finally, just to let you know -- I was a cutter too and I kicked it. It is possible. Keep at it.

Welcome aboard.
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