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   Posted 8/17/2005 5:49 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi all of my breast buddies!!
I just wanted to say Im finally going in for my first chemo tomarrow afternoon. I'm not sure if I should eat before or after or not at all. Im actually happy to get it going so that it will be over that much sooner. I still worry about my hair and having to worry with making it look good for work but I will figure it out. Im thinking that a few bandanas might be good, I have my wig but don't know if I will be able to stand it.
Any advice for food and head cover greatly apreciated.
Hugs to all

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   Posted 8/17/2005 6:36 PM (GMT -7)   
I had a wig that I ended up wearing only for my daughter's hs graduation and a grandson's christening. It was hot and itchy. Now, I use it to clean my ceiling fans. I really love the bandanas. I wore them almost all the time.

I can't remember eating any large breakfast before chemo but I would always bring some crackers and my cd player. I used guided imagery during the chemo. It even relaxed me enough that I would fall asleep. Your first chemo will probably show you the answers to your questions.

Good luck.

Hugs, Jo-Ann
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   Posted 8/17/2005 6:47 PM (GMT -7)   
Bern, Jo-Ann is right, your questions will be answered tomorrow. For me, each one was a carbon copy so it was predictable. I ate a small breakfast before, and they had graham crackers and muffins there. My RN said to eat a light lunch the first time I ate a chicken sandwich. At 11:00 pm I threw up, and decided not to eat that again. Each chemo cycle except one I threw up at around 11:00 pm, but had no nausea or other problems. Next chemo I ate a salad and found that was not good either. So I moved to wonton soup and toast. the stomach just cannot handle much after chemo, so take it easy and see how it goes. I also found that I ate english muffins for breakfast instead of my usual bagel, which I could not eat for some reason.

As for head coverings, I wore a wig. I just needed to feel normal and "not sick", so it was psychological for me. I did not feel sick and I was not gonna let cancer treatment make me look sick either. You'll figure out what works best for you too.

Good luck tomorrow....we'll be there!

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   Posted 8/17/2005 7:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Bernadette,ask your doctor for prevacid.It helps for acid reflux and heartburn,it was a lifesaver for me.Take water and a muffin or snack with you.I allways felt hungry while i was getting my treatment.Thats good that you got bandanas,thats all i wear and even they get hot.Do you have a stool softener,Collace is a good one.Ill be thinking about you tomorrow when im getting my surgery....Hugs,Tammy

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   Posted 8/17/2005 8:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Brnadbt, The other ladies gave you some good advice.Do not skip meals, but eat light.I prefer to wear my wig in public. Like Lori said I want to feel as normal as possible. At home and in the yard I wear hats, scarves, etc.Bring your self something to keep you occupied, but you will proably find some friendly faces.I just finished less than two weeks ago-it will be over before you know it.Think of each treatment as be one step closer to finished.
Best wishes
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   Posted 8/18/2005 1:00 PM (GMT -7)   
Good Luck Bernadette, I'll be waiting to see how you do... sending good thoughts your way

There are no wrong turnings, only paths we did not know we were meant to take - Guy Gavriel Kay

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   Posted 8/18/2005 1:28 PM (GMT -7)   
Bernadette - same advice, eat light... re: the wig, I NEVER got one because i lost my hair in May and here (in North Carolina) it was just too darn hot for a headful of i wore light cotton hats, and sometimes tied a pretty scarf around my head first then put the hat on, and it gave me a pretty ponytail-look with the scarf hanging down in the back .... got lots of compliments that it looked cute...for me it worked fine.
just think of each treatment as cleaning out all those pesky cancer cells.... i used to say 'bye bye suckers!' after 1st time i peed after a chemo treatment!! HA! stay strong, you're doing great. so much of this journey is a mental one.
"It's been worth everything I've been through,
 To do what I do"

                       To Do What I Do   -Alan Jackson, 2004

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   Posted 8/18/2005 8:35 PM (GMT -7)   
My treatment center would provide lunch for all that were there getting chemo.  The first time I thought it was great, but each time it just got less and less apetizing.  I finally stopped eating there.  I would eat a little in the morning and something when I got home, provided I wasn't too tired to eat.  I actually found that eating foods that were fatty and greasy made me feel better!  Salads -no way!  Water eventually tasted bad, so I went with cranberry juice, which I usually don't like.  Your tastebuds will change, but it's temporary.  Just remember that - IT IS ALL TEMPORARY!  It may seem like time is standing still, but trust me, it WILL be over before you know it. 
I wore a wig.  My job is such that it really was my only option.  It was itchy and hot, but fortunately, this was during the winter/spring time, so it was manageable.  Everybody loved it.  Some said I looked like Rod Stewart!  LOL  Keep up the positive attitude.  That is very important.
L & H,

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   Posted 8/19/2005 7:57 AM (GMT -7)   
HI all

YAHOOOOOOOO I made it through did not throw up once!!! I cant say that I was not queesy though. I have been up all night because of the steroids. They really do give you a boost. I could not even think abouut eating after treatment, I forced myself to eat some saltine crackers and sprite the rest of the night I drank water and it was fine. Im staying home from work today to see if I can get some sleep.

I want to thank all of you for your letters of encouragement!!!! I don't think all of this would be as easy without my breast buddies to talk to. I have friends but it is not the same as someone that has or is going through it. I makes a world of difference to me and I hope all of you know that!

My hugs, kisses and love to all


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   Posted 8/19/2005 8:40 AM (GMT -7)   

Bernadette, ask your onc for a sleep aid like Ambien or Atavan. Take it early in the evening. It works.


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   Posted 8/19/2005 8:49 AM (GMT -7)   

Thanks I will.

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   Posted 8/19/2005 8:52 AM (GMT -7)   
Bern, I found that ativan was great for countering the steroid jitters...I actually slept well for the first couple nights after chemo, but then the rest of the time I would wake up and not fall back to sleep. The onc fellow I saw then told me that chemo "interferes with the sleep center in your brain" and ambien is a wonderful sleep aid that made my sleeping experience just perfect. Don't hesitate to ask for something if you need it....

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   Posted 8/19/2005 9:16 PM (GMT -7)   

Try making up some jello cubes...........they taste so good after treatments.

So glad that your first one went well for you.

Thinking of you..........hang in there, before you know it, this will all be behind you.

God Bless,
^j^ ^j^

"What sweetness is left in life if you take away friendship? It is like robbing the world of the sun"

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   Posted 8/19/2005 9:54 PM (GMT -7)   
wear a smart cap to cover your head
it will make you look trendy and young
as for food to be taken before and after chemo you can visit the following page

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   Posted 8/20/2005 2:32 AM (GMT -7)   
I was told no pizza or tomato sauce the night you get chemo.  It makes you sick.  Didn't test that one out, but the nurses said it with enough umph to make me listen.  Have laxatiives on hand.  My colon and I went through a legal separation for a while.  I wore my wig throughout working.  I'm a therapist for criminals, so i needed no apparent weakness.  Some of them were not too swift, so they didn't even know.  The ones that may have known, weren't sure.  It was a really really good wig.  Wore it every day.
Good luck.  I'll be thinking of you
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Confucius


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