McD French Fries & L Handed causes bc

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   Posted 9/27/2005 6:43 AM (GMT -7)   
I don't know about you all but I am past the point of being angry and just sit back and laugh when I hear these reports. Last week the news reported that one of the big universities did a study and concluded that women that ate McDonald's french fries, between the ages of 3 and 5, were at a greater risk for bc than those that didn't. Okay, first of all, I can't even begin to remember what I ate at age 3-5. Secondly, I am now going to show my age, there were NO McDonald's when I was that age. Esp in the area (Mo Bootheel) where I lived. I don't thin that I even had french fries until I was 10 or 11. And I know for a fact that neither of my dear grandmothers or great aunts ever ate McD FF when they were small.
Today a study shows that if you are left handed you are at a greater risk for bc. Once again, I am NOT left handed. Neither were either of my grandmothers or my great aunts or my cousins. In fact, those in my family that ARE left handed do NOT have and have NOT had bc. So, wonder what that would do to this little theory?????
Anyone want to guess as to what the next cause of bc will be? Let's see, big toe on left foot longer than the one on the right? How about one ear being lower than the other?
Have a great week!

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   Posted 9/27/2005 7:32 AM (GMT -7)   
I heard about some of this on the news and I'm like you, laughing. Also like you, I never ate french fries from McDonald's at the ages of 3-5 because, again like you, there weren't any McDonald's around when I was 3-5. I just don't like french fries, even till today, and it is a very rare occasion when I have some. I also don't eat at McDonald's. I don't
even eat potato chips often, I prefer pretzels. I wonder if it could have been the pretzels?

It's the left-handed cause that just cracks me up. My mother told me that wearing underwire bras caused it. My mother also told me that if you took a bath during your period, (a bath, not a shower) you would get tuberculosis.

Meat and milk with hormones can cause it (there's one that I could believe). Working or living near a transformer can cause it. Breathing can cause it because there is about 50% less oxygen in the air today. Cooked food, especially bbq'ing, is bad for you.

God forbid you have ever been around pesticides, there's another one. My onc told me to NEVER be around pesticides again. She didn't know, at the time, that I would one day meet a scorpion in my kitchen. She also didn't know that as a child, I would join my friends and run behind the mosquito spraying truck.

I'm willing to bet that if you just stayed in bed your whole life, you'd still get it. Why? Because you had no exercise.

The very sad reality of this disease is that they may have some hints, but they don't know what the cause is; or if they do, they're not telling. I also deeply resent the fact that they are wasting money on these stupid research grants when the money could be better used finding a cure.

Looks to me like it's a real good way to cure their problems with Medicare.

Irate, again, Jo-Ann
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   Posted 9/27/2005 12:04 PM (GMT -7)   

The Mcdonald thing cracked me up, we didnt have a Mcdonalds when I was growing up. We NEVER went out to eat my mom cooked every meal. (Im the youngest of 8) When I was a teenager we got a Mcdonalds in our town and I worked there for a year. (maybe that is why I have bc) I cant believe all of the stupid ideas they come up with. Maybe it was all of the home cooked meals I had????? Oh by the way my mom was left handed and died of lung cancer.

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   Posted 9/27/2005 2:05 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm another righty who never had McD's fries when I was young as it was the "BMcD" (before McDonalds) era. Seems to be a whole lot of nonsense if you ask me. Also irate, Lauri
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   Posted 9/27/2005 4:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Ok I am not saying I am older than dirt and I am not going to mention I am married to an Italian stomach so I can guarantee I never had very many fast food french fries. Infact if you ask our children they will tell you how abused they were. Never got to eat there. I do notice they do not take their children there very often either. LOL Ps. Not left handed either. Jo-Ann, I did not run after the spray truck but I had two friends that did and and they have had no problem. Mr. Deere, the italian stomach said to tell you that you should really start writing seriously. He always wants me to read your editorials. He just wishes you wrote more.  
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   Posted 9/27/2005 5:44 PM (GMT -7)   
You know, if they would just spend all of the research money that they spend on the why . . . on finding a cure . . . I would never have to mention that I'm a french fry addict, also love the mosquito spray trucks (like the sound, not the smell) and my first job was at jack in the box. Sure hope their fries are safer than the big D's!

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   Posted 9/28/2005 6:20 AM (GMT -7)   
ROTFLMAO You all have said everything I was going to say. I am older than McDonalds, too. Much prefer hamburgers to French fries. Not left handed. I do have one grand daughter who is not only lefthanded, but she has eaten at Mickey Ds all her life and both of her grandmothers have been diagnosed with breast cancer, her maternal side was even at at 40 which is also bad. She is still a teen so she has not yet nursed her babies which is supposed to be a preventative. She exercises some but not excessively, she is not fat. I think I better call and warn her off the French Fries and to learn to write right handed. This is just too ridiculous for words. Laughing, MK

PS Joyce I should send Vic some of the emails I get from Jo-Ann when she has watched TV and gotten angry. Chuck and I laugh and laugh.

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   Posted 9/28/2005 7:42 AM (GMT -7)   
I know he would love them. You know how much he gets a kick out of her. He insists she would be a best seller. She misses nothing and writes about it with gusto.
How wonderful it would be to see Angels where there are only clouds. How sad it would be to see clouds where there are Angels.

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   Posted 9/29/2005 7:13 AM (GMT -7)   
Me too, not young enough to have eaten McD's french fries between the ages of 3-5. Me too, not left-handed. Me too, ran behind the mosquito trucks. Me too, I am a BC survivor.

Who thinks this stuff up in their brains. I say, THINK UP A CURE and then tell me what not to eat or do with my life.

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