Will Epstein Barr make your lymp nodes swell, and how often?

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   Posted 6/12/2009 8:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello all, I am really seeking a little bit of help.  I have read up on Epstein Barr Virus and I do know that the first symptom is scratchy throat, soar throat....swelling of lymp nodes in the throat.  I know that many viruses can do that, and I have been through a real medical crisis this year, so my heart goes out to all the other people facing these sort of problems.  Right now my lymp nodes are swollen, not too heavily....I was diagnosed with Epstein barr last year in the summer, summer 08.  Since that summer I was healthy and feeling strong...Once the new year came, I started having abdominal pain.  The pains seemed to be chronic, off and on.  I started to have some urinary problems, and I did receive antibotics for UTI....but it was never officially diagnosed.....the medicine seemed to drive my blood pressure through the roof.  Anyway...I have not really had an symptoms of a STD....but I did get a HIV test, and that was negative. 
Since the beginning of this year I have been to the emergency room about 5 times, and to the doctors 6-7.  I've been getting blood work done and playing detective.  My docotor doesn't seem to know enough about this virus.  He told me that many people get it...and it should have little to no effect on my body...that I would just need to take more vitamins.  Anyway...for now, let me keep my question simple.  Does EBV cause your lymp nodes to swell...or enlarge....and how often will it happen? As often as the outbreak...or is it something that just occurs when you first contract the virus? 

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   Posted 6/16/2009 2:23 PM (GMT -6)   
In my experiences with EBV-(I have the chronic/acute version) my lymphes swell ever time my body even thinks it's under stress!!~ And I have had quite a bit already this year!!!

It's not just the lymphs in my neck that willswell either, I can find them easily some days in my arm pits & my abdomen as well.

Did your doc explain that EBV is mono, and that is a types of herpes infection?

Looking for more info - always!!!
Hope you feel better soon.
- Traveler
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AND... a multi-enzyme probiotic formula.

Gee, a person would think I was ill or something!! =)

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   Posted 6/17/2009 5:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks Traveler for the reply,
                          You just don't know how reasuring that information is for a person, who isn't well informed about this virus.  In answer to your question, my doctor told me nothing, except, EBV is a virus many people get....you will be find....all you need to do is to take more B- vitamins.  I have been through a lot of unneccessary E.R visits and doctor visits, because a lot of this stuff is new to me, and very alarming to my body.  Today, I am actually going to the doctor's, I am going to have him do a mono spot....a EBV titer....and to possibly check for two std's.  I know my mono and EBV will come back positive, and I will be able to start to see and record my levels of the virus.  As for the std's, I just want to be certain I don't have two things trying to beat me up.  I'm doing it for peace of mind.
                          Thanks again.

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   Posted 6/23/2009 3:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi college. Your problems sound pretty similar to mine that I have had for nearly 3 years. I went to a private doctor a year ago and was told I had the epstein barr virus linked to glandular fever etc. I have had urinary tract problems, stomach problems, nausea, swollen throat etc.

How are you feeling now? What did the doc say? Be good to chat to you about our similar symptoms


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   Posted 6/24/2009 7:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey Oggy, Thanks for your response, and thanks to other members willing to take the time to help people seeking advice and understanding about all this.  Oggy, I really have had a tough time with my EBV symptoms during the past 6 months, and the main reason is because my doctor didn't inform about anything.  about a year ago, I had some strange symptoms, sleeping alot...having some symptoms of malayise....I kept going to the doctor, and they thought it was nothing.  I took it upon myself to get some blood tests....and when the doctor got the results, he told me I have EBV...my livel is about 2556 or something like that.  Then I was told to take B-vitamins, and I should be fine.  I got no warning about my stomach pains....which made me go to the E.R. about 5 times this year, and the doctor's office 6 times....the pain was always acute, in the lower right side of my stomach...and then, I did get a urinary tract problem....it wasn't diagnosed...but I had to urinate at night, and it gave me problems.  I was given medicine for that...but nothing really showed up when I had a urinalysis done almost 6 times. 
The past six months have really kicked my butt.  But, one good thing I can say, is that I am more medically conscious now.  I had my CBC done, and a few other tests, just to have peace of mind.  When I went to the doctor the other day in regard to my lymph nodes, I was told they are really small, not of concern....and my doctor dismissed my concern that I have mono.  Online, I read EBV and mono are basically the same thing, coming from the same virus.  Because of my sore throat recently, the doctor gave me amoxicilin antibiotic.  I read the label for it, it says if you have mononucleolis, that the medicine will give you a rash.  I have been taking it...and I got a rash....a small one... a cluster break out of small skin bumps.  I just mention this, because I think it is ashame that my doctor doesn't listen to me.  I'm taking the medicine anyway.
Right now, I'm feeling all right.  I'm concerned how all this is going to affect my future and my social life.  I do take B-vitamins, and I feel like my energy is better than before, and nuerological symptoms have subsided, more or less.
 Thanks for the concern.  All are welcome to email me in regards to chatting and discussing our mutual symptoms.  Click my name, and my email should be listed. But if not, you can find me on yahoo.  But, I have a different name.  jay23kean.  Take care ALL!

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   Posted 6/24/2009 10:22 PM (GMT -6)   

College - I usually post on the Lupus site, but I saw your subject title on the opening page.  I just wanted to tell you that I had a doctor who didn't know what to do with my EBV either.   My liver enzymes were elevated enough to cause jaundice and hepatitis (Not ABC).   I had fever, rash, joint pain, exhaustion, weight loss, extreme headache.  The doc never referred me out - told me since I'd had mono in college that there was no point in testing for it.  Finally an Infectious Disease doc she consulted with told her to test for EBV and CMV - both were positive.   Chronic fatigue was a diagnosis thrown around for awhile and then fibromyalgia was identified.  I've always wondered what would have happened had I been referred to a rheumatologist at the time of the acute symptoms.  But the main thing I wanted to say is you should find another doctor who will listen to you or who is more knowledgeable about what other things could be causing your symptoms.  I stayed with that doctor for 9 years - thinking I was nuts or a wimp etc. etc. because I never really got all the way back to normal.  A change in doctor's brought about a rheumatology referral and much better care.  Not saying you have an autoimmune problem or anything else .....  just that you know something is going on and you shouldn't dismiss it just because your current doctor is. 

There are some really great doctors out there, and some that are a total waste of time - and it's your life you're missing while not feeling well.....don't wait!   

diagnoses:  mono 1972; postviral CFS 1997; fibro 1998;  UCTD (dx limbo) 2007
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   Posted 6/25/2009 7:48 AM (GMT -6)   
College, I was diagnosed with EBV/CMV when I was 21 and was not informed that it does not go away, just lies dormant.I have had many outbreaks over the years and yes my lymph nodes always swell. So don't fret. You will be okay.

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   Posted 7/12/2009 11:38 PM (GMT -6)   
I got mine following a bad bout with mono when I was in my 30's. Whenever I get stressed or don't get enough rest, my lymph nodes become like a couple of walnuts in my throat, and I get that "I'm feeling exhausted like I'm getting sick" thing. It's just a part of it. You get almost used to it after awhile, despite the annoyances.
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   Posted 7/13/2009 11:58 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks Snootzie, for the reply.
                                               Also, I would like to send my thanks to all who have posted thus far.  As of the last month or so, I have felt better, in my body and in my spirit.  I still have the lymph nodes, but, I'm hoping they will leave me in a while; they are not too big, and I'm guessing I might have mono, but my doctor won't diagnosis it as such because they don't believe you can have EBV and mono, but if this is mono, then the lymph nodes should go away in a month or so? Right?
                                               After your first initial outbreak of mono, did your lymph nodes totally go away? I know they come back from time to time....
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