Dizzy while standing in queues or standing and talking

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   Posted 7/4/2015 8:38 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks.well could end up there.started using mouth guard last nite cause of teeth grinding.i am suspicious of bp meds but I guess he wants to eliminate other possibilities.been a mystery so far.but has to be a answer.thanks again.gonna keep at it

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   Posted 9/7/2016 12:23 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello, I want to share my experience as well. I too get dizzy in the same way, especially in super markets and when talking to people. The feeling is as if my eyes have trouble focusing, and often it seems I can't feel my legs. Can also remind of the feeling you get if you have been on a boat for a while, and then suddenly step on firm ground. This happens especially if I am standing still. The strange thing however, is that I never notice it when I am physically active. I play basketball, and it doesn't affect my game at all - I can run fast, react fast, shoot accurately. Sure, I sometimes get dizzy after some play-time, but that comes with fatigue. It doesn't matter if I am playing inside or outside.

When entering supermarkets I almost always get really dizzy. Trying not to focus on anything with my eyes, closing them for a slight second, seems to help. The dizziness then seems to weaken after a few minutes. Usually comes back when I have to stand still in a qeue. This feeling is often accompanied with anxiety, because who the hell wants to faint?

I tried to read up on this, and one thing that cought my attention was a reaction to lighting, which is typical for supermarkets. Bright lights, fluorescents, etc, involve a lot of blinking that we don't conciously notice. But our eyes do. It can be an explanation, especially if you notice that you get more dizzy in certain areas with brighter lights. I wear glasses, and the feeling seems to weaken if I use contact lenses instead.

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   Posted 9/11/2016 3:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I no longer have the problem with dizziness. It was one of my first symptoms 8 years ago and first appeared when I laid down. The room would spin. Later I noticed if I tilted my head back I would get vertigo really bad. I held my granddaughter up in the air and tilted my head back and almost fell down with my baby granddaughter. Over a long period of time, as I got better that got better. I had a relapse a few months ago, but that did not come back. So yes, it can get better and check to see if tilting your head back makes it worse.

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   Posted 5/1/2017 1:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello everyone, first off Im just glad to read and hear everyone's stories here, I'm quite relieved to see that I'm not the only one with the exact same symptoms here. My problems first started when I had a car accident durng Christmas day of 2012, i havent really put much thought into it until I developed scary symptoms, Overtime I became really depressed and anxious, it was the by the end of 2016 December, that my symptoms became worse, acid reflux got worse, tmj, neck tightness, super sensitivity to sound and noise and supermarket / mall lights, vertigo and imbalance while trying to stand or sit still, and also feeling faint while talking and after eating. Came to the point the I cant even walk on my own outside.So i came to a chiropractor last february 2017 for treatment and found out i have a misaligned atlas, and loss of cervical spine, curvature, really glad that my condition almost instantly disappeared, I can walk fine again, eat and breathe well, my chest feels light, and I can tolerate movement and sounds at a crowded mall again. until up to the time that I got a sudden panic attack last march 17,(supposedly from red bull) my chest started palpitating and was really painful and was fewling faint and dizzy again I thought i was having a heart attack but eventually doctors in the ER did ecg and heart is normal and told me i had a panic / anxiety attack, now it seems im back to square one with my symptomps, gets worse when im inisde a well lit mall, talking to someone, or trying to stand still in line or at church. I'm only at 29 yrs of age and I'm really losing my mind and sinking into depression and too much anxiety again.

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   Posted 7/8/2017 7:03 PM (GMT -7)   
Stopped by this thread and read a few people's descriptions. NONE of you are crazy. I'm a surgeon who also has fibro and CFS. I've always, since young had what was labelled "orthostatic hypotension". Since CFS and fibro got really bad, I decided to start working out and did find my balance improve with trainer doing core strengthening and also horseback riding. I had a month or two where I'd get so dizzy with trainer I felt sick. Go to Google Scholar. They have the actual medical articles on Fibromyalgia and CFS. Dizziness is a WELL KNOWN co-symptom of the disease! I looked for the article to post that described the exact neurological mechanism but I can't find it right now. The physicians who wrote the article had no treatment suggested. I will give an observation of mine. I was on Cymbalta for Fibro, then added Cytomel for possible low thyroid. When I had CFS so badly that I told the Dr. I can only do ONE thing each day, then go and actually sleep for a nap for 2-3 hours (where before I was a really hyper person who could never take a nap or not sleep at night) he told me that he was putting me on Modafanil because his office had done drug trials with it and he has several CFS pts that swear they'd be on disability without it. SWEAR I had no idea what it was and just took it because I figured it couldn't be worse than I was (plus MD is a psychiatrist AND has Phd in pharmacology so I trust him) OMG.....for those of you that have dealt with the "fibro fog" it's GONE! The wanting to crawl back to bed after 4-6 hours of being up is GONE. I swear I feel like I did when younger. But I also noticed that the dizzness was not nearly like it was. In fact, I'd say it was 100% gone for the almost 2 months I've been on it but I had a bit today. I told him he NEEDS to convince Modafanil to do a study for CFS pts. Right now, for insurance to approve it, they have to use a diagnosis of "Work Sleep Disorder" which is basically true because most of us are so exhausted you couldn't work. IMHO Modafanil has been an absolute Godsend for the fatigue symptoms and I don't know WHY but my dizziness on standing has improved, enough that even trainer commented. Hope this helps somebody....

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   Posted 7/15/2017 10:10 PM (GMT -7)   
I have these issues also....began after the flu....virus attacked balance nerve in left ear...vestibular neuritus...not compensating

I am left with varying motion sickness, anxiety and visual problems addressed here.

Take care

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   Posted 7/17/2017 6:45 AM (GMT -7)   
Good to see a lot of stories here. I want to share mine as well.

It started when I was 11 years old. I had to stand in the bus because it was packed and I had no place to sit. I started feeling weird in my stomach and I eventually blacked out. This happened twice, one time I even threw up before I collapsed.

Since then I have trouble standing. Standing in a line of a grocery store, standing at a bus station or while waiting for someone. One time I even fainted after I went to the kitchen to return a dish.

I get hot, nauseous, racing pulse, the feeling I need to throw up (sometimes I do) and then I faint. It goes away when I walk unless it has gotten too bad already or when I sit down. I bought compression socks and they help a little but yesterday I wore them and I still almost fainted. I was so close.

An internist did a blood pressure test while she had me standing. She said if she had me standing for 5 more minutes I would have fainted. She prescribed some sort of steroid which I refused to take because I have already taken so much steroids in my life that I have osteoporosis since I was 28 years old.

It affects me every day an often times people don't believe me. They say I'm lazy and I don't want to work, I make faces, I'm a good actor, it's just anxiety.

The internist didn't give it a name but I settled on orthostatic intolerance. I'm trying to stay hydrated and wear compression socks to help but it's only like a drop in a bucket and doesn't always prevent me from feeling faint. A lot of times I ride one of those electric carts at the grocery store just so I don't get too exhausted and I can take my time. I'm waiting for the day to be stopped by security to tell me to get off of it because they think I'm doing it for fun.
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   Posted 7/30/2017 7:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi All,

This is my first post on here but some of the symptoms I have as well.

This is my story. In 2012 I suffered a very bad vertigo attack and it was diagnosed as Labrinthitis(not sure of the spelling). So for 7 months had bad balance, dizziness, nausea and just general depression because of it. My reading, watching television and looking at a computer were all affected and I just could not do any of these! Even writing my name was a struggle.

The doctor kept on giving me the tablets for nausea and then some for the dizziness which helped a bit but then anxiety set in and I couldn't go out.

He sent me to the consultant who said that all my problems stemmed from the vertigo attack and that with rehab I should in time get better. He said most people aren't left with these after affects but 5 per cent are!

I went for the rehab for 6 months and eventually I started to get my life back but recently I have started to get this spaced out feeling while standing and talking etc. Supermarkets are really bad for setting off the anxiety again. I am sure that it is down to middle ear and this causes the dizziness which in turn creates the anxiety and then that causes tiredness.

I do find that eating more protein and reducing sugar does help.

Hope this is helpful.

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   Posted 10/5/2017 1:28 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Darren,

I am a therapist and a long-time anxiety sufferer. For years, I get dizzy and unbalanced in settings with fluorescent lights, such as department stores and grocery stores. I believe these lights can simulate the freeze response, and cause depersonalization/derealization. To test my theory, I went on SSRI's and noticed that the lights do not affect me anymore. Hope this helps.
Feel Good,


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   Posted Yesterday 8:04 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi All, -- Solution found.

I was also suffering with similar symptoms of not able to standing in queues, or standing still for quite some time..like last 6 months.... I would feel like i am going to fall...I came across this site..and found that there are so many people with similar symptoms......I had the same issues as the user Andrina and Hamid_infotech.........
This issue was also affecting me during my prayers, as I have to stand still during my 5 daily prayers.
Within few seconds or minutes, I would feel like I am going to fall...I would have a pounding heart beat..and until I make a small move or an action..that feeling of imbalance would not go.
I visited a top Neurologist in India. He listened to all my issues.....He is did not ask me do any tests like MRI or balance tests..( which I was expecting )....He asked me to take this medicine call LONAZEP .25 twice daily.....one in the morning and one in the evening
And by the grace of God...the next day...all my symptoms disappeared...Its now 1 month since I am taking this medicine...and I have not seen any side effects....Now I am able to stand still..its a big relief...no more imbalance issues......I hope you guys try this medicine..and see the result yourself...I hope you too get cured........I would be happy to reply. to your questions

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   Posted Today 4:58 AM (GMT -7)   
I experience some of the same kind of symptoms when what I eat or drink doesn't agree with me. I can't do sugar or caffiene and I try to stay away from processed foods.
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