CFS, Lyme disease..?

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   Posted 3/20/2015 3:51 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello all,
I was briefly on this forum about 9 months ago after being very sick and getting a positive ELISA test but then a negative western blot. I was very sick for awhile before this happened but ended up only treating with 6 days of doxycycline due to being told it was not lyme.
So I went on my way and actually felt quite better during the fall. But now I am starting to decline again. It's hard to describe all of my symptoms because they are so random. I am always fatigued, but not just tired. Sometimes it takes all of my strength just to sit up straight or keep my eyes open. When I get fatigue like this, it comes with horrible body aches, which are the most painful in my legs. It feels like I have the flu. I have not been taking my temperature but this week I was having worsened symptoms and felt like I had a fever yesterday with these symptoms. This leads me to believe a low grade fever often accompanies my fatigue and aches but I just don't realize it. I get headaches, not daily but often. Another thing that has really been troubling me is heart palpitations. Yes I am an anxiety sufferer but even when I am completely relaxed I have a heightened sense of my heart beat, like its beating really hard. I also get flutters in my chest too. I have extremely cold and clammy hands and feet. I've also been feeling more dizzy upon standing or just when standing and walking in general, which is a pretty new symptom. Two more things I think are important: severe chronic constipation which I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy that showed nothing. And lastly, recurring vaginal yeast infections and discharge.
So I am very frustrated and confused right now. Does this sound like chronic fatigue syndrome or could it be lyme disease? I am struggling with what doctor I should see. I am a college student with no money and no supprt from my parents who think I'm crazy, so it's almost impossible for me to see these more alternative doctors. Any doctor recommendations spanning from the Philadelphia to harrisburg pa region?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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   Posted 3/21/2015 8:44 AM (GMT -6)   
I would look at diet. The body can repair itself if you give it what it needs. Most young people are living on soda and fast food. If that is the case with you your body is not getting the nutrients it needs. Check out an alkalizing diet and it could be the answer. Try a diet of mainly raw fruits and vegetables and see if it makes a difference.

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   Posted 3/23/2015 11:11 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Carly. I saw your posting only because of I just made a new thread just after yours. My symptoms sound very similar to yours in many ways including the Fatigue, weakness, a dizziness and unstableness.
My fatigue occurrences are very random and occur wo any warning and also vary in severity. I do have a lot of problems w the legs from about the knees to the feet. At times a good share of the body is affected which becomes very upsetting.
My wife had done some research and mentioned that Lyme disease might be the cause and then I read your post above. Im presently seeing a well known neurologist who has said I have CFS. Now I too am wondering if this might be Lyme disease. Im going to contact my doctors tio check out this possibility.

jim r

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   Posted 3/23/2015 12:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello CarlyM, Here are some thoughts I have about what you
wrote. Have you had your thyroid and adrenals checked? Those
are two things which can cause dizziness fatigue and some of your
symptoms. It's important to know your TSH level in case you may
be hypothyroid. That's one thing.
Also, are you taking any meds for anxiety? They could
have side effects. I agree, that diet can have a lot to do with
our health. Finding the right one for you may take a bit of trial
and error and research. Some doctors are good at this and some
aren't very informed. Staying away from sugars and processed
foods can certainly help any health situation. You probably know
that already.
It would be helpful to work with a doctor who knows about
chronic fatigue. I don't live in the PA area. So. I don't know any.
Some symptoms of Lyme and chronic fatigue cross over.
Also the antibotics you took may have effected your good gut
bacteria. Did you take a probiotic at the time?
I worked with Dr. Q Zhang who has a clinic in NYCity
by phone. He's an MD as well as acupuncturist. You could
goggle him. I liked him a lot. He treats people for Lyme with
herbs. His costs are very reasonable compared to many. He
even does a complementary phone consult if you send him your
records. Most regular doctors unfortunately, are not trained
in these autoimmune illnesses. Hope this helps. Good wishes.
Also, to jlr 115 who posted, you may wish to read my reply
to the thread, extreme fatigue and no diagnosis by
Skeye a few
threads down in regards to possible Lyme disease.

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   Posted 3/24/2015 12:19 PM (GMT -6)   
I would definitely have a test done for Lyme. It can't hurt. I was diagnosed with CFS and treated for 8 months before my doctor tested for Lyme and it turned out I had that too. It's a very different treatment regimen when dealing with both at once so it's for the best to find out about that Lyme.

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   Posted 6/25/2015 2:39 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes, I have these symptoms and have Lyme disease. My most dominant so motors are chronic fatigue, heavy eyes, pressure and being off balance. Tests don't matter, it's clinical symptoms that do..

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   Posted 6/28/2015 12:38 PM (GMT -6)   
Please know that diet, DOES NOT CAUSE extreme fatigue and the symptoms of which you're describing....Also please know that CFS is but a syndrome and is called such because there hasn't been a known CAUSE-UNTIL NOW!

CFS is CAUSED by a combination of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections w/the viral part of it being SO DESTRUCTIVE to your immune system. The virus HHV6 has been found by Dr. JOSE Montoya and microbiologists such as Knox and Carrigan to be the initial cause of CFS.

So after HHV6 is reactivated, you 'collect' infections over time of which your immune system CANNOT fight, even if you drink lots of water, eat organic, go gluten free etc etc etc. In fact food intolerance is but another of many symptoms of the illness.

The bacteria that cause Lyme is only ONE strain of bacteria that invades the body, AND the Lyme bacteria IS ALL OVER THE WORLD, and not just ticks, but fleas, mites, and now they're saying an Asian Lyme strain found in mosquitos...

I suffered needlessly for 10 yrs being misdiagnosed as having G.E.R.D.,allergies, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, and just food intolerance.

The summer of 2014, G.I. doc said NO G.E.R.D., allergist said, "No allergies", cardiologist said, "No heart problems, we don't know why you have heart Palps".....So the MD wrote it all off, the symptoms that is as being caused by hypothyroidism and pre-menopause. The only problem with that was that I'd ALREADY BEEN on thyroid treatment between '10'-'14' & the thyroid replacement drugs weren't working!!!!!!

I went to an ND who specializes in Lyme disease and CFS. She ran all sorts of tests that in the past I actually demanded my MD to do but wouldn't....

I have a myriad of bacterial and virals alongwith heavy metal toxicity and am getting treatment for it which will reverse the thyroid issue and hopefully everything else!

I hope you can get in to see an LLMD OR Lyme literate doctor
God b less
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