Severe Energy and Metabolism Problem

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   Posted 5/17/2015 7:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear forum members,

I would be grateful for help on this condition, or at least some info that could help me to understand it so I can take steps to get better.

Basic facts about myself

58-yr old male, have always (before this condition) had good health, not using medications, been in good shape, doing long hikes in mountains 1-2 times a week, having good energy and stamina physically and mentally. Calm person, not prone to anxiety, sleeping well, living low-stress life.

Body height 5'10", weight 130lbs, normal BP 110/70. Dry and itching skin with rashes, moderate constipation. Occasional irregular heartbeats since many years.

Slow digestion, therefore can only eat a full meal morning and evening, plus light snack in the afternoon.

Don't tolerate heavy foods like pizza, mayonnaise, but also foods like raw vegetables, rice, apples, apple juice, which create gases and stomach bloating. Tendency for constipation.

Diet has been the following since many years, and it has served me well:

Breakfast and dinner: whole/cracked wheat bread sandwiches with canned sardines, mackerel, carrots, green beans, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, and small amount of cheese. Sometimes jams and/or pickles as well. Afternoon snack: 1 or 2 poptarts. Drinking good well water with meals. Taking 1 multivitamin per day. Since Fall 2014 replaced poptarts for afternoon snack to a large extent with a banana or orange, plus sometimes raisins. I also added 1 boiled egg per day on sandwiches with main meals.

Not using alcohol, coffee, tobacco, medicines or drugs.

Colonoscopy in Feb. 2015, showed very clean colon.

Echocardiogram in May 2015, showed physically normal heart.

Blood values quite normal, or some borderline, don't show anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, infection, liver or kidney disease, and lipid profile normal. Can post any if needed. Urine test normal.

Events causing my condition

In late Jan. 2015 got tennis elbow from pulling and twisting bushes hard. Followed doctors' advice of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) + 1 week of Aleve, which didn't help, and the elbow got worse during the following weeks. (Later, after events described below, started Tennis Elbow Classroom program on Mar. 22, and since then elbow is improving gradually.)

Could still do regular mountain hikes through Feb. to be in good shape, and still rest the elbow.

(Probably unrelated: Got medium-sized mercury dental filling on Feb. 24. Have many old ones from childhood, which haven't seemed to bother me.)

Since elbow got worse, by recommendations online and friends, started using several supplements/treatments in the beg. of March:

* tiny amounts (about 50mg) of DMSO gel on outer elbow 3x/day for 9 days. Immediate, barely tolerable, burning sensation. Wiping it off after 20 min. Replacing with Blue-Emu cream or castor oil for soothing. Skin red, dry and sore.

* 1 tsp cod liver oil with main meals for 1 wk

* 1-2 tsp MSM powder or 1 MSM 1000mg capsule 2x/day, after each main meal for 2-3 wks

* castor oil packing on elbow for 7 nights

* epsom salt packing on elbow for 1 night

* castor oil + DMSO gel + Blue-Emu cream packing on elbow for 1 night

* Jason Tea Tree Cream (about 100mg) packing on elbow for 1 night

* chiropractic adjustment of neck, spine and elbow on 2 occasions, 1 week apart

On Mar. 9, putting Tea Tree Cream (~100mg) on elbow in the afternoon, then before going to bed putting DMSO over it, thereby getting ~10mg methyl salicylate into bloodstream. After 5 min. severe tachycardia, calling 911, going to ER. Diagnose sinus tachycardia, subsides gradually, staying overnight, they say heart is healthy, blood values good, including troponin, dismissed next morning.

Blaming this on the Tea Tree Cream, still used DMSO on elbow for 2 more days. However, after moderate tachycardia intermittently during the nights, quit using DMSO. But not suspecting MSM, still using it.

On Mar. 17, after late evening meal with 1 tsp MSM as usual, tachycardia, first severe, later moderate, through the night. Continues next day, becoming exhausted even when laying down, going to ER late morning, given fluids and Lorazepam, then it subsides gradually, coming home evening, they say heart is healthy, blood values good.

Not using MSM, or any other supplements, except vitamins, after Mar. 17.

Condition as a result of events

Since these events, I have been in a significantly weakened condition, which has gradually worsened:

* Extreme exercise intolerance, only able to walk shorter and shorter distances, and having to walk slower and slower, only able to talk short periods, before having to sit or lay down, with chest pressure/pain, high and heavy pulse rate indicating over-exertion.

* Some days having had to lay down most of the day.

* Digestion strenuous for heart, sometimes causing tachycardia after meals, so have to lay down.

* Sometimes nighttime tachycardia episodes with disturbed sleep.

* Excessive urination after episodes of over-exertion.

* When most weak, severe headache and slight dizziness.

* Erectile function non-existent.

* Before and when getting hungry: chest pressure/pain, cold, tired, heart rate 10-15 bpm below normal resting rate, very low physical energy.

* Eating smaller meals to avoid excessive heart rate after meals, causing weight loss.

* Energy and metabolism generally better in the afternoon than morning.

* Mental energy fine, no emotional anxiety, and mostly sleeping well.

Steps I have taken

* Avoiding excessive exertion, resting, getting good sleep, balanced with being up when feeling able to.

* Eating 3 smaller meals a day instead of 2 big meals, to alleviate heart activity.

* Sometimes taking 1-2 tsp honey between meals to alleviate low energy symptoms.

* Drinking more, especially with excessive heart activity.

* Taking extra Vitamin C (250mg) and Magnesium (100mg) with breakfast.

* Last few days: eliminating wheat bread, using oatmeal, taking 1 tsp apple cider vinegar in water before meals.

* Looking into adding particular foods/drinks to gently purify potentially toxic liver. Don't dare to do drastic/comprehensive 3-day liver cleanse in case it may case heart problems.


* Since the half-life of DMSO, MSM, or methyl salicylate, is only 1 day or less, these substances should be long gone out of my system by now. So, it seems they have caused more long-term damage, and, if so, what might that be?

* Since the heart itself is normal physically, is this mainly a problem with energy metabolism?

* By the persisting symptoms, and events causing them, what particular parts of metabolism or organs are most likely inhibited?

* Symptoms seem similar to glycogen depletion. Can this be a failure to build glycogen?

* Is it correct that chest pressure/pain is a result of insufficient energy supply/metabolism in the heart muscle itself? Can this damage the heart?

* Is it better for healing this condition to rest more, even if one feels okay sitting up or doing very light activities?

* Tried 1/2 cup apple juice recently between meals, and got raised heartbeat by 10-20 bpm afterwards for 1-1/2 hour, with uneasy feeling. Does this mean detox is taking place, and it's good to use it sparingly, or should I avoid it?

* What more would be recommended to do to address this condition to get better?

Any input or help to understand this, and get better, would be much appreciated. And especially, if anyone has been in a similar situation and was able to get well again.

Thank you for your consideration.

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   Posted 5/18/2015 6:34 AM (GMT -6)   
I met a oral surgeon who told me almost the same story.
His cure, strangely enough, was that he found a problem with a tooth-in this cas number 6 or 11. I cant remember if it was a cyst or a root canal.

Im not saying this is your cause-just thought the story fit

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   Posted 5/18/2015 7:02 AM (GMT -6)   
I do have a bad tooth, number 18, that I was planning to take out earlier this spring. It used to hurt about a year ago, but doesn't hurt any more, so therefore I didn't think it's any hurry.

Do you think a bad tooth might cause things like this even if doesn't hurt at all?

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   Posted 5/18/2015 12:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Like I said I know an oral surgeon who had a bad tooth cause this. He also had no pain. Now that I say that I know lyme doctor with the same story
I have not had heart issues but have had others issues caused by dental infection and I didn't have any pain. Bottom line-you can have an infection without pain and an infection in the jaw can cause this. Is it your cause/cure-I have no clue

PS- certainly something is causing this
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