What tests do most C.Fatigue people test positive on? (if there are some)

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   Posted 1/25/2016 1:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello, I'm venturing into other forums for learning / figuring out what I have going on.

Never been Dx'ed with this, but its a pretty confusing condition from what I've read.

I've been treated and fairly knowledgeable on Lyme, but still have muscle / tendon recovery issuses;
I'm always sore. I sleep better, but am tired and need naps. I've looked into mitochondria stuff, its not very scientific yet, I take Mito vitamins, no help.

Since my issues are similar to some here, I would like to know what proven tests are popular among you.

Did the leaky gut healing, have had candida, 'am thyroid knowledgeable (keep levels up on NT), EBV tested neg, neg on many others.

A friend was Dxed with fibro, but does no more research, thats NOT how to get better.

I want to figure this out, life is short, I do function, just at a lower level, and was a past athlete well into adulthood- still fit at 50, but hurt and tired.


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   Posted 1/31/2016 11:41 AM (GMT -6)   
Well, I guess everyone here is cured, thats good.

Or........... they just left. Hu.........

Constantly learning
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   Posted 2/4/2016 8:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Am going to type something quick before this website quits responding again. Urgh.

We have had some major health issues in our home and been to too many doctors. What has worked is refraining from grains, sugar, caffeine, cheese...possibly pork, still accessing that. 3 Liters of electrolyte water per day. What can really give you an energy lift: Exercise daily or mostly daily, even if low levels/yoga-use an app if nec. Elderberry extract. Activated charcoal by Nutrition Supreme. And UltraFlora 360? by metagenics-small amounts ([powder) 2-4x day in a glass of water. Coconut oil also from Nutrition Supreme used by a process called "pulling" in the mouth can oddly also give a good lift in energy. Vitamin C infusions (that include B vitamins etc) can be very helpful but need to do somewhat frequently to get to higher level. Energy Healers can help -take time to find one highly recommended-and the right medical intuitive can also help direct though this can create some confusion at times, too....if you don't get all of your answers esp.

Dr. Hyman is a good resource. Also goop.com has shared the new medical intuitive/book -sorry can't remember his whole name-some very useful information. EBV like lyme is very hard to find. and according to our most recent doctor, our bodies are meant to heal themselves so constant antibiotics (lyme treatment) is not natural. Oh and of course Dr. Buhner's online info very useful. His right had gal can't remember her name seems very good.

Let me know if you have any questions about the above. :)

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   Posted 2/7/2016 2:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for the reply (the only one!)

Iam a member here on the lyme forum here. Antibiotics are only a small dent in what lymies use; many there are well versed in natural healing. So I get and know what your mentioning - thanks. My kitchen is like an herbal supply warehouse LOL.

***I was really wondering about my question in the title**

Its really surprising that this forum is pretty much DEAD, but the lyme forum here is active every 15 minutes almost, very well used, we stubornly move forward with treatments. I would think the CFS community would too, obviously not here though.

Can someone direct me to a useful CFS site, that people actually participate in?

thanks if anyone is reading this.........?

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   Posted 2/12/2016 8:47 PM (GMT -6)   
The people I know with chronic issues cfs or other that get better usually look into why they
got sick in the first place. What drove their body systems to be weaker.
That list is longer but I would look at breast implant-dental implants and root canals-heavy metals
and parasites. Often if you address this list you will see great improvement and yes you
probably have more than one issue on or off the list
keep trying I met nobody who got better by doing nothing

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   Posted 3/23/2016 4:10 AM (GMT -6)   
Astroman for me its 11 years down the track with CF and there were no tests that helped. In fact doctors were no help. Best i can say is find a really good Naturopath if you dont already have one. Someone who uses Metagenics formulas would be good as they seemed to really help. Formulas like their Adreno Tone and i find their Stressan is amazing to help with sleep. Metagenics are a wonderful blend of Eastern and Western herbs so you get the benefits and the best of both worlds. I also got onto Dragon Herbs and just love their formulas. Ron Teguarden who is the founder is a master chinese herbalist and there are really good descriptions of all the products on his site. Ones i always keep in my cupboard are: 8 Immortals, Dew Drops,
Ginseng Sublime, Goji Shizandra Drops. If you do decide to get any Dragon Herbs check them out on the site iherb.com as the prices are a bit better, as is the postage.

I found the biggest help was to get on a big learning curve to establish awesome nutrition. Other people i love and have learned a lot from is David Wolfe (ive just purchased his new digital offering called Mega Immunity..he has amazing health boosting recipes) Sign up to Dr Mercola if your not already. He is a wealth of information and really pro grow your own food with great soils, organic, grass fed, gmo free, sprouting, fermented foods etc. He gives good detail on the how-to.

What really got me moving forward was lots of support for my liver, adrenals, digestion, clean structured water. Eliminate all chemicals from your home, work (thats if you are able - i wasnt) and personal. So all natural shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, cleaning products (bicarb soda for cleaning bathroom and kitchen). So i hope some of this helps. Yes its a really tough journey and we cant frustratingly be out there doing what others do but it is really incredible what you learn along the way and the personal growth that is gained. I sincerely wish you glorious success in your progress.

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   Posted 4/7/2016 2:08 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi there,
I don't get on here much cause I have cfs and am too sick. But for your questions, I was tested for celiac and am positive. Tested for Lyme..negative. Kidney tests. Thyroid tests. Glucose testing. Lots of blood work!! IBS ..yes. And lots of insomnia and RLS.
I do all the vitamins too but see no change. The more I do..the worse I feel. Can't think of anything else right now but am a little foggy. Hope that helps some. Good luck with everything.

fibro, chronic fatigue, rls, ibs, depression, insomnia, and celiac.
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