Mold biotoxin, SIBO, adrenal, autoimmune bedridden

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   Posted 11/13/2017 8:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey everyone, I am new to this forum. I am here in hopes that someone knows about what I'm going through and how to treat it and also if anyone has ever been through what I am going through.

For the past year I have been housebound. I'm going to try to condense this as much as possible. So I'll start with here the timeline of symptoms throughout all of this breaking it down into stages of which things happened.

Stage 1 Muscle cramps, GI symptoms (3 months)

I got food poisoning about 6 months before I got very sick and became housebound. My first severe symptoms were horrible muscle cramping. Potassium and magnesium gave me slight relief also soaking in Dead Sea salt baths daily. This went on for about 3 months without me having any clue what was happening. I finally went to a homeopathic nurse who tested me and found a whole lot of things. Bacteria, candida, heavy metals, parasites and possibly Lyme but she wasn't sure about it.

Treatment : eating potassium rich foods and taking magnesium supplements and baths.

Stage 2 Joint pain/inflammation (3 months)

The week I got somewhat of an answer to my problems, my symptoms changed from muscle cramping to joint inflammation which caused me severe pain mainly in my spine but also just about every single joint in my body. My knees, knuckles, elbows were all red. At this point we decided to treat the bacteria with homeopathic drops. I noticed about 50% less pain after about a month being on these drops, and my tests with the nurse (using electromagnetic frequencies) showed my bacteria was dramatically improving.

Then I got food poisoning from undercooked chicken and my pain came back and it was just as severe if not worse than when I first started treating it. So I kept on the drops and after about another month my pain was gone almost completely at some points. During the last month of this stage (lasted 3 months) I noticed sometimes my heart would race upon standing. Also developed bad food sensitivities to bone broth, eggs, grass fed organic hamburger and a hot dog. I got hives on all my joints. I cut out all those foods and my pain got a lot better but I was feeling tired. My diet of this point consisted of mainly vegetables, wild caught salmon, chicken an turkey. I didn't think much of the fatigue at the time but here is where my symptoms changed.

Treatment: focus was on killing bacteria and healing the gut.

black seed oil, ozone rectal insufflation, garlic, Oregano, bacteria chord drops, low dose probiotics (5-10 billion a day) was all I could tolerate at the time and never built up, zinc, bone broth, magnesium, multi vitamin, essential oils for inflammation, turmeric were the main things.

Stage 3 bedridden fatigue (3 months to present 11/12/17)

So at the end of my last stage, I thought I was almost healed since my pain was leaving me and my bacteria tests from the nurse showed it was almost gone. But my fatigue worsened. Within a week of having my pain drop I completely crashed. I was bedridden and have been ever since. I've gotten to the point where it's too hard to use the toilet or else I crash so I use the bathroom in bed. about 2 weeks after I crashed, I found a doctor who ran some blood tests. His results showed that I do have some bacteria or SIBO, tons of gut inflammation, Lyme was negative on western blot, but he did find that my C4A levels were high, they were in the 6000s, my vascular endothelial growth factor was very low and he thinks that I have mold biotoxin illness. He wants to put me on cholestyramine but I'm not sure if I can tolerate it at this point. Also got my cortisol levels checked a few times and the first time they were just slightly below normal in the morning and at night. He tested thyroid and my reverse t3 was very high which points to hashimotos. The adrenal part is what confuses me. It says I'm slightly low but I am completely bedridden. There have been moments where I've been shaking because of lack of sodium, and I take a big pinch of Celtic sea salt and it makes it stop. I'm chronically dehydrated but my adrenal labs are basically normal? I tried cortef in the morning and it actually helped, but only if I took like .5 mg. If I took more I couldn't tolerate it. I have this inflammation,popping pain right where my adrenals are and I've been very stressed a few times and felt the same inflammation popping pain in the back of my legs. But I don't get how my symptoms could be so severe if my cortisol levels aren't even that bad. It seemed to me like I was almost going into a crisis with the back of the leg pain. So after all the pain in the back of the leg thing, adrenal pain below my rib cage and back I got my cortisol tested again with the spit test. Morning was high at 13.2 and the rest were in the normal range. I'm way worse off though since when I first crashed. So I've been trying to treat the adrenals and so far nothing has worked. I am now starting to kill the bacteria off since about 2 weeks ago from posting this as well as try and support the adrenals because I still feel there is an issue there. I took a break from killing the bacteria for the first few months of this stage because I didn't think my body could handle the die off.

Treatment : vitamin c, b complex, magnesium, zinc, pantethine, licorice root, adreset, vitamin D, berberine, probiotics (im up to about 30 billion a night now) colostrum, omega 3 fish oil.

I believe I have mold illness, bacteria, adrenal, thyroid, heavy metal, candida, parasites (though I think they are just pin worms)

Hopefully this wasn't too long, but my questions are, has anyone gone through this and made it through the other side, does anyone know what order to treat these things in, and what other ideas to treat me with.

Thank you for hearing me out I hope we can come up with some solutions.


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I am so sorry you are going through this.

If you have mold illness, the mold must be eliminated for you to recover.

Thyroid, is an easy blood test by the doc and daily med to fix

Heavy metal? have you had your water checked?

parasites, where would you have contacted these, have you seen a internal health professional or a disease specialist?

Peace and strength
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   Posted 11/20/2017 8:41 AM (GMT -6)   
Yes I just started the cholestyramine to remove what we think is mold biotoxin. I had a herx like reaction from taking about 1/4 of a teaspoon but I've been able to tolerate it a little better each day. The reaction let's me know it's working. I've done a lot of research on shoemaker and he says this can be lyme or just toxins moving around. And I know that if you feel any herx with this you won't recover well so I try to find the right dose and stay away from herding. I still don't know about Lyme, even with 2 negatives one being the WB though one or two strands did come up positive but not enough to rule it positive over all which I still don't understand. The ones that were positive were igg66, igg41, and igm41. The rest were negative. Don't know how to interpret that.

I'm not really sure what to do about thyroid, like I said I've tried t3 for very high reverse t3 at 5mcg and couldn't tolerate it at all it was making me crash every time I took it. And when I would crash at the time salt was the only thing that brought me out of the crash which makes me suspect it is an adrenal issue. Not sure what to think about it.

I know I probably have heavy metals but I have not officially tested for them other than my homeopathic nurse testing and finding some from my vaccines when I was a kid. Also I haven't had any fillings or anything like that so I don't suspect they would be ridiculously high or anything but I could be wrong. We live in a pretty good area for water, but I started drinking Fiji water daily about 4 months ago is that safe water? How would heavy metals play into all this?

Parasites I have no idea. I think they are just pin worms, I've seen them in my stool they are tiny and seem to fit the pinworm description but I don't understand how I even got them. I've never been out of the country. Can betta fish carry parasites? Because I got one in October 2016 and have changed its water up until about 3 months ago.I tested negative for them 2 times in stool sample but I know they're hard to test positive for a lot of times.

I am working closely with an MD/Naturopath who has been guiding me as best he can through all this.

Right now I'm just afraid to kill the parasites because it seems like it possibly triggered my initial crash into my stage 3 I mentioned above. Is that even possible with pinworms?

Unfortunately my mom and sister have both been infected with this parasite as well. The symptoms they complain about are rectal itching, lack of appetite and slight stomach discomfort. Which for me all of these have mostly gone away somehow.

So do you think I should try to gently cleanse the parasites? And if so how?

I guess all I can do right now is take cholestyramine and try to gently kill bacteria with berberine and probiotics and wait.

Also I'm so dehydrated basically all day and if the temp goes to like 73 or above I get dehydrated badly in like 10 min. And if it's below 70 I can feel pain/popping/inflammation where my adrenals are mainly on the left side right underneath the rib cage and also my flank. I've never read of this happening to anyone so I don't know what to make out of it, especially since my my cortisol levels arent even that bad and mostly in the normal range though slightly low.

Thank you so much for replying hopefully we can put our heads together and figure out next steps.

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   Posted 11/20/2017 11:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Update: today I had orange/yellow eggs in my stool. And a lot of them. This leads me to believe it is not pinworms but something else. Flukeworm? Scabies? What could this be. I think the berberine is killing them and maybe cholestyramine is pulling them out I don't know. But I am so extremely fatigued even worse than before I feel like I'm crashing again. How do I kill them without crashing?

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   Posted 11/21/2017 7:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Where are you? No labs in US are allowed to report on band 66. Was this test done at IGenex? IgG is supposedly an "old" infection. IgGM is active. Band 41 often appears and is not definitive for Borrelia bec. it is the measure of flagellen, which all spirochetes have and we have many that naturally exist in our bodies, most notably in the mouth. Not sure what to think about what you are passing in stool.
FYI there are only a few labs in the world that can do an accurate Western Blot for Lyme and co infections.


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   Posted 11/21/2017 8:28 PM (GMT -6)   
I’m in Indiana, that’s strange about labs not being able to report on 66. I don’t know. To me it seems like I most likely have mold and no lyme. I’m thinking the berberine and probiotics started killing more parasites, which is why I crashed just 2 days ago similar to how I did at the beginning when I was killing parasites.

I guess I can’t tolerate killing anything in my body. Maybe it is all adrenals. Parasites never caused me any fatigue symptoms until I tried to kill them. Now I’m screwed up, in bed can’t even get up to use the bathroom.

At this point I’m thinking I’ll just try to really treat the adrenals. Also Fyi I never had any issue with the mold until my immune system went haywire from food poisoning. I don’t even feel like it is causing me any of my symptoms.

I’m going to take around 4-6g of vitamin c a day and up the licorice root dose to 300mg of glycherizen extract. Which is 4 pills of metagenics licorice plus a day. I am only at one now. Maybe that’s not enough. Also take b complex from b 50 NOW, 20-40mg zinc, 200mg magnesium. Is there anything else that anyone knows of that helps adrenals?

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   Posted 11/21/2017 10:00 PM (GMT -6)   
Check detox pathways and how to detox. You also could have certain blocks in genetic detox pathways.
If you can afford it, getting an MTHFR test done or better the health genetics from 23 and me would be useful, provided that you know a functional medicine pro who can interpret them for you. You can look also at the website of Ben Lynch for info.

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   Posted 11/22/2017 3:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Ok how would that help? I’m worried to even kill anything in my body until I’m strong enough. I’m so weak I would literally have to be carried to a dr appointment. I can’t even sit in a wheelchair without crashing severely.
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