Chronic Fatigue?

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   Posted 1/23/2007 2:48 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Everyone, new here and this is my first post. i hope its in the right place. and sorry for it being so long

Well as u can guess my primary symptom would be fatigue, but ill try to go into more detail about myself and my medical history to hopefuly give anyone who is reading this an idea about what might be bothering me.
Im a 20year old male 6'4 180 lbs. and moderately healthy... All my life i have ben sick frequently, usual symptoms were sorethroat, earache, and sinuses. sometimes accompanied by joint & muscle aches and fever, asuming all of these were from cold, flu, strepthroat, sinus infection, or just allergies. Ive had tubes in my ears 2x as an infant and then at about 3 years old. around 9 years old i had my tonsils removed hopeing to cure a constant reoccurence of sorethroat. Only longterm medicine i took as a child was Ritalin which i took untill i was 13 and in the 2 months that followed i grew 6inches which i still have stretch marks from. from infancy up untill 13 years old my medical history is prety much all the same stuff over and over. however from 14 till present its quite varied. at 14 i was around 6'1" and 130-140 lbs( i was very skinny) but very active in school sports and very fit(ran track), yet i was still sick regularly. other than that only one other thing might be worth mentioning and thats is i had a gunshot accident at 14 where i accidently shotmyself, long story but basicly the bullet didnt fire right away and i then pointed the gun down when it finaly fired at my leg. i still have the bullet(.22cal) in my leg near my ankle.

At 15 i still played sports in highschool even though i was a bit hindered by the bullet in my leg, but all in all still active and energetic. yet still accompanied by regularly being sick. at 16 i became deply depressed and went to several doctors and several medications which include. Celexa, Zyprexa, Effexor, Trileptal, Seroquel, Provigil, and Geodon. and some wierd alergy medicine that also happened to increase appetite which increased my weight in about a year from 140lbs - 230lbs. skip forward to 18 years old and im moderately better as far as the depression so eventualy i get off the anti depressants. this being 2004(2004 i was realy sick near the beginning of the year and the doctor thought it was mono) anyway near the end of 2004 i was having serious headaches and a wierd earache, it almost seemed like my hearing would go up and down like sumone was changing the volume.

I first saw my family doctor about this who refered me to a Ear Nose and Throat doctor(took CT scan of ears). He then refered me to a neurologist who then said i needed to be back on antidepressants because this was all related to a chemical imbalance. So from early 2005 to early 2006 i was taking effexor which did somewhat help the headaches and earaches, but not totaly help. early 2006 i mentioned this and the fact that i was becoming increasingly tired. Although i have always ben hard to wake up i never had a problem with being tired after i was awake. The neurologist decided to put me on lexapro and provigil. The lexapro didnt help with the headaches but did put me in a happy mood. The provigil did absolutely nothing, and was even more pointless since my fatigue also stemed to being near imposible to wake up( i have an alarm clock for def people, flashing lights, bed shaker and screeching noise). After i explained to my doctor that this wasent working he did some blood tests, one was thyroid function and the other was a rheumatoid test of some sort. He told me my thyroid was about a 4 and should be atleast a 6. he also said my rheumatoid levels were slightly high. He ended up prescribing me Adderall and Synthroid/levothyroxin. This works great but of course sumone has to give me the medicine before i can wake up which has cost me my job and prevented me from moving away from home. The Doctors diagnosis was more or less Narcolepsy although i dont fall just fall asleep randomly. on a side note all through 2006 i had repeated sinus and upper respitor infections almost every month up untill september when on a friday at work i ended up with a fever near the end of the day and once i got home i was incredibly sick. high fever, muscle aches(couldnt stop moveing legs), and iritated sinuses(bloody). the next day saturday i had to go to the emergency room because i could barely hold myself up. i had a 104 fever and was severly dehydrated. i was released after only 2 hours after being given water, painkillers, and an antibiotic. i was achy and sore for about a week after. oddly enough i havent ben sick since that saturday in september which is a long time for me to go without being sick. I must also mention that i havent ben the same person in the past 2 years. as i use to be wild and outgoing, always willing to speak my mind, all in all just alot more lively.

Anyway my conditions right now are Fatigue, headaches, earache with semi altered sound perception. and funny twitches in my abdomen(but after some reading i believe that is due to the adderall)

Current health stats:
I smoke, drink on ocasion(use to drink in excess on ocasion), No caffien in diet(use to have lots). still lots of sugar in diet trying to cut out. I take multi vitamin + zinc. use to take some herbal suppliments but cut those out. I get a few minuites exercise a day(not as much as i would like to be getting).

Things ive suspected to cause this.( just throwing out ideas)
Intestinal Worms(not likely ive ben told.)
Yeast infection = /
bad diet(actualy alot better than it use to be)
Black mold(i use to joke about it when i was younger = /
Disease related(was tested for STD's back in july, tests were neg)

Thanks for taking the time to read and please dont hesitate to ask me a question that might help give me an idea of whats going on. I appreciate any help!


hope this isint to much info = / lol

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   Posted 1/25/2007 10:07 AM (GMT -6)   
Two things come to mind when reading your post.

The first is, have you ever looked into Celiac Disease? This is basically a gluten intolerance that interferes with the metabolism of certain nutrients and can affect many systems of the body. A close friend of mine was what you would call "sickly" most of her childhood. It wasn't until she was an adult that she was finally diagnosed with celiac disease, which she controls through diet. This is a long shot, but something to at least check out. Here is a website for more information:

The other thing that comes to my mind is that your whole constitution seems out of whack. Have you ever thought of working with a good homeopath who can work with you to strengthen your overall vital force and help you rebalance your system. You have been on so many drugs over the course of your (short) life. Working with some alternative therapies would be a good step, including diet, homeopathy and perhaps some herbs that will help clean out your system and take the load off your liver for example. Even while pursuing allopathic medicine this is a good idea to support your system and help it cope with the stress of illness, medications, etc. When finding a homeopath make sure it is someone who really knows what he or she is doing, not just anyone out of the phone book. Ask around, check the NASH website (North American Society of Homeopaths) and interview them to find out experience and whether you have a good rapport. If you don't look at it as an instant fix, but as an investment in your overall health (meaning you have to invest yourself, your energy and attention, not just your money) then you may greatly benefit from homeopathy as my family has.

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   Posted 2/10/2007 12:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to HW were happy you have joined us all here. I'm so sorry to hear you have been sick for most of your life but don't give up on yourself we are all here for you. Have you used the same dr for all of these years? If so maybe it's time to find a new dr and see what they can find out what is going on causeing these ear and headaches. Please keep us updated on how you are doing and hope your feeling better soon.
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