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   Posted 6/21/2007 9:10 AM (GMT -7)   

Hello! I am new to this web site. I read about it in the local paper.

I had CFS for 10 years. Had all the systems and was tested to the point of what do we do now? The doctors finially told me I would have to cope and cope I did.

One day I was watching a program on tv about a treatment they were giving to others who had CFS. They were putting the people into a hot tub and running their body tems up to 102 degrees and letting them stay in there for 15 minitues and not more. They did this 3 times and found that  they got good results.

I had noticed that I never ran a high fever and every time the bad spells would come, I would chill but there again I did not run a high fever. I noticed that when not chilling my body temp was lower than normal. I had just chulked this up to part of the CFS.

After much consideration I decided to see if I could help myself. I did not have a hot tub but a regular tub. I assembled a heavy large towel to drap over me, a mouth thermomiter to keep in my mouth, a cooking thermomiter to clip on the towel to know what the water temp was and full glass fo water to drink if I had too, set next to the tub. I set the water to a warm bath and started a constant running of the hotter water to try and keep the water hot. my aim was to get my temp up to the 102 degree and stay in the tub for the 15 minutes. I put the mouth thermomiter in my mouth and the cooking thermomiter clipped on the edge of the towel I drapped across me to keep me wet, warm and coverd as much as possible.  It took me a long time, over an hour and kept upping the water temp as hot as I could stand but not to scald me. I have very senitive skin so I had to watch not to get too hot. I only got my temp up to 101.

I must warn you that if you try this do not do this alone as I found myself getting very weak, shaky, and nasiated at times and had to drink some of the water. It was not fun and got very uncomfortable at times, but hung in there as long as I could. Have someone there with you and to help watch your progress and keep an eye on you the whole time. It took me over an hour to raise my temp  to 101 and I did not think I could go the 102 so settled with the 101 and timed the 15 minutes I was at the 101 temp. I could stand no more and had my husband help me out of the tub and up to bed. I did this treatment again about a few weeks later.

That was 10 years ago and I have not had any returns of my CFS. I have noticed I had nerve damage and the short term memory I suffered with took a long time to return and never to a full degree. the doctor has told me I am just as smart as anyone else but have to wait a extra sec. or so it takes my time my brain to processes the information. I just take my time when I answer anyone and no one can tell. When i got to work I made myself a book of instructions to refer back to when I forgot and it worked good for me.

I now feel so good and have gotten on with my life.  I felt I had to take matters into my own hands to get myself into remission.

Hope this helps someone else. My doctor was amazed at how well  I have done so far. He also was amazed that I took matters into my own hands to help myself.

I am sorry for the misspelled words but could not find spellcheck on here.. . . foreverEmily1

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   Posted 6/22/2007 9:15 PM (GMT -7)   
Wow. You were certainly an entrepreneur! I'm glad you shared what worked for you, but I am thinking that for people here to seriously consider trying this themselves it would be really helpful to have links to the info. that backed up your decision to try this approach.

Do you have any sources you can refer us to for further reading?

all the best, and glad you're feeling better too! -mb

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   Posted 6/23/2007 6:59 AM (GMT -7)   
I do believe I saw this procedure on the 700 club one morning. At that time I watched TV alot as I did very little other than that and from what I saw, it just got me thinking. I do believe what they were trying to do, and I may be wrong, were to raise the temp of the body high enough to kill of the germ/virus or whatever had attacted their bodies. Since I had been told and from what I could observe from my own ordeal, it felt like I did indeed have something that would attack me every 3 months or so and the chills and "only" a low grade fever would start again.

Whin I first got sick I was attacted with a very strong virus that but me flat on my back for 10 days and I ran a very high fever of around 104 off and on that whole time. When the fever broke I found myself unable to do very much. I could not talk very well and could not pick up anything as my limbs were out of sinc or some reason. It was ruled out a stroke and they could not find anything wrong with me. But I did have all/most of the symptoms of the CFS.

I had been through all the test from a nerologist or however you spell it, about 6 years eailier and he had indeed confirmed the CFS. I got his name out of the Reader's Digest. The digest had an article on CFS one month and had a list of doctors who specialize in this in there. It said if you wanted to find a doctor in your area to write them and they would send me one. I did and they sent me a list. I choose one in Indidanapolis IN since I lived closer to that city and went to him.
He put me in the hospita for a few days and ran every test he had to give and he did come up with the CFS too.

I just felt that maybe God was sending me this information through the tv show but I didn't rush in and jump into the tub. I took my time and pondered on the possiblity of my doing this and then i did decided to do it I did it with a good frame of mind and I knew I had nothing to lost as long as I used my good common sense and played it by ear the whole time. I had my husband there with me incase I felt I needed help but it went well even though I did not enjoy doing it.

You know, sometimes we just have to do what we can for outselves. the doctors don't know everything, as they are human and since each body is different from the next we just may have to do a little trial and error too. It is our bodies and frankly I was tired of being sick and tired.
I will admit that it took two time, a few weeks apart with the "tub baths"to find that the "attacks" were not coming back and I was going forward to regaining strenth and health. Talk about excited about it? I was so happy and decided to get my life back. Of course I did find I would never be like I was befoe I got sick but I was a whole lot better and I had to except that. It has been 10 years since I did that and I have went on to live a normal life and have never had any attacks since.
I don't know if this will help anyone or not but who knows? I felt that if I had some information that could help someone else why not share it. It is up to the nrxt person to decide what they want for themselves.
When I told my new doctor about the CFS and what I did he was amazed at the fact I took the lead and helped myself. I do believe he admired me for the gumption to do something instead of just giving in and except the illness. I am a fighter and don't take crap if I don't have too.

Hope this helps you. . . . . .Emily

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   Posted 6/23/2007 2:39 PM (GMT -7)   


 Hi Emily,

  I feel the same way about just putting it out there - in terms of what we know has helped us in the chance it might help someone else.  Thanks for sharing more about your journey.

  I'm glad your dr. was positive about your pro-active approach.  It seems so often a lot of doctor's just can't imagine going outside the box of 'no cure, find a support group.'  I've taken a lot of action too - just reading on the net and trying a bunch of different stuff.  Between diet and some supplements, my pain levels are about half of what they used to be and many other symptoms are either gone or managed now so that they don't show up much so long as I keep on the protocol I've found for myself.

  And perhaps, like yourself, I continue to lean my head against the heart of God and believe adn wait for an even greater expression of healing in this body of mine.  "With God all things are possible."  yeah

  take care, Manyembers




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   Posted 6/23/2007 6:27 PM (GMT -7)   
Manyember, you take care too.

One more thing that I would like to share is that when stepping out side the box, I have found that I got nowhere in my life when I didn't. One doesn't have to jump off a bridge to get results but we do need to have faith in our own inter gutt feelings. the best things I have found, wither it was something for my health or whatever, I did my best by listening to what my body was saying to myself with that enter voice we all have. After the "hot baths" and i started feeling better I told my doctor then that I was going off my medicans because i felt healed and he told me not too. He did not feel it was a good idea. He did not belive me. I did anyway and with the help of my daughter, who is a nurse, we weened me off of the meds. As you know some medicans you just can not stop taking all at once but need to reduce the dose a little over time until you are off.

I have never been sorry I tryed what I did and that I took control of my life. Of course with my daughter working with me, I felt somewhat safer that if I had done it all on my own.

Thanks for your replys and I did enjoy our conversations. . . . .Emily

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   Posted 7/19/2007 6:44 PM (GMT -7)   
you mentioned that you dont run a fever,I havent had a high fever in years,not even when I have swollen glands or ear infection.does anyone know the reason for that?
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