Posted 2/19/2008 2:16 AM (GMT -7)
Thanks Mochiah for the welcome home and also for the heads up to the name thing as I have it covered and the name actually isnt mine but borrowed fro a very fine and courageous lady that I had the fortune to call friend most of my life and sadly she lost her long and difficult battle as a CPer this past summer so it is kind of a tribute to her! I hope I do her proud here.
As for this debate again it all comes to the end as a learning expereince sort of or at least to me. After years of being undertreated or not treated in alot of the years bringing withdrawls and Dr. Kevorkian weeks of pain(my name for those times when you have to briefly wonder what it?) Sorry if that offends anyone as well but I have to be brutally honest in this.
When the day comes that you wake up one morning and you realize for the 1st time that you actually have achieved some kind of relief with this med or this Doc and you know that you want nothing to interfere with that to send you back to the what if days right?
You go thru being afraid of running out and then the horror stories like already mentioned of Docs losing their ability to prescrib or being shut down by the DEA or the Doc actually being afraid to prescrib enough due to those ever watchful eyes of the governement that rules them( didnt say it was right) not to mention the times that the FDA has suspended prescribing of some meds due to the side effects or risks.
This life is spent jumping thru hoops most days just to assure that we dont go back to the Kevorkian syndrome.
And add fuel to the fire to those who are on the ever controversial meds such as Oxy and Methadone and the stigma of just that and there are days all you can do is shake your head isnt there?
I am saddened of all the deaths from these meds, I really am but to make those who need it and use it properly suffer for that? How about better treatment for those with addiction problems? How about some of the money spent each year ragging on the "drug wars" we open better and more affordable treatment centers for these folks and not 3 days of detox and sending them on their merry way but years of follow up and monitoring? How about trying to figure out why their lives are such that they feel the need to escape every minute of the day until the point they make the "big escape" becoming another death related to?
Well there went my soap box secret. Hehe sorry for the rant but while I am at let me mention better educated pain Docs? More PCPs with a better understanding of how pain effects daily living? And dont forget the healing processes of post OP here! How about backing off those Docs doing it the right way and following all the rules and still getting watched and rode for the prescribing methods?
OK I stop here and I have no problems with pain sufferers who have to take the extra here and there at all I have problems with why they should have to. If their pain was being adequately evaluated and treated I think no extras would be needed. I find if your regular meds work rescue meds are not needed and I will tell you why I think this.
If your regular pain becomes ore then it usually is and regular meds are not cutting it then I think you need to know WHY. I think your Doc needs to see you and be concerned enough to look for anything new going on. As pain med takers let e say that these meds block our perception of pain and not just our pain associated with our diseases and disorders but all pain and I have lost a few friends as well as patients that were on CP meds from emergency occurances where the pain from our regular meds blocked how much pain or how intense the pain really was from something going on unrelated to our normal disorders, i.e. heart attacks that didnt "feel" like a heart attack? Pain from a ruptutred appendics that didnt feel like more then a stomach ache or PMS.
Not trying to scare here but please take any new pain or any change in the intensity in pain seriously and make your Docs take it as so as well even if you have to be a pest about it.
Sorry for the length as if you couldnt tell I can sure ramble on cant I?
2 knee replacements & a hip.
spondylosis at L-4,5 & S1
arthritis,sciatica all that being a CPer entails!
If you stumble make it part of the dance!

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