Posted 2/20/2008 1:04 PM (GMT -6)
How goes the move? What you need is a director's chair and ball cap that says the same thing: Director! Plant yourself in it, and have your husband strap you down with bungee cords if necessary. :-)

I know it's terribly difficult to stay put when these things come up, but you already know how much worse it will be if the moving activities have to stop because you need to make an ER run. If the people helping out don't know that by now, then you have to make that fact very clear. I finally got it through my own thick head that the more honest I am with myself, my family and my friends about my limitations, the easier everyone's life is. I am blessed to have a husband and some very solid friends who understand perfectly and we all have a crazy sense of humor. Can't tell you how much it heps to joke off some of those limitations. Give your friends some credit. If they're true friends, they'll understand and insist you stay firmly planted and out of the action. Now get busy sitting!
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Posted 2/20/2008 4:16 PM (GMT -6)
My suggestion is leave the house during the move. Surely there are some neccessary chores that need to be done that you can do during the move. Also take a friend out to lunch or something. All of the people who are helping you are probably at least partially aware of your condition and won't be offended if you are not there supervising and noone wants you to do something that would cause you extra pain. So just leave. That is what I would have to do in order to avoid moving just one box that ends up being ten and leaving me unable to move for several days afterward.
No matter what you decide to do, have a great moving day and enjoy your new home.
Posted 2/20/2008 6:55 PM (GMT -6)
Thanks all of you.

I actually broached the subject with my husband today, and he told me that every person knows I'm not allowed to pick up ANYTHING. He said not even a feather.

I'm going to work on painting some tomorrow with a friend, should be getting keys tomorrow morning. I was actually thinking that my job could be to tell people where to put stuff.

It's good to know that I am not the only one who has problems just watching. I hate seeing other people work even when I know it's going to hurt me.

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Posted 2/21/2008 12:14 AM (GMT -6)
Can you do some light cleaning at the new house? I know how hard it is to just sit and watch. But, like you say, you can direct everyone on what goes where. Just stay away from the lifting of things its no fun going to ER and run the risk of being treated poorly. Good luck, Susie

Posted 2/22/2008 3:07 AM (GMT -6)
After several moves I have become really good at keeping busy so as not to feel guilty because everyone else is working and I do this by realizing my job is just as important and has to be done as well.
I found that making sure all the boxes are correctly labeled and clearly state where they go and either sorting them on the truck by rooms or moving them by rooms if your using a small truck making frequent trips then you go on to the new house while they pack a room say and when they deliver it you start unpacking it and putting away what you can so you at least know where things are located when you get in there.
Say they bring the kitchen stuff first to you and while they are off getting another load you and maybe you might want to assign a helper to put the boxes up on the counter for you and a older child or teen is great for this since they are not much help otherwise start organizing your kitchen and even if you dont get it all done and you most likely wont be able to work that fast you will at least be emptying boxes and can send them back to be packed again with odds and ends they come across not packed yet,and when night comes and your first meal in your new house arrives you will at least be able to find a fork and plate!
The same with say the bath? How many times have you moved and not been able to locate the tiolet paper when you needed it? Or desperately needed a bath after the long dirty hours of moving and packing and its really late your searching thru mounds of boxes looking for a towel and wash cloth and soap and shampoo!
Just a little trick I have found to make the transition from old to new easier less stressful and more rewarding to everyone when someone knows where to look for the bengay! hehe. Plus it beats the crap out of standing in the middle of for knox in boxes not marked trying to begin to find the screaming kid in the bathroom the tissue paper!
Good luck and congrats on the new place!
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Posted 2/26/2008 3:18 AM (GMT -6)
When I moved over a year ago my family helped a little. But shockingly I was the one who packed up a whole house all by myself. Thank God for the Heating Pad and Percocet at the time. I don't know what I would do.

See I have Fibromyalgia due to several injuries and don't believe my family believes that much in the disease. Except my 75y/o mother who is ill herself. Like I was going to have her pack.

I also unpacked once we moved. And yes I was crippled on the couch for a long period. Was able to clean a little each day for a bit, but come to find out prior to all that packing in the first place I had torn cartiledge off the bone of my shoulder (Top of humerus). And I did all I did with my shoulder like that, and in extreme pain.

But I guess we force ourselves to do the things we need to do, especially when no one understands our disease or cares to help their little sister.

If you don't have to help, I would suggest not helping. Especially with your Medical History. Though you might do something nice for everyone who helped once you move. Like invite them to a nice dinner in your new place. Just a thought.


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