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Bob - sorry just read your other post. Making a short trip down here to visit a few doctors is a BAD idea. I know it would seem a good idea in theory, BUT the problem is if you go to each of these doctors and mention pain, and you are trying to get mediations for it, even if you don't get a script from them, it could label you a "drug seeker". I wish life here weren't that way - but it is - so be careful if you do that.

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Thank's to everyone has replyed knowing this I agree going down to visite some doctor's to see what they say about my med's is a very bad they would really label me or people a drugseeker even if I have good documention medically to prove my need and I bring the bottles and medication I take is in them

That to me is very terrible and on the verge of medical unprofessionalism so it would be the Dr's themselves who would label me a drugseeker what do they do entermy name and label in some sorta database so any Dr' anywhere in ths U;S could look up my name in this databasse and read that label if that is the case I would not be able to go anywhere in the U'S or see any Dr cause I have been labeled this drugseeker that's unfare wrong and make's very angry and being labeled this drugseeker I could never get any type of pain med anywhere even if I prove I legitimatly need WOW what a surprise

Thank's for the head's up and help I cann't believe that man we are forced to live a miserable life not only are we disabled and sick we can not receive the med's we need for a semblence of a fuctional life due to Goverment etc and we and I reap the conciquences cause addict's abuse the med's that give us life terrible and shame on some of these Doctor's

Posted 2/21/2008 8:11 PM (GMT -6)
Bob, it isn't so much a national database, but they would put it in your medical record, so any doctor you went to who requested a copy of your record would see it. They would also likely notify the local hospital emergency rooms who would put it in their computer for all ER physicians to see to not give you narcotics unless it were a life-or-death or loss-of-limb emergency true emergency. Meaning, you can't go in with a migraine and expect some meds. You couldn't go in with back pain, or abdominal pain and receive meds....Unless they found something like a kidney stone on your tests. Basically, they would be extra careful about giving you medications unless they had a way to document exactly what is causing it.

Yup, that's our government working on the "war on drugs." The chronic pain patients are the ones paying for the drug abuse in this country.

Edited to add:  Unfortunately, this also means that many of our veterans who have gone to war defending our country are now being abused by the government they defended with their lives. nono

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Posted 2/22/2008 2:46 AM (GMT -6)

What a dilema huh? Sad to say it happens so many times,people have to move for whatever reson and losing their Docs and taking months even years to find another willing to treat them without going back to square one and all an all else failing time before being given what you had already been taking there.

As for which states and it seems from your post your kind of opent o where you might be headed here in the US, I cant say specifics but it can be narrowed some like already said larger metro areas may be better but in reality try to avoid the South and especially the Appalacian regions and mountain towns they tend to have a much much higher incidence of abuse and alot tighter reins on prescribing. Like you said Florida is noted as one of the hardest to obtain good PM care as well as Kentucky,Tenn.

Oxy has just been given a bad rap in those places due to higher accidental overdose deaths and abuse rates pertaining to specifically Oxy and its counterparts. Methadone is now fast advancing on those stats though.

I know you hate the thought of changing something that works but if your serious as to the move it might be necessary to do just that and it isnt fair by any means.

One thing you can do is when you find out where you might be going you can go online and get a list of Docs in that area who treat pain agressively without alot of jumping thru hoops and a real nice fellow use to have a real nice website dedicated to just that The Compassionate Docs" but he was harrassed so much by the ever watchful eyes of the DEA he had to go underground and take down his site.

Also posting to others in that area via places like this and I imagine most boards are not going to allow it via open forum but email or Pming may get you the name and address of a few good Docs from patients that go there and know them. I wouldnt expect a referral from anyone but alot of folks dont have a problem handing you a name.

I made a move from the west to the south a few years back and had to fly back to the old Doc for a few months to get my meds before I found one in my are of the South who was willing to treat me with what I already knew to work well for me and that wasnt without alot of documentation and a referral letter from my previous Doc. Just make sure if you do this and after going back and getting meds and obtaining a new Doc you make darn sure you let the new one know you have meds from the old one and when they run out then start the new ones so you dont chance being listed as Doc shopping.

Most states if not all here in the states have a tracking system in place that alerts Docs and RPHs when you obtain and fill a schedule med and although it isnt public here in my current state all law individuals as well as medical person can and do request inof from the system from time to time and most pharmacies here are designed to spit out an alert if you fill more then the required amount from more then your usual prescribing Doc.

I dont know how tight regulations are in Canada but here be prepared to drug test either monthly or randomly as choosen by your treating Doc and to sign a PM contract stating you will not get meds from anywhere else or take meds not prescribed by them without 1st checking with them and this even means dentists,ER Docs and what have you"s as some of the contracts are really strict.

I hope whatever happens you have a stroke of luck and find a good Doc prior to your move and have everything in place so you do not have to be untreated or undertreated. Good Luck to you!

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