Posted 4/17/2008 2:45 PM (GMT -7)
Dear Red_34,
about a year ago after my last (10th) back surgery I went into PT Rehab for a week. It was amazing the things they taught me about day to day living. The grabber thingie is for sure a great tool for so many things. I also learned what they called the golfers bend. Whenever you have to bend down to put something in a cabinet or whatever you should always place one of your legs behind you, a picture would make this so much easier, with the one leg extended you can bend a lot easier without as much pain. Also when I make my bed I do it on my knees which works if you have 2 good knees. Take breaks and don't over do it is the most important one thing there is. Depending on your financial situation you can also hire someone to come in once a month or every two weeks for a few hours to do the things that you just can't do and can't stand not having done. Like your floors and bathrooms. If you belong to a church sometimes they have people that offer to help the disabled and there is no shame in accepting that. As for outside, same thing do what you can and get help with what you can't.
If like me you are on SSD they have a program for home help at least they do in California.
Good luck with your problem hopefully something I've said will help a little. Have a tolerable day and don't forget to smile. I'm out, Toritoo
Posted 4/17/2008 3:34 PM (GMT -7)
"I have to say that being a neat freak and a person suffering chronic pain is just a bad combination all together." I'm starting to learn this! The hard way it seems.

Keeping a clean house is a challenge in my home. I have one preteen daughter, a 16 year old son, my husband, my grandmother and 2 dogs. I just sat down with my kids and told them that I need them to start helping me out more. So what do I do? I go outside to hook up the hose after being disconnected all winter because one of my dogs threw up on the patio. So I hooked it up - all the while my back is screaming at me. But I was in a hurry because my grandmother (who has early Alzheimers) was trying to get outside by the door in which the dog threw up. I didn't want to keep gma pent up in the sunroom for too long because it was hot in there. So anyway, I come in the house and lay down on the floor. My daughter asked what was wrong so I told her what I had done and she admonished me by saying "Mom! You could've asked me to do that you know?!" lol

Some very helpful hints you have all given me. I am a nature freak and I love to plant flowers so I think this year, I am going to buy - I can never remember what they're called - the flowers that come up every year. To make things easier on me in the future. I will have my daughter help since I don't have a raised flower bed and I can't make one now since all my other plants are highly established.
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Posted 4/17/2008 4:33 PM (GMT -7)
Hey Red - are you talking about perenniel plants? That's what I've done too over the years. I have only a few small areas for annuals, and even those don't get filled in every year. Don't forget about bulbs too. Most of them you need to let the foliage die back and not cut it off so it feeds the bulb. Less work! Ornamental grasses come in many different colors and textures, and are about as low-maintenance as you can get. Some have some really interesting seed heads too. And don't forget about container gardening. You can easily set up an attractive area with plant stands that keep the pots at a good level for you to work with.

In my part of the world, the heaviest work takes place in mid January through mid March, and since hubby isn't in to gardening, I hire a crew for the worst of it. I've spaded my last vegetable garden for certain.

As for cleaning, well, it generally doesn't get done. At least, not to my satisfaction. I always keep up the bathrooms and kitchen, but dusting? My mother would die if she could see it after all her years of training. Hubby isn't exactly in to vaccuuming either. I've learned to just ignore the dog-hair tumbleweeds that tend to roll around on the tile floor... as I'm on my way outside. :-)
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Posted 4/17/2008 6:05 PM (GMT -7)
Perenniels! Yes that's it - I can never remember what they're called. I have some bulbs in my garden already but every year I keep getting less and less spring flowers. So I think that a squirrel has been digging them up! I have little squirrel holes all over the front yard because now that winter is over, they are just now finding the things they hid so who knows....maybe they think the bulbs are theirs?? lol
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Posted 4/17/2008 6:14 PM (GMT -7)
I love this thread! I'm getting a good laugh at myself and the rest of us! Texas Jen I love the comment about your mother....oh, mine would be turning in her grave, for sure! :-)
Posted 4/17/2008 8:32 PM (GMT -7)
Wow, so many good tips here! I concurr that not over-doing is the key, and also freq rests. It does help to have a good partner/or family to help. I figure that after all of the yrs that I did 90% of the housekeeping, cooking and laundry, while working f/t and raising 2 kids, hubby is making up for what he didn't do then ;) We're both semi-retired and he's in very good health so alot of things come easier to him. He doesn't do things as often as I'd like(scrubbing floors) but I do think that is a Man thing, they either don't see the dirt or have selective
I found the Weed Grabber to be hard on my lower back, some might not. I love the smaller rake sugg, I want one! I love to work outside and used to have lovely flower beds but last yr for the 1st time in yrs, didn't plant one thing. We had a big talk last week about just this thing......and we decided to hire a cleaning service to come in soon and do deep cleaning, then maintainance won't be as hard.
I love my Swiffer duster and the one for floors, haven't tried the mop one, is it really any good? If it does,that would solve my prob of hubby not doing the floors as often as I'd like, I could use that in between scrubs.
toritoo, I tried to find the golfer's bend, an illustration, but all Google had was exercises for golfers...I tried it and it did seem to not pull my lower back so much but I had a balance prob, how far forward should the front leg be?
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Posted 4/17/2008 8:55 PM (GMT -7)
Hi Muzz, the golfers bend is basically just what it says, if you ever watch golf, I don't, but you will see that golfers place one leg forward not too far and bent at the knee and they take their other leg and extent it behind them. If you have problems with balance you just need to hang on to something. Also if you go to or know a PT they will know exactly what I'm talking about and maybe even have the picture. Good luck, I'm out, Toritoo
Good luck to you and let hubby do his bit especially if he's willing. It might not be up to your/our standards but it is a help. You know the old saying if Moms not happy no one is happy, it's true.
Posted 4/18/2008 1:32 PM (GMT -7)
TY Too...yes, it is true! My MIL is getting PT, I'll see if she can get the Pther. to give her a pic, it would be help. Every lil bit counts.
I am not my pain, it does not own me.

Posted 4/18/2008 3:17 PM (GMT -7)
Just stoped in and saw the posting. I have Lupus and Fibro along with the chronic pain. If you could afford it house cleaners are not the expensive. Mine is $70 every 2 weeks and they do a great job. Everything but the windows but they do the blinds and sils and baseboards. Well worth it for me.
Lupus since 2005, Fiberomyalgia since 2006,  sjogren's syndrome since 2005,  diabetes since 2006, Depression since 2004. who would not be with all of this.
       I just try to make it threw every day as best I can.
        God please remember I am on the diet platter.
                  So many beads so little time.....
                   Have a great Lupie Day Denise 

Posted 4/18/2008 4:29 PM (GMT -7)
Wish I could afford cleaners or a rhumba, but I'm for the most part living on a small amount of unemployment, no spouse, etc. So no extras for things like that. The dust bunnies finally got to me today; I think they're really aggravating my sinuses so I got out my little sweeper and pulled the end off and just went around with the long tube and picked up the worst of things. Tried to mostly stand and use my arm to move, but you know sometimes you just lapse into familiar movements, so it remains to be see how I am later tonight and tomorrow!
Posted 4/19/2008 1:08 AM (GMT -7)

yea, sometimes we gotta just fight the pain and do what has to be done. :)

Toritoo, I've played around with the golfer's bend and have found that it does take a certain amt of stress off of my lower back! TY!

I am not my pain, it does not own me.

Posted 4/19/2008 5:21 AM (GMT -7)
My income is a bit limited too. I don't work and my hubby does. Luckily he has a fairly decent job in which I DON'T have to work, but I don't think I could hire anyone. Unless I won the lottery! :)

Yes, I agree - very excellent ideas! I cleaned the carpet yesterday with my Bissell and had to reach down for a few things. I tried the golfers bend and it does help to a certain degree. Made my legs hurt a little though - or maybe I was doing it wrong.
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Posted 4/19/2008 9:22 AM (GMT -7)
I dont get much help from the household if any, so i just try to make sure i keep the laundry done and dishes done, everthijgn else can wait til I feel like it. Kids dont help.
I wish I had a rhumba, they should presrcibe everyone with chronis pain a rhumba.
I think my daughter tryed to was the kitchen floor with dusting cleaner, but she wot feess up, it slippery, i tryed wettng it down and drying it but still slippery. Im just too tried to mop the whole floor. eyes
God Bless,and have a Great Day!!.......Love.....Sheryl
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Posted 4/19/2008 11:11 AM (GMT -7)
Hi all and good mid-morning from a cloudy, overcast California day. I'm glad that so many people had tips for cleaning and I hope some work for you. I thought that I mentioned my bed making tips but I don't see it here so once again. If you don't have any problems with your knees I've found that doing it on my knees works for me. No bending. Also wanted to mention again about the booklet they gave me while I was in rehab after my last surgery. It contains so many tips about day to day living in a way that takes your pain into account. From the way you sleep and get in and out of your car to shopping and cooking and cleaning. I was amazed at all the things I was doing wrong thus aggravating my pain even more so. The booklet is called Living with back pain. If you have a PT they might be able to get it for you and if not a PT try your CP doc. I was really amazed at all the little things I was doing wrong and therefore making my pain worse. Sitting,standing, getting up and down and so much more. It definitly is worth searching for. I think many people with CP will be amazed at all the little things that we do on a daily basis that make us feel worse and how easy it is to change some of them. Good luck everyone and I'm out, Toritoo

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