Posted 5/14/2008 5:43 PM (GMT -6)
cookie, they're going to try to get off the hook with as little as possible. If you can get some free consults from attorneys - either online or using 800#'s, why not take a few days and do that. Seems you've got nothing to lose but some time and energy, and potentially may gain from just some suggested strategies about how to negotiate with the insurance company. You might be able to get another couple of thousand and you may just need them for some PT or chiro treatments.

Posted 5/14/2008 5:50 PM (GMT -6)
YOu need to get a lawyer, don't settle for less then the medical bills will cost plus an amount for pain and suffering.
Posted 5/14/2008 5:56 PM (GMT -6)
Ditto...they're trying to scare you into settling cheap. Do not sign or accept anything from them without legal counsel.

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Posted 5/14/2008 6:19 PM (GMT -6)
Thanks for all the info everybody! This is my first time dealing with anything like this. It makes it a little more difficult since it is my (mine, my sisters, my families) insurance I'm fighting since the jerk was never caught. Though we tried. I know what the insurance is trying to do and I have to say its working. I'm tired of dealing with them and I don't want to cause problems for my family (since its their insurance. yes we have un-insured motorists). Plus the insurance has paid all of my medical expenses thus far as far as I know. At least I haven't received any bills from anyone. So the money will go in my pocket unless I decide to go for more treatment which I know I should. (Shame on me for not).

Given all that does it sound like a decent offer considering everything I've said and that I'm tired of dealing with them and waiting for forever to receive any money from them? I know you guys aren't here for legal advice, but personally what do you guys think?
Posted 5/14/2008 6:44 PM (GMT -6)
I think several of us have just told you what we think. And there seems to be a lot of agreement among us. There's really nothing I can think to add.

Posted 5/14/2008 6:49 PM (GMT -6)
Good point PaLady as always. Thanks again to you and everyone else who responded.

The battle goes on. I'll look into those lawyer consultations.
Posted 5/14/2008 7:40 PM (GMT -6)
It is always better to consult a lawyer, especially when the first consult is almost always free. Even tho you believe the insurance has paid for all bills to date, they are wanting you to sign something saying they don't have to pay future bills.... and you yourself have said you need more therapy. PLUS, just because you haven't received a bill yet does not mean they have paid everything. The places/doctors you went to have sent their billing info in, doesn't mean its been paid by the insurance. One of my daughter's bills didn't arrive until a year later.
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Posted 5/15/2008 6:39 AM (GMT -6)

Hi cookie,

I worked in the personal injury field for 20 yrs plus for a law firm. I can give you some insight on what the ins company is doing. Had you gone to a medical dr, md, rather than chiro care, your claim would have 9 times out of 10 had more value. Now, I am not saying this to raise anyone's hackles, and I am not bashing chiros, its a fact. The insurance companies give very little credilbility to chiropractic care. They generally allow six weeks of care with the chiro and recongnize no futher care or billing from that date.  Their bills are excessive, which you know from them exhausting the med pay on the policy in no time at all. They use a form with hand written notes that do not amt to a hill of beans.

Also, the insurance companies look at how much damage was done to the vehicle. In some cases if there is minimal damage they allow for er care or one visit to the dr and thats it. It doesn't matter how many lawyers you get that will not change.

I know everyone on here says hire an atty, I can assure you with what you have written about the accident, I would not hire one, the only thing that will change is he will get 1/3 of your settlement and thats free money to him, he did not have to work for the money. Hiring an atty is not a guarantee of more money in a settlement. We culled our cases very carefully and I helped alot of people settle their own claims w/o hiring us. I told them what to say & do and if they had questions they would call me back. In turn they appreciated the honesty and in time they may refer someone to us that we could help.

I would wait until after you see the dr on the 23rd before settling up with the ins. company. By the way, what kind of dr are you going to be seeing?

Most people do not know this but the adjusters do not decide what kind of money to offer on a claim, its a computer generated program. Allstate has a computer program called Collosus. They have employees who enter all the info into the computer about the accident. When I say they enter everything, I mean literally that. Your medical records and billing, property damage, the whole bit. Once the info is fed into the computer it kicks out a sheet with info and a value of the claim. All companies have gone to this way of computing claims because it saves them the almighty dollar.

Sorry this is lengthy, any questions ask them, if I can help I will. Susie

Posted 5/15/2008 12:09 PM (GMT -6)
Hi, Susie,
I just wanted to clarify - I don't think a lot of us were saying hire an attorney. But calling for some free consultations could be beneficial; just as you suggest, she might get some guidance which could result in perhaps a bit more money, and help her protect herself. cookie seemed to be ready to settle for the least amount, and sign off quickly to get money to buy a car. Maybe by doing a few things differently she could get a bit more. I do realize from personal experience attorneys don't just take any case; they want to make their money as quickly and cleanly as possibly. But maybe she'd run across someone nice like you who would give her guidance.

Posted 5/15/2008 1:22 PM (GMT -6)
Mochiah, thank you for your input. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of receiving bills from the chiro or any other dr anytime in the future. I'm hoping everything has been paid for up to now although I know its unlikely. Hopefully I wont get any surprise bills a year from now like your daughter.

Straydog, You offered a lot of great advice and I appreciate it. What you said about the insurance companies is some good info we should all know. What you said about attorneys is one of the reasons I am hesitant about talking to one, but everyone made very good points that I could at least consult some for free. It really sucks about what you said insurance thinks about chiros, but everything you said makes sense especially after everything the insurance has told me.

PaLady, Once again great advice. I do see the need for me to consult with a lawyer to protect myself in the future, but it would be nice to wrap all this up and put it far behind me.

The dr I'm seeing on the 21st is my GP. My regular GP has been known to be stupid and go along with anything I self diagnose myself with. He might send me out for x-rays or minor tests, so I need to be forceful with him and follow up with everything. Its almost like I'm the dr. He actually is one of those few drs who is more willing to write perscriptions than run tests to find out exactly what is wrong. Also more likely to think its all in my head kind of dr and will say/do anything to shut me up and get me out of his office. However, instead of seeing him I was given the opportunity to see a new person in his office so I took it. We'll see how bad they are. I don't know if its a guy or a girl.

So well see how it all goes. I'm definitely going to wait until after I talk to the dr. before I decide anything with the insurance.

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