Nows the time to seek change!

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   Posted 6/13/2008 8:00 PM (GMT -6)   
I hope this post doesn't turn to be too political in nature, but it might be. We shall see. . . anyways . . .

With the 2008 elections coming up, and so many offices up for grabs, so many important topics are also going to start coming up. I want to encourage everyone to email, fax, write, or whatever those who are currently in office and looking for re-election, and those hoping for your votes in the near future. These people that get voted or don't get voted into office are the people who could very well hold the futures of the world of chronic pain.

I plan on writing everyone who will be up for election here in Arizona, and ask them what their view is on chronic pain. Things such as how they feel about the way many of us are treated (like addicts) when trying to get legitimate medical treatment? What do they think they can do to help change things so that we no longer have to worry about being labeled when we NEED to go to the emergency room because we are in so much pain. What are their opinions on the fact that it takes years to get through the maze of social security system? The fact that it has taken me 2 years and I still am expected to wait 6 more months to get to the court appeal on my case - and this is with doctors on my side? Do they realize that I'm lucky in that my husband can support me and we have insurance, even if our medical bills are quite behind in being paid? What about the people who are by themselves or raising children and unable to work due to a disability, what are they supposed to do while they wait for the disability system to work?

I want to know what these guys plan on doing for me, and the millions of other people out there who suffer pain day in and day out. I want to know whether they agree that rules for narcotic medications should be standard across the country, not varying by county and/or state. I want to know if they agree that I deserve the medical treatment I need to live a life not haunted by debilitating pain.

Now is the time to ask for change. Now is the time to start demanding it. If we don't stand up for ourselves and start asking people to help us, to start treating us like people, no one else will. If we don't ask for change it's not going to happen.

I think it's horrible that someone can go into an ER who's suffered pain for ten years, has a spine full of rods, plates and screws, and still be refused help for their pain because they take narcotic medication. If we are in so much pain we can't even think straight they want to label us as addicts. I've never had that label put on me, I'm lucky, but I feel for the thousands who have. I don't think I should have to fear the stigma, and label that comes with taking medication to make my life livable.

Anyways this ended up being a little more rant than I wanted, and as usual I'm not sure it makes any sense, I hope it does. (Back pain tends to make rational thought hard to come by).

Please start contacting people who can work to change the world of chronic pain.
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   Posted 6/15/2008 3:24 AM (GMT -6)   
Your right Tammy! Now is the time to asak questions and demand answers,the ball is virtually in our court at this point.

I want to know what their stand on healthcare is. I want to know why SS got one of the lowest cost of living raises last year then it has had in 5. That little bit of money they gave me didnt even cover the raise in medicare premiums last year not to mention the cost of gas and food became astronomical and they didnt give us enough to buy one gallon of gas or one gallon of milk and all of these things have continued to rise in cost during the year. Not only did my premium go up but my co-pays on my supplemental went up as well,as a matter of fact twice to the point that with all of the drug stores competing in the $4 programs my co-pay on meds is now $1.58 more then that? Throw in the fact that they changed the meaning of "pcp" that now my office co-pay is $10 versus $5 because he is a Internal medicine Doc that qualifies him as a specialist even though he is listed on the card as my Primary care Doc.

I want to know what those in office are going to do about the rising cost of gasoline and food. Most of us cant or dont have the option of public transportation for some walking to a bus stop and standing waiting for an hour is just not possible not to mention at least here in this city so many routes have been cut out and eliminated due to the ever rising cost of fuel that if you can even get close to your destination your doing good.

I want to know why when the cost of food has become ridiculous that the food stamp program has not changed it's qualifying guidelines in 10 years,the same for medicaid on most states. The cost of living raises are still in the increase implemented several years agoa nd have not reached peak from that yet and already it is almost equal to a gallon of gas? How are these folks going to get to work and buy food when at least 2 of their hours of work are going to be used to buy gas to get there? And that is if they are lucky enough to live within 5 miles of where they work.

Why are we still in a war not benefitting anyone it seems? Think maybe it is time to rethink that one? How much money a year is being spent on that war?

There are so so many questions that need answers and far to few folks willing to ask them. I like you are asking. It is not going to guarentee I will get the right answers or the truthful answers out of anyone but I am going to ask all the same.

At least I can eliminate those with the wrong answers right off.
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   Posted 6/15/2008 9:00 PM (GMT -6)   
interesting thread. in addition to listening to the "sound bites" and pablum that politicians send out in ever increasing flatus, i suggest a web site called it provides the voting record of virtually every politician as well as the special interest groups, like the religious right "focus on the family" as well as aarp, rating of each politician. i have been a supporter of this non-profit organization for more years than many of you are years old. lol. but if you want to break through the bs and get to the nitty gritty, project vote smart is the place to get your information.

no, i don't have any vested interest in this organization (except for having donated to it many times). i just want to share something that works.

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   Posted 6/16/2008 3:07 AM (GMT -6)   

Thanks so much Warren for the link and I will certainly check it out. Anything we can do to help ourselves here in getting a word in edgewise and finding potential politicians that are interested in what matters to us the voters is a very important issue as nothing is going to change until they take an interest in real life for many of us and this is not just about CP or those with healthcare crisis it is about anything that effects our way of living.


Bilateral knee replacements,spondylosis of L-3,4,5 and S-1, osteoarthritis,premenopausal migraines.
Meds: Methadone,xanax,zanaflex,maxide,prempro,K+,indocin,lexapro,neurontin(coming off) lyrica(going onto)

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