Nightmare Session with New Psychologist!

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   Posted 6/14/2008 3:01 PM (GMT -6)   
My new PCP is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at me, in an attempt to make me "whole again". I have fallen apart over the last two years, with a terribly painful neck, and now overall body pain. I am also depressed as a result of this, and because of losing four family members in less than two years. I believe in the mind and body connection, but I had this neck condition for 10 years, so I also believe in the physical illness and body connection. It got real bad two years ago. Last fall, I started to get all over body pain, which the doctors say is Fibro. I don't know about that. My doctor sent me to a pain clinic, and they told me that they wouldn't treat me unless I stopped taking narcotics. Even my primary was shocked over that one. I'm 50 years old, and took my first narcotic at 49 years old.
I'm a compliant patient. Fortunately, my primary doc believes me and in me. I lost my other PCP of 13 years due to insurance. My old and new doctor did speak on the phone about me. My new primary told me that my former PCP told her that I was trustworth. I told my new doctor that I can't do anything she asks of me if I can't get out of bed in the AM, and I can't do that without my pain medication.  I've had three cervial MRIs in 18 months. They show DDD, large spurs, moderate to severe stenosis, arthritis, cord compression/flattening, etc. A NS told me that I wasn't a candidate for surgery. I'm getting a second opinion on my neck this Monday from an orthopedic doctor. In a couple of weeks, I'm seeing a doctor who specializes in Intergrative Medicine. I hope I spelled that right. Yesterday, I had my first session with a psychologist who specializes in chronic pain patients. I spent 90 minutes with her, and she was just terrible. Cold, know-it-all, not compassionate. I cried once, and she just sat there, motionless in every way. I don't expect someone to hold my hand, but she was a robot. She wants to see me once a week. I told her than my husband is having surgery next week and I that I need two weeks to just be with him, and she told me to work it out, and to never miss a session with her.
She brought up narcotics over and over. She made numerous references to the pain clinic that wouldn't treat me. First, pretending she didn't know what happened, then she was telling me details. When she was grilling me, I finally told her that she should probably ask the doctor at the clinic. She kept laying these verbal traps for me. I have nothing to lie about. I have pain from head to toe. I'm only looking to get well and be out of pain. My legs hurt so bad, that I can't walk sometimes, burning thighs, feet feel like I'm walking on knives, weak arms, neck spasms that go into my face, my teeth. I have to take a water bottle to bed at night, so when I awake, I can take my pain meds. Then wait for relief, no matter how bad I have to pee, lol. The meds only take the edge off and allow me to function around the house and for doctors visits. I had mentioned to her early on that I like to research medical information on the Internet. about and hour later, she asked if I drank coffee. I told her a cup and a half in the morning. She said, in such a cocky way, "Did any of your research show you that coffee will make my pain worse?" She kept cutting me off mid-sentence. She asked if I had anything traumatic happen in my childhood. I told her nothing like sexual abuse or anything, but I was hit by a car when I was 15. She actually shrugged her shoulders. I told her that I was riding my bike, was hit from behind by a drunk driver, went flying through the air, wore a cast on my foot for six weeks, and got a bunch of stitches in my head and spent six days in the hospital. It was trautmatic. I swear she looked like she wanted to punch me in the mouth.
At one point, she had me mixed up with someone else, and kept insisting that I'd been a patient at that facility for a long time. I told her that I had only been there twice. She didn't believe me. Tap, tap, tap on her computer, saying, "You're telling me you've only been here twice?" She was telling me that I saw all these doctors that I never even heard of. I felt like I was walking through a verbal mine trap. She finally realized her mistake, and told me that she had me confused with another patient. Then, she starts rattling off the activity I've had since joining the facility three months ago, "Phone call, phone call, returned phone call, doctor visit, phone call, tap, tap, tap, you DID speak with Dr. Jones on the phone." I said maybe he was covering for my primary, but I've only met with my primary.
Do I have to go back to this narcotic hating nut? It was one big game of gotcha. I think she's angry because my primary is prescribing me pain meds, and staying the course with me. Without sounding boastful, I think she was upset that I'm smart and can hold my own. I'm thinking of giving the head doc one more shot, then telling my primary that I can't confide in a person who is so cold. It's too important a relationship, and I have to like the person and vice versa. I know the psychologist thinks I'm a junkie. I had typed up  a list of my losses over the last five years. Parents, two months apart (and watching them waste away for a year), my sister the following year, two years later, my brother-in-law whom I adored and my 16-year old cat. My health, my finances, relationships....all losses and no gains. My other sister died in 1991. It was a simple list, one line each. I asked her to please take a look at the list. The big losses are the first few. She gave it a cursory glance, sort of tilted her head, and said, "Yeah, you've had some loss." I told her that with the exception of my husband and my brother, everyone who loved me and everyone I loved, has died. I was talking to a wall. Is this tough love or what? More like tough hate.
I'm sorry this is so long, and thank you to those who have read this far.

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DiLane, You are right. The relationship between a psychologist and patient is too important for you to continue to see someone who you don't like and who does not seem to be in touch with you. I know from several years of training and working as a counselor that their is a place for the blank wall technique but a first session with a distraught patient is not one of those places. FFind someone with more compassion.
I hope things work out better for you in the future and I am sorry for all of your losses.

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There's a lot I want to say here but don't have the energy at the moment. But I also have a background as a mental health professionals - 3 decades worth, and this is not the way you should be treated. I'm not sure what's with this psychologist or the pain clinic for that matter. I know some pain management docs are only doing the high tech procedures and won't prescribe narcotics, and may not want you on them if they plan to do some injections, etc. That being said, it also sounds like this place is so paranoid about people being addicts (not totally unusual, but not the way a pain clinic that truly understands pains should operate) that you may not have much chance of getting decent treatment there. Do you have other choices available to you re: pain management?

It's good you have a solid relationship with your PCP, and I'd talk with him/her soon, explain what is happening, and ask him/her to help with your options. To be honest, you'd be better off with an experienced therapist regardless of whether they have specific pain management knowledge than with this psychologist. You have a lot of trauma, and I'd recommend looking for a therapist who has experience with trauma and perhaps PTSD. You sound very assertive and active in your own care, and you can help teach yourself a lot of the techniques a pm psychologist can help you with, and a good, caring therapist - even one w/o specific pm knowledge - will go a lot further in helping you than this psychologist will, in my opinion.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to suggest some good self -help resources you can start out with, although I'm not giving professional advice here. I'm just here as a CPP, but I can't help commenting on what sounds like an very untherapeutic alliance.

Take care,

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DiLane, You are absolutely right to consider leaving this gal. You cannot possibly get effective help from someone who you don't feel you can talk to. I totally understand the verbal mine trap thing you are talking about, and when you are in a situation like that, you start to feel less and less like you want to say ANYTHING, much less talk about the things that are painful and difficult for you in the first place. You should share your concerns with your PCP and the lead doc at this pain center, but I don't think you need to give this woman another chance. You need to be with someone you can trust from the get-go.

One suggestion - I would definitely get a copy of the records from this doctor's visit. You may have to pay for a copy, but according to HIPA you have a right to them. It would be good to know what they've put in your records - especially since this therapist seemed to think they were some sort of ammunition. I've learned the hard way that what gets said and done in a doctor's/therapists office or hospital and what gets written in the "official" records are not always one and the same thing. Sad, but true.

Go with your gut. Find someone you trust, and who is willing to trust you.

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Is this by any chance part of a worker's comp or other legal case? Because it almost sounds like the 'hired guns' that you're forced to see in the initial stages of these processes.


Also - I'd tell your PCP - and ask him/her to document - that you were confused with another patient. There might be a patient with the same or very similar name, especially if a computer was being used, that was pulled up in place of you. Even a different middle initial. But that pain clinic or the psychologist may not be willing to document their error; your PCP can at least document what you report without taking sides. Or maybe he/she can ask the pm folks if that was possible and they'd tell him but not you.

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Thank you all for your prompt and intelligent replies. I really appreciate it. I'm not seeing the psych doc (easier to type) at the pain clinic. I'm seeing her where my primary practices. It's a nice state-of-the-art facility. about a month ago, my primary sent me to the pain clinic in another city, where they don't know me from Adam. The PM doctor there told me that "All you have is moderate stenonis in your neck, and your pain is disproportionate with your condition." I then rattled off the other issues in my neck. He read me the riot act on naracotics and how they can make some patients feel more pain. I told him I was familiar with the study on opiate-induced-hyperalgesia, which affected only 7% of patients in the study. He was stunned I said that.

The PM doctor would not enroll me in his program unless I stopped taking narcotics. I have no history of substance abuse. I don't smoke, drink or do illicit drugs. I don't know why he was this way with me. I have a normal appearance. I met with the resident first, and this PM doc for 10 minutes. He told me that my thoracic and lumbar back is fine. Sooooo, I don't have a heart condition either, but my neck is a disaster, and feels like it's been torched without meds. This isn't a WC case or anything legal like that. All I said to the PM doctor is that I can't get out of bed without pain meds, which is the truth. If he wants me to show up for his treatment program in my husband's arms wearing pajamas and fluffy slippers, I'm there. I didn't say that last line, but it was tempting.

The psych doc obviously got the PM doctor's notes, and given that she doesn't want her patients to drink coffee, and I could see her distain for narcotics, I didn't stand a chance with her. I'm not a paranoid person. I adore my new PCP, and I cried when I couldn't keep my former PCP after 13 years. I've had the same dentist for 25 years, and the same hairdresser for 11 years. I had a former therapist years ago, who was wonderful. This new psych doctor was not nice to me, and quite the opposite. She must have cut me off 15 times, and I did not babble. I barely opened my mouth once I had her number. Everything to her was a one word answer. She asked what my pain level was every day, from 1 to 10. I told her there are too many variables. How I'm feeling that day, with or without meds?, etc. After some back and forthing, she said, average it out. I said, "Fine, let's say five." I didn't even care at this point.

She had her little electonic chart laptop to fill out. I told her I often get ribcage pain. She ask if it was stabbing, burning or throbbing. I told her that it feels like it's bruised and sore to the touch. Her reply? "Does it feel stabbing, burning or throbbing?" I repeated my first answer. It started to sound like a Who's On First? routine. I finally said, "Take your pick, whatever you think fits best."

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I'll keep giving this all some thought but I wanted to say a few things. One, it's not you. You are not the problem. Even if this psychologist seems to be advertised as someone with pm experience, it sure doesn't sound like it to me. Since she's with your PCP's office (if I'm reading right) this may be a little trickier for you to navigate, but I'd calmly try to relate some of how you feel, the error with another patient, and that this just doesn't feel like a good match to your PCP. Is your former therapist available? If so, that would be my first recommendation, and that would make perfect sense to your PCP. Or anyone else you know of that you think you'd be comfortable with. You're not going to get anywhere with this psych. in my opinion first, because you don't feel comfortable and second, because of her attitude and/or lack of real experience with pain patients. Just her having to keep it so formal, and to one 'category" or "number" shows me she either doesn't know how or isn't willing to deal with complexitiy - and pain if nothing else is that! And it's highly individual. I hate it when I hear of someone making it even harder for people to seek mental health services, and that's what her attitude is doing. Can you imagine others who don't know any better? And another reason to not continue with her - if she's that way with you in person you can bet what's going on paper isn't reflective of you either. It's sadly what's happening in the area of therapist training; everything's becoming CBT oriented, and young therapists, or those who have never been outside a medical system, don't know any different other than a cookbook approach. I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but trust yourself. And once again, it's not you!

As far as the pm place, I don't know what their protocols are. Some places insist you exhaust all conservative measures first - physical therapy, injections, etc., before they'll consider narcotics. Have all of these been exhausted for your neck (I'm guessing yes because of your "kitchen sink" comment)? If so, I'd make sure you have copie of all the records that document it. Everytime I go anywhere I get put through the same series of questions and have to show how many repeated injections I've had, several courses of PT, and finally surgery. Maybe your PCP can find out what the protocol is for this pm clinic. If they absolutely won't prescribe narcotics, then maybe see if your PCP will continue to manage your meds while you get whatever other tests, etc, that you need, if any.

Hope this helps some. Keep us informted.


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Wow DiLane

As I read your post, I feel very very angry. I have lived in my city for eight years and have been to several psychiatrists and have not been able to find one with the intelligence for my problems and the compassion which I feel I deserve. I actually had one say she never returned phone calls!! She admitted she wanted her practice to be simple and she only wanted to prescribe drugs, but didn't want any complications! So for me, I continue to drive five hours every couple of months to see my original psychiatrist!!

As for pain management, I agree with the others. There is no reason that I can see from what you wrote, why they won't prescribe your pain medication. They have you between a rock and a hard place, DiLane. My suggestion to you is continue to search for doctors that are going to be sympathetic to your needs. You may have to travel a bit, (hopefully not five hours), but they are out there.

I will send up prayers for you and your search. God bless you and help you with your pain, emotional and physical. I, too, am very sorry for your losses.

Gentle Hugs,

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Wow, this gal is a piece of work. That's for sure. I get so frustrated with the little fill in the blank and multiple choice forms that many of the doctor's offices want to have you fill out. As your example shows, you cannot reduce all possible types of pain to a selection of three adjectives. Good grief!

After hearing that this doc works in the same location as your primary doc, I am more convinced than ever that you need to tell your primary doctor about the visit in detail. He sounds like a quality doctor, and I imagine he would not like you to be treated in this manner. I used to go to a PM clinic where one of the psychs was replaced after the realized that she was not a good match for chronic pain patients.

Unfortunately, people in our situation are often highly vulnerable to poor treatment and sometimes unable or unwilling to stand up to it (as you could see from the one doctor's reaction to your reference of that statistic!). We see these doctors while suffering in a great deal of pain and then have to feel like we're traversing a mine field of preconceptions and discrimination because of the negative light cast upon pain patients due to the bad behavior of others (and, regrettably, a very small percentage of pain patients). In no other discipline of medicine are patients treated in such a manner. You are fortunate to have found a good primary care doctor. I bet he would help you find a better neuropsychiatrist, and telling him may help prevent him from referring future patients to this woman as well.

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I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. You deserve respect from your health care providers and you are not getting that nor appropriate help.

I will confess I haven't read all of the responses...darn headache again... but in case someone hasn't suggested... I see people have suggested you find at least a new psych and pain clinic at minimum. Might I suggest you try a teaching/university hospital nearest you. They DO believe in pain and treating it. What a concept! I don't know where you live but if you are in the US or Canada you should be able to find one easily on line. You may have to drive a bit but you will get cutting edge technology. Check with your insurance but most would cover it especially if your doc does a referral.

Here's an example...I live in Washington state and the University of Washington has a wonderful facility with many satellite offices around the state.

Hope you get some compassionate care very soon.
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ALthough in general I agree compassion has no place in medical situations as it only clouds the mind, she should at least have taken everything into consideration (like your loss) and by open for all kinds of medical reatment, including of course legal narcotics. And what's the deal withe coffee?

Good old FDR, President of the United States said, never trust somebody who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke or doesn't eat meat. Pretty sure that goes for coffee as well.

Dump her.
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OK, just for kicks and giggles, I decided to google the whole coffee and pain thing because it sounded so absurd to me. I thought I'd share what I found out as I think perhaps we may all get a much needed laugh at this.... tongue

First of all, aside from a programme for a pain research conference which listed "9:15 a.m. - Coffee Break" there were only THREE references I could find to any relationship between coffee and pain. They were as follows...

1) Loss of sleep tends to be a common problem for pain sufferers, so CP patients should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages after 3 p.m.

2) The CAFFEINE in coffee has been shown to help REDUCE pain related to menstrual migraine and other headache disorders.

and this one is hilarious! devil

3) Dozens of clinics in the US, Mexico, and other countries around the world are offering "coffee enemas" as treatment for a variety of ailments. SERIOUSLY! They said a single shot consists of a full quart of coffee and serious users are prescribed a total of FOUR treatments per DAY!!!!! No joke! tongue tongue tongue

Oh my goodness, I may re-injure my back, I'm laughing so hard! DiLane, I think you should ask that therapist if she has read THAT research..... LOL!

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Ry that is hilarious, thanks for posting that...quite a good laugh tonight!

I feel so upset that this psych caused you to feel so badly DiLane. Quite the opposite effect that is to be expected. I of course agree with everything that has been said.
You should never continue with a therapist or psychiatrist who has made you feel so uncomfortable and badly with a cold disposition.
Although truth be told, some(too many) psychiatrists lack the depth of compassion needed in these situations. They may have started there career as compassionate and caring but somehow lose it through too many 15min appointments and using there hand too much to "record" information and write out scripts. Many are equipt with a purely medical train of thought...Diagnose and prescribe.
I'm not saying that is the way it should be. It shouldnt. Especially in the first meeting compassion and understanding should be the train of thought by the DR making you feel comfortable divulging the highly personal information theyre requesting.

To be honest my first thought after reading your post was that she was asked to find out how you viewed narcotics and if you could be "caught" in your own words.
I know you mentioned that you have a great relationship with the DR who is in the same practive as this psych. But I also wonder if your PCP wanted to make sure you werent showing signs of addiction. Did he refer this particular psych to you or welcome you to find your own?
Of course I am not trying to make you paranoid in any way. I dont see your DR so dont know if this os even a possibility. Just the thought my mind jumped to first.
Psych have alot of different techniques to search for red flags which could indicate a sucstance abuse problem. And having a cold disposition and playing word "games" to trip you up are certainly a few of them. It's almost as if she was telling you with her attitude that you wouldnt be able to get anything past her.

As I said this is only my first thought and even if this would be the case I dont think it's right to cause a patient to leave feeling worse than when they came.
But I would take all the great advice that has been given. Most everyone here has been in PM longer than I have and knows if this type of situation is possible.

I hope your PCP is understanding as to why you feel this relationship will not be helpfuland you are able to find one that you mesh with and feel comfortable opening up to.

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Delilah - that image of Bridgette Neilson is hilarious, although DiLane please don't take that to mean it's a light or funny situation for you. Quite the opposite. Especially considering she's affiliated with your PCP.

A therapist who deals with pain needs even more than most to be able to facilitate relaxation (and teach relaxation exercises) with clients. I doubt you'd ever feel safe or comfortable enough to relax with this woman. I hope there is someone else you can find, but I think you'd do better without any therapist than with this one!


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ryand said...

3) Dozens of clinics in the US, Mexico, and other countries around the world are offering "coffee enemas" as treatment for a variety of ailments. SERIOUSLY! They said a single shot consists of a full quart of coffee and serious users are prescribed a total of FOUR treatments per DAY!!!!! No joke! tongue tongue tongue

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Your therapist sounds psychotic. What a total b****! I'd run if I were you. Gee, why are we even discussing this? Even if you were a raving lunatic drug addict (which you are not!), you deserve better psychotherapy than this.

Vote with your feet. It stinks, but you have to keep going till you find the right doctor.

This is fairly off topic, but I just today switched a doc and was glad I did. My 17 year old son developed a wandering eye when he was 5. I researched extensively and found the BEST pediatric opthalmologist in our large city. This woman was snotty, always late, and a total know-it-all but I tolerated her because I thought she was the best. She put my son in bifocals and he's been a gifted student, plays ice hockey blah, blah. But lately he's been wanting to wear contacts. And this gal has said...NO way!

So on Monday we waited over an hour for her to show up for his annual check up. Her staff wasn't sure where she was or when she'd get there. I was steamed and so we left. I made a ton of calls and found a top opthalmologist for adults. We saw him this morning. He did a ton of tests and said "of course, your son can wear contacts!" You should have seen my son...he about cried. This big tall kid...he was so excited!

My point is...move on if someone is bad. And your gal is BEYOND bad.

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I'm sorry you had such a horrid time with that psychologist. Of course, you can't go to a psychologist who you don't like. If I don't do well with a certain doctor, I try to not give any specifics or blaming to my referring doctor. I say, "We just weren't a good match. I'll have to try again." This has worked for me. Don't go back to that britch. OK? A lot of psychologists think they're a whole lot better than they are. I have never met one that helped me.(I do believe good ones exist) One female tried to date me. One made newspaper headlines for his affair with an underage girl
Anyhow, I'm in pain right now and can't read all the responses. I'll be back.
Pamela Neckpain

I am sorry for the pain of loss you are going through right now. Good luck with it all.

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I definitely do not think this is an appropriate pdoc.
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This makes me so mad! You should absolutely find someone else. That woman should not even have that job if this is how she treats her patients. You are entitled to so much more! You deserve someone who will listen, not interrupt, and help you with your personal needs. I would tell your doctor about this woman and see if you can get another referral (if you need one).

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   Posted 8/20/2008 3:27 AM (GMT -6)   
I just had to reply because I am having similar problems. I have the same conditions as you- except I have spurs on my lower spine,hip joints and right shouder. I have taken pain meds for 8 years- never abusing- just taking my prescribed dose. But, November- my PCP retired. I went to another doctor- hoping to continue my pain meds- but NO! She was very unsympathetic, I found her to be cold, with no empathy for my condition. I begged and finally got her to give me a little pain meds until I could get into the local Pain Management Clinic. She told me this would be the only time she would write me a prescription for pain meds and to Never Ask Her For Pain Meds Again!! So I went to the clinic. And the Doctor there was just as bad. I could tell right away that she had no empathy for me. She refused me any medication and actually said that I had failed their urinalysis test!! She said that I had Lortab in my urine!! I asked, "Well isn't Hydrocodone the generic for Lortab?", because I did report the Doctor had given me Hydrocodone until I made it to the pain clinic. She just looked at me and said "I don't know?" I have been bedridden since November because of the pain. I have gained 40 pounds basically because I can't move. My husband has taken over the housework. Now- here's the kicker- I am applying for Social Security Disability and had to get all of my Doctor's records, I was afraid of what they might say, but my husband read the records- and especially the pain management Doctor's records-They were full of Lies!! Absolute Lies!!  I want to admit that I have bipolar disorder- but Doctor's should not discriminate against me because of that- but this Doctor did!  She did not feel comfortable giving me pain meds because of my disorder. Also she put in the record that I dressed "Messy"!! I admit that I do dress in a special "bohemian" style of my own- a nice peasant shirt and flare jeans- but what do they want? A three piece suit? And I did wear my "Chucky" tennis shoes because I had the feeling I would have to do the heel and toe test. And this doctor has a nerve to call someone "messy"! She had on gray, baggy scrubs and I couldn't even tell that she was a Doctor! I also detected in my records that a nurse must have been lazy. The meds listed that I took were the meds that I had listed 4 years before when I saw another Doctor there-who moved to another city. I know this because I was trying some of the vitamin heiling remedies and the "condrontin" meds. I gave those up long ago- seeing how they did not work for me. The Doctor also said things like, "she couldn't carry on a conversation", and just so many ridiculous things- I admit I am a little shy- but isn't about half the population? The most obvious lie that jumped out at me was a doctor I said I had been seeing- I had never heard of this Doctor in my life!! I did not recognize this name and never heard of this "Doctor". about 3 weeks after my appointment- the affiliated hospital sent out a patient "satisfaction" form. Needless to say- I sent it back in with a piece of my mind. Within a month- the Doctor was gone!! Hooray! for the other patients who filled out this form!! I complained twice- but both times got the "form" letter that I had failed the urinalysis screen and was "terminated" from ever going to the clinic again. I even called Wal-Mart where I get my scripts filled- and they confirmed that "Hydrocodone" is generic for "Lortab". I don't understand how they can get away with this- I don't know what to do?  Sorry so long.

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Dear Redbird,
First, welcome to the HW forum. I'm so sorry you have reason to be here, though, like all of us.

Very sadly I think if many of us got our medical records we would be shocked (I know I was!) Are you lookin for legal remedies? You may have to do something in order to find another doctor who will treat you. If you can prove you have been harmed by virtue of what's in the records, maybe you have grounds for a law suit. You'd have to consult an attorney who works with medical issues. You can also file a complaint with yoru state's icensing board. In the meantime, though, it sounds like your problem is finding some halfway decent pain management. I'm not sure what to suggest.

Look at the options around your region and see if there is a comprehensive pain namangement clinic that would see you. But I think you have to try to write out a clear explanation for what happened regarding your medical records - and explain the lortab issue, with records proving it was prescribed. I fear what you are going through is happening more often than we might want to believe.

You may want to start a new thread and give some of your background (and just cut and paste this part) and get input from others. There's a lot of great support here, as well as people who may have better ideas than I have at the moment.

I wish I could help more. If I think of anything new, I'll add it. Oh - check with your state licensing board and see if any of these doctors already have complaints (in some states you can search right on your computer), and any info. (on paper, preferably) that you can take that gives any support to your story I'd collect to have with you to take to a new doctor.

I'm sorry you're having to endure this.


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Run, Run, Run away from this psychologist as fast as you can! Someone like this is not going to be helpful.
She sounds like SHE needs to see a shrink.
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