Posted 6/25/2008 2:54 PM (GMT -7)
You know, maybe i really should keep a journal. But what do i put in it? Just when I hurt and how it hurts and how bad? Or everything down to what I am thinking at the time? That reminds me. I got a WONDERFUL referral to a PCP who suppossedly is aGREAT listener and patient and empathetic to pain.... so I am going to call him... now actually. At the time i posted this thread, I was in an extreme state of pain. The kind that blinds you to where you are almost paralyzed and you can't even cry it hurts so bad. That is when I panic, because I really do feel at that time I am going to die a horrible painful slow death. It's the kind of panic that squeezes your heart and chest and makes your stomach turn into a washing machine.

1,000 that is pretty "funny" you and i are the same age and yet i had one pain Dr. say i was too young to be in this much pain and he doesn't know of anyone else my age in my condition.... hahahaha jerk. i wish he could see this now.....

nvrthesame, that is some very sound advice and I will try to follow that as much as possible. I tend to stray but always find my path again somehow... :-)

Well the RA wasn't started by any acident that I know of.... :-) But the back pain I am GUESSING it stems from me being rear-ended 2 times within 4 months from each other. Both were pretty violent accidents, one was at around 50 mph the 2nd was at 70+, the guy took off on the last one.(how he drove that car away from the scene, I will never know) but I felt the pain immediately. The settlement, if you could even call it that is long closed. I was stupid and young and had no idea that I was geting screwed. You can be assured it will not haooen again. God have pity on the next moron that runs into my car and hurts me or my family.... they will have a lot of wrath unleashed on them :-)

I am ok today i took a couple pain meds I was stashing away, I just cannot shake that burning, pulling feeling in my spine. I don't know what it is, but it feels like an overwhelming pressure in the middle of my spine and squeezing the bottom of it too. Why oh why didn't they just give me a FULL MRI?????

K I am going to call this doc, I will see what they say. Thanks again you guys, if i could see you I would hug you...
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Posted 6/26/2008 5:40 PM (GMT -7)

I wanted to tap into what everyone else has saiod: we are all in the same bost and have all "been there, done that, in too much pain to get a T-shirt!" I agree: If we stay in the NOW, maybe we can call it a "cruise." lol

That light at the end of he tunnel?  It's an on-coming train.

Posted 7/1/2008 1:44 AM (GMT -7)
SJH ...
I can't sit at the computer long enough to read all the posts. I knew there would be a bezillion. We're all in pain. We learn to live with it. Some days we think we can't. It's been my experience that people acts like real horses behinds about the situation. I'm sorry it's like this for us. Oprah should have a show. You are lucky that you can even get to work. I couldn't work if my life depended on it.
Pamela Neckpain
You might take that last sentence wrong. Just keep in mind that I've been carrying this pain for seven years. I think yours is fairly new?
Posted 12/10/2008 6:43 AM (GMT -7)
CALL YOUR DR! or go to ER.Breakthru pain is the most painful there is,your DR must understand your condition and should have you on meds for this purpose.i he will not give you meds then the ER is the next step.I hope yo are better.
Posted 12/10/2008 2:07 PM (GMT -7)
It's fine to revisit old threads for information. There's a wealth of info. on them. But when they're older the people may not be actively posting, so if you wait for a response it may not come. Just FYI.


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