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   Posted 7/25/2008 1:26 PM (GMT -6)   
sorry i think i posted that in the  so im reposting it sorry bout that

hello all, im new to this site...

3 weeks ago i was in a car accident i was hit from behind while at a stop the girl was on her cell phone and didnt even see me she hit me going bout 45 mph...sence the accident i have been back and forth to several docs and in the hospital for 1 night because of extreme pain in my neck and lower back...

the er doc sent me to a orthopetic sergon who sent me for a mri of my cervical spine, then my lower back went out and was in the most alful pain i have ever been in...called the ortho back who then told me that he doesnt treat lower back pain and that i was go to the emergiency room which i did the er doc then proccedd to tell me that most rear end accidents dont result in injurie which was an amazemment to me but admitted me to the hospital to run test sence i was having numbness and tinglinging in my neck across my shoulders in my lower back and down my left leg gave out on me 2 times and i couldnt even walk...i could go on with systems but these are the main ones.

they did another mri on my lower back and sent me home to consult with the ortho.. i went to the ortho and he said that i have a bulging dics on my cervial spine and couldnt see anything for the lower back and he didnt see anything pushing on any nerves....

so here i am in total pain and gettting the run round from several diff doc...the numbenss and tingling has increased throught my neck and uperback into both arms and hands into my head and can even feel it when i try and chew on my food...when i sit on my but i get shooting pains all the way up my spine and this electrial cruent feelin through my back and arms and legs..the tingles and numbness are gettin worse and all the doc is saying is for me to pt..and see him back in 3 weeks and we will see....

im frustrated as hell as im in pain and things are getting worse  for me v been off work for 2 weeks...and i feel like the docs are looking at me like im faking or making things up as they CANT see from the mri where there is anything pushing on any nerves..but i know my body and i know something isnt right...i cant even get up and move for much more than 30 mins and im back on the couch...not to mention being drugged up from all the pain pills and the emotional side of dealing with eveything being compeletly out of your control and no one with any ansewers...i was just hoping that someone here would have some advice for me on what to do..

i have only missed 4 days of work from being sick in 2 yrs..m not a slacker nor am i exgratting my condition and m at a loss of what to do bout all this...

thanks so much ladyred

wrong colum...

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   Posted 7/25/2008 3:13 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Ladyred,
Welcome to the HW chronic pain forum, although I'm alway sorry someone has to be here - including myself!

You have a lot going on and unless you had any pre-existing conditions this must all be related to the accident. Being hit from behind at 45mph when you're at a dead stop is a huge traum! And the fact you've got symptoms in your lower extremeities says it's not ony your cervical spine. It could be so many things, more than one thing, and it only take slight compression of a nerve to cause some of these problems.

Have you seen a neurologist? That's who I'd recommend, and find the best one you can. You need your entire spine, and possibly your pelvis and other areas assessed. If you have a good physical therapist, they might be able to give you some ideas as to what areas of your body need more evaluation, but I wouldn't let them get away with just documenting a neck injury.

The other thing - do you have an attorney - and a good one? Seems like this would be a no-brainer, as you were stopped, and you want to get everything on the record as soon as possible. You could have injuries that will linger for years. The sooner you have a thorough eval. which includes your thoracic and lumbar spine, the better. Because the sooner the compression on the nerve can be released the better - and it may be that things like physical therapy and/or chiropractic will help - but be careful of the latter until you've had a thorough eval.

Others will hopefully chime in, but I hope this helps a bit. There's a lot of great support and experience here.


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   Posted 7/25/2008 3:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, ladyred. I am sorry to hear about your accident! PaLady is a wise gal, and she's given you some great advice. I just wanted to 2nd her welcome and wish you well. I also want to encourage you to trust in your self as you go through this. Like you said, a person knows their own body. Many of us who are here have experienced some of the things you talked about - tests not looking "that bad" and doctors suggesting that nothing's wrong, but that does not mean there is not an injury present. My PT recently told me that he has treated more than one patient whose doctors had, upon opening up the spine in an operation, found that the injuries were much more severe than what they'd seen on all the tests and scans. In fact, he told me there was one surgeon who had made the radiology department bring the scans up to the operating room because he couldn't believe he was even looking at the same patient!

There is just so much we don't know about the spine - even the best neurosurgeon will tell you this if they are honest. :-) So trust yourself, and don't let them put you off. Like PaLady said - get a lawyer and be sure this is all carefully documented. A good PT is definitely a good plan, too, though. Mine is a life-saver!

I hope you get some relief soon. Keep us posted!

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   Posted 7/25/2008 6:39 PM (GMT -6)   

Hello ry and palady

Thank you so much for the response it means so much to be validated that im not CRAZY!...Ive been sitting here for almost 3 weeks wondering if im making it worse in my head even though i know im not prone to drama...but when you go to the docs and they look at you like you have lost your mind it does play with your head...

I have never been seriously hurt or sick so this has been a rude awakaning for me...i just assumed that the docs and specialist you see know what they are talking bout instead i felt more like i was on an assembly line of patients....ask a few questions they say well i dont see anything prushing on nerves so see you in 3 weeks unless it gets worse thanks by and your left sitting there thinking what just happened and defeted...

I was very taken a very strong willed person and always very capable of taking care of all my emotionaly to be redused to nothing and having no contol over anything in my life  has been a hard adjustment to say the least as well as being a single partent of 3 and in constant pain.

I have retained a lawyer as well did that after the first week when i just kept gettin worse..but cant really get any help with that end intil the case is now on top on worrying about health m also worried bout money and taking care of my kids...

I did see my pt today and man what a help she has been...she is the only one i feel that really listens to me and takes me seriously...she said she wont even go near my neck intil it inproves or i am seen by a doc again because that is not normal what i am experincing...she also said that if there was no improvement by monday she would call the doc herself and suggest a neuorlogist...

Im just in awe that doctors have been redused to a check...not just one but as i have already seen 5 in just 3 weeks and got the same reaction from all it realy is sad...

Thank you both for the help and suggestions and im some ways it feels good to take control back over my life and what is the matter with me...just by taking steps to insure that i get the treatment that i need and desirve...

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   Posted 7/25/2008 7:40 PM (GMT -6)   
You're finding out what most of us have to learn - that we need to become as knowledgeable as we can to be our own best advocate. It's not that doctors are bad people, but they are very overwhelmed, and some have lost their base sense of compassion. The system is badly broken. At least your pt sounds like she is seeing more of your symptoms. Be sure to tell her about the rest of your body - not just your neck - and request she document what you're reporting. You don't want to go through a legal battle and they pull out the records from shortly after the accident and say gee, there's no report of problems with your leg, etc.

And the orthopod. admitted to you he didn't deal with lumbar spines, right? So you need someone whose focus is on nerves of the entire spine and that's a neurologist (or a neurosurgeon, but they will tend to move toward surgical solutions too quickly). It's possible for tight muslces to impinge on nerves and cause problems, and that may take a lot of physical therapy on various parts of your body. One thing - your pt may not be able to evaluate your lumbar spine if the prescription (the orders) from your doc are only for your neck. You could ask her to request orders to evaluate the pain in your legs, too. You may actually make more progress that way.

Keep us posted!


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   Posted 7/25/2008 7:43 PM (GMT -6)   
I would advise that you do exactly what PAlady says. Its very important to get the proper treatment for your condition along with a right diagnosis. Welcome to the HW forum ladyred and I hope that you get this resolved soon. Sorry if I sound a little out of it....I am hehehe. Pain meds are on board and going strong.
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   Posted 7/25/2008 7:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Howdy and Welcome.

The wise have spoken so I'll keep it short. One;most doctors never suffered the injuries they treat so they don't really know what they are talking about in terms of pain. They ave to evaluate the situation by other means. Two; it might take a while to figure out what is wrong exactly and that can only be done by doing more tests or repeating the same tests (same tests often come back with different results, I'll skip the statistics). Three; your body has severely been "shaken" (I was in an accident myself in 2000, run over by a car) and it is normal in such cases that it hurts all-over. This doesn't necessarily mean there is an additional injury in your lower back. The pain can still fade away (in my case the pain in those area's of my body not specifically injured started to fade away some six weeks after the accident. After six months the non-specific injury-related pain had gone). Pain can manifest itself in many ways and places and that doesn't need to be at the place of injury. Referred Pain that is called and the spine often produces referred pain.

You should try not to worry too much, that has never done anyone any good (I know it is not always easy). Time, usually, will heal your wounds, at least partially and if it doesn't, you'll learn to live with it. It just takes time, a lot of time and that can be frustrating.

Wishing you a full recovery and hoping you'll keep us posted.
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   Posted 7/26/2008 8:00 PM (GMT -6)   

thank you for all the advice...

i am goin to call doc back on monday as i am in more pain than i was in and i cant even sit for more than 20 mins without being doubled over and popping extrem amount of pain pills all the time....

very wise reminder bout the docs being overwhelmed and over extended so thanks for the reality check im usu much more of a compassionate understanding person....

I am going to make sure i get a complete i didnt get one after the accident had the er doc tell me that 99.9% or rear impact does not result in anything and that in cananda they dont even x ray for rear impact....was shaking my head over that one dont know what was the worst that or the ortho surgen telling me he doesnt treat back pain lol...have seen a few wacko this past 2 weeks....

thanks again

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