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tom inpain
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   Posted 8/6/2008 12:06 AM (GMT -6)   
Never realized until I came to this Forum the difference in medications especially our painkillers. Silly me never thinking how the painkillers effect women and the problems women have to go thru. I just posted a reply about methadone to one of our members and gave my opinion as to how it maybe not correctly breaking down thru her liver and kidneys. After the post i had a flashback of memory from reading a lot of Female medical histories and all the medications taken. We men have it really easy and You females well if You can go thru pregnant and pain of child birth well
I guess You are much more superior than men. The thought of the pain of childbirth ??? Well I guess I'd never have children I'm a sissy.
Hopefully they find a non-narcotic cure for all of us Female and Male real soon. Your male, bashful, tick bitten, pain dudie, tom
Tom Lasko

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   Posted 8/6/2008 2:40 AM (GMT -6)   

Heck, Tom...I'd take any cure for CP, narcotic or not.  Frankly, I could care less about being dependent on something as long as it gave me a decent quality of life.  I finally got my PCP to switch my weenie dose of Lortab to a weenie dose of Percocet(since I have a new pain issue), and it actually made enough of a difference in the way I feel, that I could actually spend the last couple of days doing cleaning projects around my apartment that haven't been touched for months.  

His feeling was always wanting me to get off the Lortab since it wasn't "helping the situation", but DUH!!!...if he gave me a decent dose it would.  Not to mention, I'm on the heavy side, so medications don't affect me with the strength that a normal size person would experience, plus, because of my gastric bypass, I don't get all the time to absorb things into the bloodstream completely.  AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!  Makes me want to beat my head against a wall, except it would no doubt bring on a migraine. 

I'll probably end up with a migraine later today anyway, judging on the weather forecast.  It really sux when my abortive lasts less than two weeks, and I get to spend two weeks knowing everyday that if the weather gets bad, I'm screwed.  Just thinking about it makes me depressed.  Think I'll go to bed.

Leigh Ann cool

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  • Current Meds: Prozac, Klonopin, Atenelol, Stadol Nasal Spray, Lortab/Percocet, Trazadone, Buspar, Protonix, Tramadol, Visteryl, Carafate Suspension, Co-Q10, B2(Riboflavin), Remifemin(Black Cohosh)
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   Posted 8/6/2008 6:08 AM (GMT -6)   
well i have 4 kids all helish pregnancies and births. 1st natural epidural didn't work, but hey ho on i go. Second pregnacy twins, 5 weeks prem, em c-section, lost 2 litres of blood, handled my insides cos they couldn't tell where the bleeding was coming from made bowels worse. 3rd pregancy natural birth epidural didn't work again. Yeh all excruciating, but the magic of childbirth is that it is an easy pain to forget. as soon as your baby is in your arms, pain over. The most pain i ever suffered was removal of large bowel. lasted months. Although it did start to get a wee bit easier. But after the op, ng tube, prob after prob, at home recovery after more than 2 weeks in hosp, was crap, couldn't even hold my baby boy, for roughly 8 weeks. Torture. Confined to our larger sitting room in case the kids accidently hurt me. Constantly sick etc.......the pain is still here 1 yrpost op, but thank fully new meds seem to be kicking in and helping, been decorating for 4 days on th trot now, couldn't have done that before new meds. But Tom chldbirth is worth it, especially considering you forget about that pain near enough straight away, and the pain after well you just hold your baby, and it is the best pain killer ever.
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sigmoidoscopies, endoscpies, scans, x-rays, bloods
h-pylori aged 24-26
more tests, diagnosed severe slow transit, marker tests took 3-4 weeks to come away
large colon removed in 2007, aged 27( surgeon said removed 10ft) no colostomy
still in severe pain, awaiting dietician appt, now lots of food intoleraces
meds- ibuprofen, fluoxetine, amitriptyline,and omeprazole

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   Posted 8/6/2008 11:55 AM (GMT -6)   
I totally agree worsenow! I have 2 children, in labor for 22 hours with the first (natural) and 11 hours with the second (epidural). But I quickly forgot the pain when I was able to hold my babies in my arms. Sure is the best pain killer around. But I'm not going to get pregnant again to help alleviate my pain! LOL :)

I can't take any pain killer stronger then Tylonel so I just endure. I often tell my hubby that what I go thru on a daily basis will make him fall to his knees and he totally agrees. I do think that us women are a strong and sturdy lot. :)
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   Posted 8/6/2008 12:07 PM (GMT -6)   
LOL Red me either!
HEALTH ISSUES: Herniated discs at S-1-L5, L5-L4, L4-L3. Two level fusion (2000); one level fusion (2002); Revision at L4-L3 (2003). Diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome, Permanent Nerve damage and Chronic Pain


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   Posted 8/6/2008 4:03 PM (GMT -6)   
One Childbirth for me! was hell! had to be induced cause of high blood pressure...was induced starting at 7 am on 9th march 1991, then all the fun began as they found protein in my urine and had to have another iv,( 5 iv's in all two on each arm) induced stuff wasn't working and they broke my water at 12:30 (*that didn't feel too good"), then a fetal heart monitor, that didn't work so they had to put in a new one at 3 pm. At 6 pm lower back pain started, couldn't be given a epi. Finally at 10 pm they says I can start pushing, Finally baby girl arrived 10 minutes after midnight on 10 March 1991, her fetal scores 4 then 7 as she had a heart condition.

On 19 March had to have a D & C, 20 March daughter was at U of M motts children hospital to see pediactric cardiologist, daughter dx with critical Aortic Stenosis, 21 March daughter had failed balloon catherization and I collapsed at the hospital, I was admitted to u of M maternaty ward for infection following D & C, on 22 March daughter had Transventricular Aortic Valvotomy (open Heart Surgery) success!

We both are released from Hospital 2 days before Easter. I remembered the pain, I only have the one daughter, she is now 17 and will be a senior in high school. She is our lil Miracle!

Would not wish this on anyone, we've been through enough.......(this heart condition was not in the family!)

Doctors told us she'd be behind in school as she was on the heart lung machine for 20 minutes, well, she's 6th in her class of 1113 children. Recently had a perfect 800 on the sat 2 math subject test, she plays the flute, quite well and loves to bowl.

Guess what, Gerber denied us insurance too, what a phooy lousy company.!!!
(Awe Geezee I messed up Daughter was born in 1991 not 2001 sorry! fibro fog error!) lol...
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   Posted 8/7/2008 9:00 AM (GMT -6)   

Yes it is true! It was the worst pain in the world after going through it three times and coming out of the anesthesia. Worse then any child I have bore or any pain I have ever experienced. Which is why I am reluctant to go through any more surgeries to correct any defect in my back. I really wish that I would have not had to go through that and hope that all who have to go through the pain of spinal fusion know that my heart goes out to them with this pain

Yours in pain

HEALTH ISSUES: Herniated discs at S-1-L5, L5-L4, L4-L3. Two level fusion (2000); one level fusion (2002); Revision at L4-L3 (2003). Diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome, Permanent Nerve damage and Chronic Pain


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   Posted 8/7/2008 9:08 AM (GMT -6)   
Well Tom i had three all together. First my c-section had a spinal block back in 98 and that was were my back problems started!!!!! They messed up placed it twice! The last two were all natural no pain meds nothing! I personal would love to give childbirth any day of the week then deal with the pain i endure all the time day in and day out! To me having children was the best feeling in the world. Not a lot of people would probaly say that but thats how i feel. Like its been said after the pain is done you get the best reward in the world that takes and makes you forget all about the pain you just went through.

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God Bless You All!!

tom inpain
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   Posted 8/7/2008 1:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Marmite said...
Tom I noticed you mentioned methadone as a pain relief.
I was started on methadone and had never heard that it was used for pain. 99% of doctors, nurses and all medical people had never heard of it being used for pain relief either.
I got totally fed up with everyone, from A&E doctors to ward nurses and every one else, immediately i said "I have been prescribed for pain, methadone .." then b4 another word got out, it was always "What sort of junky are you?"

It was universal, they ehard the m word and it was immediately categorized as "must be a junky".
It was made a huge amount worse cos I considered that it wasn't giving me any pain relief whatsoever. I did take myself off it and did realise that was working, just didn't give me THAT much relief at all.

Earlier this week, I had an appointment with a pain consultant, the first KNOWN meeting I have had with a Pain Consultant in 13 years. He did say that methadone was a much less effective pain relief drug compared to Morphine Sulphate, for example. This explained what i suspected for all the time I was on it, and ceertainly when I was changed to the Morphine Sulphate I did get good to near perfect pain relief. Of course when it does get worse and the pills aren't sufficient I have to go hospital for jabs ITB [in the bum] of IV.
You may know that pills are only 30% as effective as the same amount by IV version.

As for the difference between men and women's bodies metabolising narcs or other pain meds, I have not heard this b4 and never thort about it. I do know that the pain that women go thru during child birth is extreme and considered twice as bad as what normal men will feel in a life time. I am aware of some pain which is considered worse, and that comes from women who have had babies!

From what I have been told, spinal fusion, where they fuse discs of the spine together, is reportedly the worst pain that is normally felt by people. How true that is, i have no idea!
Hi and welcome to the Forum ! Yes it is true my entire cervical spine was subject to fusion and the pain from a failed surgery can make one miserable and filled with pain with or without any movement.
In terms of i/v pain meds yes they are much more effective than pills.
Men vs women in terms of breakdown of medication I was only thinking out loud and still believe that narcotic's react differently in men vs women as there
are hormonal differences ( i believe) right now i probably wrong-- been awake too long-- others will chime in I'm sure with their opinion's to You. Tom
Tom Lasko

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