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   Posted 9/10/2008 10:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Imagination time...close your eyes and let your mind go on a trip. We're going to take a train ride. Where are you going and what do you see?

See you when you get back!

Thought I best explain a bit more about this 'Check-In' deal. OK, I must fess up the We do this daily over in the Fibromyalgia forum and have a great time with it. Last night late, when I usually post the Check-In, I was reading in the CP forum and accidentally posted in here instead of fibro. So, if you'd all enjoy doing it in here I'd be happy to continue it.

Each day I put up a question, idea, topic, search, or whatever. You may choose to reply whenever the spirit moves you. In fibro many of us have gotten so used to making it part of our daily routine. It not only diverts the mind from our pain but it also is very comforting to know that others are out there on a daily basis who understand what you are going through. It builts family within the forum.

I'll try it in here for a while and see how you like it!
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   Posted 9/11/2008 10:54 AM (GMT -6)   
oooo a train ride!!!! Ok lets see. I see tall redwoods big as homes with big branches that flutter outwards and beautiful needles that fan out and almost touch the sky. Speaking of the sky its so blue with not a cloud in sight and the sun is shining so brightly but it doesn't hurt your eyes. Its warm on my face and the sky is so beautiful. The telephone poles are wizzing by betcha I could count each one as they went by.....1....2....3......4.....5.....oooo there's a blue bird on the window sill of my seat! How pretty he looks with his blue wings and his little red head. he's winking at me! Opps there he goes....Bye mr. blue bird.

The grass is so long and bright green with little white flowers growing tall and lush along the edges. I want to stop and smell the flowers but the train moves on and there is much to see as we head east towards the coast of South Carolina. I have never been this far east and am excited to see the shores of the ocean so we move on. Now I can see in the distance a elk herd standing not far from the tracks. They are not afraid of the train that moves past their bodies and I can almost reach out and touch them as I pass them. A huge bull stands alone, not far from his harem; he is a large bodied male probably weighing 700 pounds and his antlers are quite magnificent a true spectacle to his genes as he struts around the lesser bulls that would have wished to have this harem for their own if not for the bulls shear size. 7x7 hunters would have named him but around Wyoming we would have named him a trophy and scored him in the 300 class.

As we get closer to SC I can begin to smell the scent of salt in the air. My heart begins to pound in my chest and I feel the ocean call to me. The train pulls up to the station and I climb down the stair (no pain by the way). Before my eyes as far as I can see the ocean! It is exactly as I wanted it to be and I walk towards it. The sand is warm and soft beneath my bare feet and I feel a soft wind against my face as I begin to walk towards the shoreline wanting to feel the warm water on my feet. Within minutes I am standing in the waves and as they crash to the shore hitting my feet and I giggle as the water splashes against my legs.

A hand taps my shoulder an hour later and I turn to see a porter "Time to board Ma'am." I nod and I head for the train as the sound of the whistle shrills against the quiet air. Time to head for home, my dream has been realized and its time to head home and tell Chutz what I saw and show him my Sea Shells that I gathered from the Atlantic Ocean!

Hugs Chutz Great Post
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   Posted 9/11/2008 12:44 PM (GMT -6)   
What a beautiful story. That is way more than I! Anyone else want to share their imaginary train ride? It doesn't have to be that long. As I edited above, I'll try this 'Daily Check-In" for a while and see how you like it.

Chutzie <---who will do her train ride after
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   Posted 9/11/2008 2:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Chutz, I thought you got confuzed when you posted this over here, but I like it now that you have cause it get's our minds off the pain for a moment.

and scarred_for_life, I'm jealous you write quite well...

"All aboard, all aboard, last call before California" the conductor shouts, as I look out the open window at all the people being lefted behind and think,
"WOW" I'm so lucky to get to go to California. Slowly the wheels on the train start the slow rythemic movements..I glaze out over the people in the car I share,
a young mother of two young childern, sits across from me, the children busy themselves with their games and the young mother pulls out a piece of needlework.
Just like her, I too brought a piece of unfinished needlework along. I soon start a conversation with her, as I sit back and get ready to enjoy the train ride.
A few hours into my journey, I gaze out the window, it's gotten a little darker and the sun appears to be setting for the evening. It's a beautiful sunset,
The colors of orange pink and purple in the sky, so nice to be able to view something as beautiful such as this, it makes life a lil more plausible.
Slowly the whole car quiets down as dusk draws near and ever the hardest of sleepers, falls under the spell of the sandman.
Slowly, I wake the next morning to the warm soft feel of the sun on my face, lucky I don't sun burn to easy. Everyone heads for the breakfast car where there
is an assortment of treats for anyones fancy from tarts to croissants to eggs cooked all ways. Before noon the train finally stops at my destination in
Sunny California. I slowly step down onto the platform. "goodbye" says the conductor "hope you had a good trip"
"Oh, why yes" I say and "thank you." All in all it was a wonderful trip. Now my new jouney of exploring the wonderful state of Califronia begins...Where would
I start....

That's how my train ride would begin Chutz, thank you for the journey....
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   Posted 9/12/2008 12:07 AM (GMT -6)   

Oh I so love this

Im so excited because for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to take a train ride on the Orient Express..Today I begin my journel on the Royal Scottsman a 7 day 6 night treck through the most beautiful county in the world Scotland!  I have dreamed of this sence I was 12.

As I wait to board the train, I see many men dressed in there Kilts, bagpipes are playing, there melody is haunting and alluring, almost hypnotic.  Taking me back to another time and place.  I feel my skin tingle and chills run down my spine, I close my eyes and the smell of heather engulfs my sences. Its sweet and pugent. 

All o'board my wonderful lasses and lads and welcome to Scotland, land of untold beauty and history aboud. Enter and enjoy!

 As I enter the train I am awe struck by the beauty and luxery of the train.  I feel like I have walked into a castel on wheels.  15 centry painting line the walls depicting the history of Scotland.  Its trails and triumpts displayed in all its majesty.  The colors are rich and warm, soothing and comforting.  As I walk through the train to my sleeping car I pass through the dinning room decked out in all its glory.  The china fit for a king, the smells wafing through to stimulate the sences making my stomach growl. 

I enter my Car and am amazed that such a small space can be spectacular, red and gold throw pillows line the sleeping couch, worn antique rugs to keep the chill at bay.  I feel the train start to move its gental swaying like the comfort of a bady being rocked in its mothers arms. 

Looking out into the county side from my window watching towering pine clad mountions almost touching the sky, there reflection cast onto clad still lochs. making you wonder where one begins and the other ends.

I then here that dinner is served.  Upon entering the dinning room the aromas are so enticing, I here many say this is the best food in all of Britian.  The food is really quite exquisite, I eat intil I cant eat anymore. 

After dinner, a local clansman recounts tales and legends that bring Scottish history alive. The views outside of rugged castles on misty hills, but within, guests are cocooned in a warmth and hospitality that is quintessential Scotland through and through. The people are warm and friendly all laughing and intent on the local clansmans tales.  Some so eary that the mist outside bringing creadence to what our barb is recounting.

 Im off to bed in my lurxury sleeping car, warm and snuggled in as the eary mist engulfs you and the tails and legends play though your mind intil you drift into sleep.

Upon waking I am so excited because I know we will be stopping in the higlands today to visit private residences or whisky distilleries, some of my highlights include privileged access and even a personal tour by the local laird. Oh wow I even get to see the Highland Games, I am so excited!   

Exhausted after a day packed full of the most amazing sites I go to the Observation Car, Its many windows give a panoramic view of the constantly changing country side.
Comfortable sofas and armchairs are provided, the party ambience is enhanced by entertainment which creates a distinctly Scottish mood, a wee dram in hand, I spot a magnificent stag atop a heather-covered crag the sun setting in the background.  The sky so close it seems like you can reach out and touch it. The colors rich reds and blues and yellows it truely is the most amazing sun set I have ever seen.. I feel like I have found my little peace of heaven.

This has been the dream of a life time! I will never forget it ever for as long as I live.  I even have little peaces of heather pressed in my book of scotland, just a tangable reminder of my visit.

Thanks Chutzs I so needed that, I forgot sometimes its wonderful to dream and someday who knows dreams are meant to come true.



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   Posted 9/13/2008 3:44 PM (GMT -6)   
If you're on your way to California. Drop in and see me. We'll wade in the Pacific
or just sit in the sand.
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