Posted 9/16/2008 9:55 PM (GMT -6)
Sadly, the U/A is the least of what I have to go through at my doctor's office.   cry
The random U/A itself doesn't bother me as much as the process.  My pain management office does the blue pill and turns off the water.  They also take your coat, purse, etc. before you go into the bathroom.  Once you're in there, they pat you down and turn pockets inside out, to make sure you haven't smuggled in a ziplock baggie of pee.  But then, for some reason, they take your shoes.   
I hate standing in a public bathroom, in my socks.  I can imagine what's on those floors!  Yuck!
And aside from that, if I was going to try to smuggle in a clean urine sample, my shoes would be the last place I'd try to hide it!  I'm not a small woman and I suspect there is not a baggie made that would survive the pressure! redface
Posted 9/16/2008 10:17 PM (GMT -6)
People who take medications illegally are to blame for this Paranoia from our doctors.
I haven't come across an embarassment such as you describe, BionicWoman and all.
I wonder if I could even keep an even temperment after such an assault.
So ... Every time we have an increase in pain before we even think of taking that
extra pill, call the doctor and ask ... Actually, you will have to go in to his office.
Illegal drug takers have no sympathy from me!!
Pamela Neckpain

Uh, what are they looking for with the blue pill. I couldn't read the entire thread. I
assume from what you describe that you do have a prescription for Opiods. smhair
Posted 9/16/2008 11:56 PM (GMT -6)
The pill turns the toilet water blue, so you can't use the toilet water to dilute your urine sample.

Lately, I've found myself increasingly frustrated when I see people posting about inappropriate behaviors with their medications. I read a post earlier today (on another board) from someone that "doubled up" their Vicodin, then when they ran out of medication early, they "borrowed" some Dilaudid to get through. Their post was asking if those two drugs showed up differently in the U/A because they knew they were going to be tested, and didn't want their physician to think they weren't taking their meds as prescribed. Uh... which part of that do they not recognize as inappropriate use of medications?!

I just want to throttle those people because they don't recognize the effect their behavior has across the board, and they don't take responsibility for their actions. If they're not taking the medication as prescribed, then they're just as harmful as the illegal user that buys them off the street. In fact, I think they're more harmful, because they've violated the trust of the physician that prescribed the medication to begin with, which leaves the next patient (who may be any one of US) having to work twice as hard to prove we're trustworthy.

But I digress.
Posted 9/16/2008 11:59 PM (GMT -6)
Hello Scarred......My guess is that your recent good u/a along with four years of honoring your pain agreement should speak well of your honorable character to the new Dr. that you find at your new residence.It's something that I would want to have if I was moving to a new place and had to find a new Dr.Best of luck on your move.Take care...........Rod
Posted 9/17/2008 12:35 AM (GMT -6)
Bionic - I'm with you. Not a digression at all, IMHO. Yes, most of us have rarely taken a pill a half hour early, or an extra one, but for me that is maybe once every few months. I can count on one hand the number of times over the past year. And most all my meds are scripted on a "prn" basis, with a maximum per day allottment, which is fine. But people who treat their doctor's instructions casually do violate the doctor-patient trust, whether the doctor ever learns of it or not. And I agree with you that makes it even harder on the rest of us.

Posted 9/17/2008 7:43 AM (GMT -6)
OMG Bionic that is horrible that you have to go through that before doing a UA. I too blame this rash of illegal usage of scripts to our increased paranoia that our docs are feeling and think that its horrid that our docs are not feeling comfortable with prescribing our medications when we are in legitimate pain because there are more and more people using it as a reason to get "High".

I too have noticed the recent posts on here and on other boards that have gotten me a little peeved regarding illegal usage of pain meds which regretfully makes me pretty darn angry. Us who are really dealing with CP need these pain meds are being grouped together with these people and its not fair.

PA: I am starting to think that you are right on the nose on your statement about why they pulled me for a UA this late in the game. Save their ass from any problems later. Just goes to show you that my impeccable record of no running out of meds too soon or with the exception of one time, no early refills I have pretty much stuck with my contract to the last letter will show my new doctor that I am willing to do anything he/she asks of me just to get the pain relief I need.

HEALTH ISSUES: Herniated discs at S-1-L5, L5-L4, L4-L3. Two level fusion (2000); one level fusion (2002); Revision at L4-L3 (2003). Diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome, Permanent Nerve damage and Chronic Pain


Kadian, Lexipro, Percocet, Temazapim, Lunista, and Robaxin.

Posted 9/17/2008 6:43 PM (GMT -6)
I would not have been offended by having to do a UA even if it was my last appt there. Like the other person posted said, when you left this drs care you were squeaky clean and that can go along ways with a future pain dr.

I did my first UA ever, in 4 yrs of care. I laughed at my nurse, I said of course I will flunk it, I have a pump giving me drugs 24/7. She it totally against the pump patients having to do a UA for this reason. But, I was not offended. No blue pill or cutting water off. I dare say if someone would want to pat me down like a criminal & take my shoes, by the time I left there none of them would like me. I am sorry but I find that totally unethical on the drs part. Susie

Posted 9/17/2008 8:58 PM (GMT -6)
It's really sad that everything they do has grown out of people trying to screw them over. :-(
Posted 9/18/2008 12:27 PM (GMT -6)
It's when I read a story like this one, that I'm really glad I life in Belgium with Universal Health care and no "gestapo" methods.

I honestly don't know whther I would have allowed them to have a sample under such conditions, I quess not, whatever the consequences.

Hang in there.
To stand and be still at the Birkenhead Drill is a mighty bullet to shew.

Posted 9/18/2008 10:44 PM (GMT -6)
shocked  I've been in Pain Management for nearly a decade and I have never been asked to take a urine test. I was really shocked and to hear that the nurse went in with you, I'm sorry but really that is just sad. What are they looking for, legal meds or illegal street meds?
Are they testing to see how much pain meds you have in your system? I'm really confused! shakehead I have never seen that happen at the PM Clinic I go to and it would shock me if I did. I'd need a pretty good reason to agree to that, just on principal. Good luck with your new Dr's. I hope you find someone you really connect with.
Posted 9/19/2008 3:20 AM (GMT -6)
I live in Canada and have never had to give a U/A in the almost ten years that I've been prescribed morphine.I did have a blood test done when my old Dr. retired about seven years ago just to prove to my new Dr. that I was consuming the drugs myself.No big deal.I am shocked to hear that some of the patients on this board have to go through such demeaning prisoner like procedures just to get their legitimate pain relieved.Disgusting
Posted 9/19/2008 3:45 AM (GMT -6)
"To stand and be still at the Birkenhead Drill is a might bullet to shew."
Morgoth, I've ALWAYS wondered about that. What does it mean?

"Deep breaths, 1,2,3,4, Twinkle Twinkle little star"
Mochia, maybe you should make that "Tinkle Tinkle Little Star." Since it has
to do with the U/A

Pamela Neckpain smilewinkgrin

Ohhh, how I wish I could put vinegar or apple cider into the little cup. After doing so,
I'd hope hope hope the medics would laugh so hard they'd accidentally pee their
panties, thus giving a U/A of their own.

Post Edited (Pamela Neckpain) : 9/19/2008 2:49:59 AM (GMT-6)

Posted 9/19/2008 3:56 AM (GMT -6)
They're testing for 2 things. First, to make sure the medications they've prescribed DO show up in your system, which tells them you're taking them and not selling them. Second, to make sure other drugs that they haven't prescribed DON'T show up in your system.

At my PM office, if you refuse to give a urine sample on request, you get a 3-day medication taper and an escort to the door. :-(

I envy people that have better options. I really do.
Posted 9/19/2008 4:09 AM (GMT -6)
I'd have such a hard time with that. Really!
The relationship between a patient and a doctor is based on trust.
(That's the reason I don't want to ask my doctor how many pain pumps
he's installed and how many people have died)
What state do you live in(If you say)?
I live in CA and have been to many doctors ... but never have I had the little
blue pill.
Pamela Neckpain

Up late, eh? Just two hours and we'll meet with The Hour Of The Wolf. eyes
Posted 9/19/2008 11:54 AM (GMT -6)
Yep, unfortunately, many pain management offices have a way of making patients feel like criminals these days. I get random drug tests, too at my PM. Except now I have no more coverage for any kind of tests, so I'm in trouble, being the last test I had was over $400.00! My office makes one quite uncomfortable even before one ever gets their first random test. THey have signs posted all over the place about meds and UA's that are very direct and forceful. And many PM's don't even want to prescribe too much because of the fear of losing their licenses, especially with all the media hype all the time with stars overdosing and then they look into their doctors, etc...It's understandle but it's still feels like a punch in the gut for someone who does NOT abuse drugs. It's awful b/c the abusers are ruining it for people who legitimately need pain management. The abusers always get it somehow, but people in real pain who need it, have so much trouble getting meds.
Posted 9/20/2008 3:05 PM (GMT -6)
Pamela, I live right on the border of West Virginia and Virginia.  I can actually walk from one state to the other, on a good pain day.  smilewinkgrin    
Posted 9/21/2008 3:56 AM (GMT -6)
A Dr. should prescribe according to a patients needs NOT to what he/she has to worry about " they can get away with".The whole system needs an overhaul so that people don't have to suffer with needless pain.

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