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   Posted 9/19/2008 6:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello all I havent been on much this week.
I went to the pain man doc on Monday.  This was the first time that I really thought I had his full attention while talking with me and that he wasnt in a rush to get out of the room.
We dicussed all the injections that I have gotten up to day and my reaction to them.  He didnt even know that I had such a bad reaction to the first one and it was never but in my notes!  So beware to make sure all your records reflect what you have been telling the doctor. 
He asked me to explain in detail my reaction to each shot and the results or non results or any things that made things worse for me.  He aslo really looked at my back and asked me to discibe the pain in detail where it was how it felt exc...So I did and ended up crying like a baby out of frustration.  He even gave me a hug and told me he was going to do what ever was in his power to help me.
Also I asked him how many injections you can get within a 3 month period because I have been told 3 and have know many that have gotten 4.  He told me that you can have upto 4 every 2 weeks then it has to be every 2 months from there.  We dicussed weather or not for me to get the 3rd shot as the first made me worse which really puzzled him.  The 2nd didnt make me worse but I only had about 3 days where I felt that the pain wasnt as bad as it had been then pain was back to statis qoe.  So he dicided that we will try the 3rd injection but in a different place.
I also asked if this shot didnt work what was the next option from here. He said that was hard to say and that would depend on my reaction to the 3rd shot. grrrr back to waiting the 2 weeks again.
He also explained to me that an mri is up for interpution to the reader and the doctor and its like taking a pic of ones back but using a magnifying glass to look at one in exssence it really doesnt see the whole picture.  Which didnt help me much.
He also prescribed me ultram to take with the loritab at night for pain mangement.  Hasnt made much of a difference!  grrr another frusteration..going on 4 months now of not getting more than about 3 to 4 hrs a night.  Its really waring me down. big time!!!
So,  I havent been doing well at all with this injection.  Have been in so much pain sence Monday.  Last night was in so much pain that I didnt sleep at all and I had to go into work this morn. Went into the office and left an hour later cause pain was so bad...sat in my car and cried for about 20 min and then drove home and took a pain pill and went to bed..woke up still in a great amount of pain.  I dont understand why 2 out of the 3 injection have hurt me so bad.  I know that you can experence pain for 2 to 3 days after the injection but has anyone else had pain for a week to 2 after injections?
At this point I feel like Im ready to loose my mind.  Im tired, worn out and in constant pain.  Im miserable all the time and my house is so full of tentions.  The kids are acting up prob feeding off me but I dont know what to do about that either. How do you have patience with kids when you dont have anything left to give any body and it requires all of you just to do what you have to do let alone diggin deep for anything more.
Im loosing weight sence my accident because I dont have an attipite at all.  Not to mention that I still cant stand for more than about 10 to 20 mins without being in so much pain that I feel like my back is broke.  I cant walk for more than 30 mins without the same thing happening.  Then when I get home it just seems to get worse and God the nights are so unbarable at times because of the pain.  I just dont know what to do any more. 
Im trying to follow what the docs are telling me to do, but I just dont feel like im getting anywere with any one.  I know one thing for sure though, if I dont have any relife from this injection and I go back to pain man doc and he tells me he wants to do another one I will be looking for a new doc to see, I just cant take this any more.  No one and I mean No one should have to suffer like this!  I cant even get any pain management other than loritab and ultarm and I dont even ask for many scribts because I dont take mine durning the day unless the pain is really bad. Mybe I should just be eating me pills left right and center and then they would give me something else or at least try something else. God I dont even know any more.  Im just floored how the system works and I dont understand it.
Well anyways just wanted to vent a bit and give you guys an update and whats been going on this week.

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   Posted 9/20/2008 12:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lara,

I'm so sorry the pain is not being managed well. First of all I'm assuming the injections are steroids. It's not uncommon, from what I've read, for the pain to get worse before it gets better.

IMHO, I don't think he's treating your pain. You're one should have to live with that much pain. I would suggest seeing another doctor for either a second opinion, a specialist in pain management, or totally change your primary. If you can get to a university/teaching hospital you will get more cutting edge, aggressive care. This is YOUR life and you do not have to be treated this way. There are good pain relief medications and this doc should be considering them with your pain symptoms.

Speaking of pain symptoms...while you are having to wait keep a pain journal. I'll put a link below to an easy one to use. Just print out as many copies as you need and fill them out each day. That way he will be able to see at a glance just how much pain you have. Next appointment put the journal in his hands and ask him to read it. That could be very telling!

Keep in touch and hold on <extending hand>. We'll get you thru this somehow.

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   Posted 9/20/2008 7:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Dear Lara,
I just wanted to send hugs your way. I'm kind of in a funk myself, so haven't been posting as much, but I am thinking of you.


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   Posted 9/20/2008 10:12 AM (GMT -6)   
Several months ago, I started to second guess myself because no doctor could tell me the cause of my pain. I mean I knew I was in pain but then I got thinking - am I imagining it??? But the pain was real and I tried living day to day just trying to cope and getting frustrated because the things that I enjoyed doing, I couldn't do them anymore. I was frustrated with doctors because they couldn't "fix" me and I did everything they told me to do. There was no respite from the pain and it was starting to wear me down too. You see, I can't take narcotic pain relievers nor any anti-inflammatories so all I had was Tylonel but it was not even touching the pain. The pain doc finally prescribed me Ultram but all that did for me is make me throw up. I had epidural injections in my SI joint because I couldn't walk more then 5 minutes without my back seizing up on me. I had 2 and found that they weren't working like they should. So I gave up on them. Then I finally said enough is enough and told my doc I wanted to see a neurologist. Best thing I could've done because that is how I found that I have bulging and a slight herniation in my neck. I've already had 3 epi's and they have helped but I still can feel the pain just under the surface. So basically I know the frustration that you are experiencing - the hopelessness of the situation. But you hang in there ok?? Take one day at a time and make sure you take time to try and doing something that YOU enjoy. My favorite motto is: Don't live in the past, don't live for the future, live for today and count the little things that are a blessing in your life. I know it won't take the pain away but it offers a new perspective on things.
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   Posted 9/20/2008 2:09 PM (GMT -6)   

I too, am so sorry you are having such a rough time of it. You need better pain management for sure. My recommendation is to set up an appointment with a pain management specialist. As said before, there are good drugs to help you manage the pain better. Perhaps you need more investagatory tests as well. I wouldn't just go along with the injections if they are not working. What's the sense in that?? Keep hanging in there and know that I am praying for you, dear friend.

Gentle Hugs,


By the way, when I went through my years of back pain, I was raising two daughters, and I know about the patience wearing thin. Say prayers and get some rest ., That's about all you can do with that.
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   Posted 10/14/2008 12:41 PM (GMT -6)   
i am so sorry you are having so much pain. I too suffer daily from severe headaches due to TMJ. I have a chronic pain specialist. He took me off Tramadol for the pain and put me on Oxycontin. One day at a time is the right moto for sure. And do something that makes you happy is the way to do as well.
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