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   Posted 11/22/2008 3:42 PM (GMT -6)   
 Hi I'm new here and I'm just wondering Does anyone of you back in your old job, or been participate in rehabilitaion program to return into other job? Any information to help me understand your condition in regards to your work and your daily routine.

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   Posted 11/22/2008 10:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi sinderela...cute name, btw!

There are lots of rehab programs and many of them at no cost to you. Have you found a resource for information? Your state department of social and health services might be a place to start. Also, go to your closest community college and they will have information and assistance on retraining programs. Also, the Red Cross can point you in the direction of retraining programs. Don't stop looking or take a closed door as a sign to stop. Keep asking and knocking on doors and one will open for you.

I had to stop working because of my health condition and it's been very hard to take emotionally, but it's for the best. At my age I'm not going for retraining and it wouldn't be practical anyway because I was teaching college and it's not a physically demanding job. But there is hope out have to keep trying until you find it.

Good luck,
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   Posted 11/22/2008 11:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Sinderela,
I'm a little confused about your question, but perhaps you're looking for something like the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)? If you're on unemployment, or worker's compensation, they could direct you to your local OVR office, who would assess your skills and capabilities, review medical records, and then make recommendations about jobs or retraining programs you might be eligible for.

I think also with the new administration (if you're in the U.S.) next year there will likely be some new training programs available, although it will probably take at least a few months before they're put in place.

Hope this helps some.


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   Posted 11/26/2008 2:14 PM (GMT -6)   
Last January my company was let go because they filed bankruptcy and closed the business. I searched for a few months without any luck, then someone at re-employment services brought me up to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitational Services department & told them they might be able to help me. I signed up (had never heard of them before) and after giving them my medical records, which they checked into, they called and said I was accepted. So I met with a counselor and he asked if I wanted to update my skills or get more training. So, since it was free to me, of course I accepted. So I went back to school for over 6 months and decided to learn some new skills. I've since graduated and have been looking for work. However, I just spoke to my counselor again because I'm not getting many bites for interviews (only had 2 or 3 in all this time and my resume was redone in school and is very good)....but he just said well, the economy and job market are not good right now so it may take some time. So apparently it seems they do not help with the job search, which I had thought they would. They only thing he did help with was....I had emailed him because some companies have this insert in with their job applications that asks several questions like: are you a veteran? are you a disabled veteran? do you have any handicaps or disabilities?  Well, I don't want to tell a potential employer that I have some disabilities (though one can tell by seeing my walk). So I emailed him about it and he said they cannot ask you that and I don't have to fill it out, so I didn't. They only time you can answer is if you would need some sort of on-the-job accomodations. I might need some, though I am not sure depends on the job and what's available to me already.
But, if anything, they can get you a grant for vocation/technical training, if you wanted to. And they can help with job accomodations, but they don't actually help you get a job. At least that is my experience. I am happy and grateful, though, that I got the education. Problem is, though, that the jobs I learned, most of those jobs require several years experience to be hired. But I guess once in a while someone might be willing to hire entry-level. And the job market is downright awful right now. I had applied to one job, and an agency recruits for them, so I had to go to the agency. They said they had over 450 applications for that one job. Plus i've heard that other jobs have at least 200 applicants and many places do not look through all the resumes. So you can have a great resume and great skills, but your resume may never even get a glance, which is a shame. Thankfully, Bush finally decided to sign the most recent unemployment extension, which will help me for a few more weeks. But it is so tough out there right now, it's unbelievable. You really have to stand out in the crowds and be able to give an exceptional interview. The worst thign is, many companies are only hiring part-time....and they pay is pretty low. I even signed up with some agencies and only got one job sent to me, which was too far away. I cant' even just go to some stores and work in the mean time because I can't stand up more than 5 minutes or so. I just hope I don't end up getting depressed or down over all this. I have a problem driving more than 10-15 minutes because my toes and feet get numb, but I may have to suck it up and look farther away anyway.

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   Posted 11/26/2008 3:22 PM (GMT -6)   
Baybreeze and all the rest of us in a similar position -
At least we can support eachother here. And it's so important to remember the economy is so, so poor right now (does anyone not know this?!) even around the world that getting hired is probably more about luck than a lot of other things. Even the normal holiday retail jobs aren't there to the extent they used to be because the stores are hurting. i know I'm not out there buying, although I'd love to be!

So it's important not to personalize this. I suspect, Baybreeze, that OVR would help some with connecting with jobs if there were any out there. But in a tough job market they probably don't have places to send you. I do believe employers can get some tax credit for hiring the 'disabled' (ouch, I hate having to be classified that way but I may be, too) so that might give some of us actually a better chance. But most of those jobs, as you say, will be part time and that means no benefits. Plus if you're classified as disabled and received disability there's a limit on how much you can earn. I think it's around $900/month but others here may know more.

I'd better stop writing....I'm getting depressed!


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   Posted 11/26/2008 3:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks, PAlady. I totally agree with you, the job market is very grim and competitive for what there is available. I am not taking it personally, as this time, since I had a course in my school on doing resumes and interviews, it helped me a great deal to put together a great resume. My DVR counselor said it was great, at least I feel good about that. I also feel good that for my last interview, my resume was picked out of over 450 and I was 1 of 15 to get an interview. So that makes me more positive.
As for disability, I am not on actual SS disability, so maybe that's why I'm not getting much help. I am disabled enough to be accepted thru DVR,  but their standards are lower than SS. Plus I can work, I just need a sit down job, even though that bothers me as well. I could never even afford to go on disability anyway. One of my classmates was talked into going on SS by her surgeons, which she did, but now regrets it. She said she cannot live on the money, so she's trying to go back to work somehow. And I really need a full-time job with health benefits. The benefits are most important to me right now. Either way, I will keep on looking and of these days someone will hire me.
Have a happy and safe thanksgiving

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   Posted 11/26/2008 4:26 PM (GMT -6)   
Same to you, Baybreeze. And everyone.

By the way, sinderela, did we even come close to addressing your concerns?


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   Posted 12/3/2008 11:28 AM (GMT -6)   
I do believe the limit you can earn is 900, BUT you CAN earn more, all that will happen is for every dollar over that amount you make, they subtract a dollar from your disibility that month. I know its not really fair, its like saying they dont want you to get ahead, and right when you feel you can you risk losing your insurance for going BACK to work ironically.

Also for college students, or if someone starts attending college while on disability, they let you earn more money if you are a studunt, and I'm really not sure but I think its either 50 percent more or double, so instead of 900, you can make say 1350, or 1800 dollars, on top of your disbility.

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   Posted 12/3/2008 12:23 PM (GMT -6)   
I recieved a mailing the other day from SS stating I would be eligble for apx $1500 a month for disability and I am only 31. I think it goes by your wage earnings. You can check with the SS dept and see. I am still waiting on approval, so I will let you know when I do. Though it may be a long time.
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   Posted 12/3/2008 1:16 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes Kttn you are correct its based on wages earned and they do have a max they pay out per month. Be sure to check and see if you have to pay income tax on your SS once you are approved. Susie Combined with my hubbies income I pay tax on mine. Susie

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