other countries attitude to pain controle help plse

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   Posted 12/29/2008 10:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello everyone
Just joined from what I have read it it a very very good site for people like us who are forved to live in severe pain daily I am in need of some information from someone more knowledgeable than my self
firstly about me and my problem I have lived with severe lumbar spine pain since 1992 have 2 majour and unsecussful back surgeries I live in Canada and am presently 46 yrs old I receive opiate therapy since 1993 and have steadly taken Oxycontin since 1996 presently take 3 / 40mg perday with oxy IR for breakthrough my problem is I have become very fet up and tired with all the problem s associated with the medication I must take all the canadian medical rules and laws surrounding opiate pain therapy and particularly the Oxycontin I take and the constant fear of having these medication s stopped, to date I have had 2 Doctor s loose their medical ability to perscribe opiates by the provincial medical board where i live and had my medication just stopped with no warning just went for my ussual appt to obtain my refill and told he can not refill it leaving me scrambling to find a new Dr before I run out and going through a terrible cold turkey widthdrawl from a then high daily dose and never want or will let myself be put through this again if I can I went to Dr s told them the story asked for their help and just told NO eventhough they all knew what I and other s like me will go through  this left me with a negative attitude toward s some Dr s
I must jump through hoops to obtain these med s now and not many Drs at all near me will treat pain so I have no option to go elsewhere
Recently I have been doing some travelling to Europe as I have alway s wanted to and due to my medical state I will not be physically able to do this in the near future. I am only allowed 6 weeks worth of my RX when I leave Canada and I have had to spend money to return home when my meds run out to get them refilled I bring my medical records with me and have seen Drs in Germany and was able to obtain a small amount of my Rx when I couldn t get a flight to Can and would of run out but my German is not perfect and from what I was told I am not a citizen so not able to receive ongoing treatment with this type of med
And I am allowed no extra Rx from my Canadian Dr and can not request any increases without being made to feel if my daily doseage goes up it will be stopped so I must get by with what I receive weather it is adequate or not
My question is dose anyone on this board know or have personal experience with any country that has a liberal compassionate attitude towards opiate pain control and the Drs have less gov't intervention and more latitude to treat as they feel appropriate if anyone knows of one please tell me so I can investigate it
I have all the medical reports evidence and all the specialist reports to prove my medical condition with specialist reccomadations for treating me with opiate pain controle therapy but they are all in English
In a different country I would be able to have some medical test s etc done if necessary to receive proper pain controle but not the type of medical investigation I have had done in Canada  MRI with contrast, specialist appt s etc also very tired of feeling like I am doing something wrong by Pharmacists here when I fill a Rx etx
Sorry for the legnth of this message but if anyone know s please inform me I would be very appreciative of any assistance offered
Cheer s

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   Posted 12/29/2008 10:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to the HW chronic pain forum. We're not doctors but can offer a lot of support and share experiences. I don't have much to offer you, as the only country with which I have firsthand information is the U.S. and if you read many of our posts you see we also struggle with many of the same problems. If you get lucky here with the right doctor, it can work well, but there can also be problems similar to what you've encountered in Canada.

Maybe someone else will come along who lives in or has firsthand knowledge of other countries.

Sorry I couldn't help more.


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   Posted 12/30/2008 6:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Odel; I too wish to welcome you to the HW forum and truly hope that you find the answers that you seek. Unfortunately like PA I am from the US and am struggling with the same thing as some of your problems so I'm not going to be much help. But I wanted to welcome you and tell you that each of us were brought together because of one thing....our pain. We share a common goal and that is to seek the best treatment and a way out of this madness that has encompassed our daily lives.

Anyway, I do hope that you get some relief and again welcome to the forum.

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   Posted 12/30/2008 7:55 AM (GMT -6)   

I live in australia and am on opioid drugs for the last year.  It took two docs and two pain specs before I was taken seriously my doc and spec I have now have no probs with me having the drug and have been given permission by spec to up it in bad periods.  I think it is a matter of luck in finding the right ones.  Our health system I think from what I have heard is alot more accomodating with funding without insurance ect.   Good luck.  My biggest fear also is being left high and dry , I worry about it all the time although my doc assures me to stop worrying cant help it.    good luck     sue2z

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   Posted 12/30/2008 10:23 PM (GMT -6)   

 Good Day:

I wish to that all responces thus far and as I suspected, it can be the same in the U.S. as someplaces here myself when I see on the new s or read about the illegal sale and abuse of Oxycontin by people who have no medical reason to have or use it I honestly get furious as I feel this is one of the main reasons people like myself and other s have a problem having it perscribed and other opiate pain medication as the Dr s just don t need or want to treat people who require these med s in Canada a GP gets the same fee which is pretty low to treat someone with the flue etc as he gets for treating me so no incentive and they frankly don t need or want the headache s or problem s associated with treating us, in reality after all the medical procedural protocols are done and modalities surgery physciotherapy etc are all done and have little or no effect  pain med s are really the last option and honestly in my case and possibly with other s when nothing medically is left to do or try I/others only go to the Dr to obtain medication refills and monitoring and really not much more as there is no more to be done at present, I personally do not even tell people I take Oxycontin as it has such a bad rap  here and it truely is a amazing drug for me and has a great positive impact on y life and it s quaity

And as Sue2z stated about being left "high and dry" with no more refills and the physical widthdrawls and the drastic uncontrolled increase in pain that follows is truely a horror, myself if I could I wouldn t let anyone who takes these drug s properly for legitimate reasons be subjected to this as I personally have been put through it and it is really unnecessary,I honestly couldn t believe some of the Doctor s I asked for help from and can easily prove my medical need and their just basically saying tough ,

Again thank s for the replys thus far

best regard s



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