Will My New Doctor Be Angry? Seek Vengeance?

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Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 1/30/2009 2:45 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi All ...
Brief history: I have had severe pain in my back for seven years. I have gone to
many major hospitals for consulatations. The high and mighty doctor at the best
hospital wanted to perform a gruesome surgery. The others wanted to take a wait
and see method.
I am doing ok now. Not great, of course.
I've house moved a lot during the seven years -- went to a retirement home where
they cleaned your house and cooked your meals. The average age at this place was
85. It was awful. We were thirty years younger.
That didn't last too long. We sold our house and tried various apartments. My husband
had to quit his job because I simply was not doing ok with my changed status in the
world. (I have made the transition now. It just takes time.)
I've gone through a couple of internists. The first one didn't have time to talk to
me about my pneumonia. She said, "I have other patients. Sorry." I left and
went to another female. She looked like a pixie but I sometimes wondered if she
could handle a "difficult" case. (Me) She quit her job. She put me in the hands of
her friend down the hall.
I could tell I woudn't like him right from the beginning but that's ok. Here's the problem.
He said, "You have Fibromyalgia. We can cure that easy with an OTC medicine from
OTC. He also said Scoliosis is not painful. (Oh it is. Sometimes)
I know some of you have read this before but I post again. Is he going to get me
in trouble with my pain doctor down the hall or with my insurance company.
Thank you for your time. I hope you have a suggestion.

Osteoarthritis all levels of spine right down to Coccyx,Spondilytis,Myofascial Pain
Fibromyalgia,Bulging Discs,Spinal Stenosis,Scoliosis,Osteopenia,Chronic Constipation
Carpel Tunel Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder,
Depression & Anxiety

Methadone for Pain, Xanax for Anxiety, and more, of course.

Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 1/30/2009 3:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Woops ... I neglected to ask my question:

Can I ask him for my report from the other day? Will he be terribly upset?
He said some othere awful things to me.

Pam (Went to sleep on the keys while I was typing that letter. I have key
marks on my forehead.) smhair

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   Posted 1/30/2009 4:59 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes, of course you can ask him for your medical records, it is common and he won't/shouldn't have a problem with it. But given all your symptoms, you should have a lyme disease test from a LLMD. Read up on the lyme forums...many people who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia actually have lyme or a coinfection, but they are hard to diagnose hence needing to be seen by a LLMD rather than a regular dr who is lyme illiterate.

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   Posted 1/30/2009 5:33 PM (GMT -6)   
OMG what a horrible doctor!!!!! Insensitive, uncaring and totally wrong! I am wondering what in the world some of these people are doing becoming doctors these days. I think it isn't for the true reason of caring for patients or because they want to save the world as some of them put on their entry papers for college. Ya gotta wonder what their motives are now adays.
HEALTH ISSUES: Herniated discs at S-1-L5, L5-L4, L4-L3. Two level fusion (2000); one level fusion (2002); Revision at L4-L3 (2003). Slight herniation at L2-3 but Neurosurgeons will not operate because of previous failed surgeries. Diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome, Permanent Nerve damage and Chronic Pain


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   Posted 1/30/2009 8:25 PM (GMT -6)   
Pam you are entitled to your records by law. He did nothing for you, he gave you no medication therefore your PM dr should not have any gripe whatsoever. You have the right to see any dr you deem necessary for a medical problem. Your pain mgt dr cannot dictate you seeing a dr. unless you are in there after pain medication. End of story. Your insurance should not have a problem with you seeing another dr either. Why would they? Is this the same dr that said he did not know if you had Fibro this week? Seems like you said he was more intersted in you neck-will have to go back & look at your post. If ins com had problems with people seeing different drs man, all of us on the forum would be in a world of hurt. Jeez, I see 6 specialists and a PCP, my ins company has never said a word. I think you are getting worked up for nothing, you did nothing wrong. If anyone was wrong it was the idiot you saw. Susie

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   Posted 1/30/2009 8:39 PM (GMT -6)   
Just thought of something does your pain dr treat fibro? Might be worth a shot in asking him. ..Susie

You sure have more problems with drs than anyone I know. It has to be where you live at kid, I have never heard of drs getting nasty with a patient like some of the idiots you have ran across, I mean they have no right to treat you the way you have been treated really mistreated....Susie

Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 1/30/2009 9:33 PM (GMT -6)   

I live in what they call the Bible Belt. Methadone is not a popular medication
lately. They used to have a hissing fit because I took Oxcontin.

Neither my Pain Management doctor nor any Internist prescribe Xanax. I have to
go to a Psychiatrist for that. My appointment with the Psychiatrist takes all of
five minutes. I think all of them are that way. (Not sure)

Thea_Is: Thank you for your response. I've sure heard a lot about Lyme Disease
lately. I don't think I have that. What's the treatment for Lyme?

Well, on Monday I am going to call the offending doctor's office and request
a copy of his notes regarding my appointment. I certainly won't EVER go back
to him. It would be horrible to have a doctor like that be in charge of my care
if I had a serious disease like Cancer or Heart Trouble. It's horrible for me too, but
I won't die from Pain.

Susie, my Pain Doctor treats pain. He and I have never gotten into a discussion
of just what is causing my pain. He sees the info that I have at the bottom of
this post. He reads my MRI's and Xrays. He sings. He fights my battles and that's
it. (At my request) If I have
Fibromyalgia it's a light case. I have been told by several doctors that I do have

One doctor said that women get that diagnosis when the doctor doesn't know what
the problem is.

Osteoarthritis all levels of spine right down to Coccyx,Spondilytis,Myofascial Pain
Fibromyalgia,Bulging Discs,Spinal Stenosis,Scoliosis,Osteopenia,Chronic Constipation
Carpel Tunel Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder,
Depression & Anxiety

Methadone for Pain, Xanax for Anxiety, and more, of course.

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   Posted 1/30/2009 9:52 PM (GMT -6)   
I sure feel bad for you because you have had such a time finding a decent dr. Have you ever called a hospital referral line and asked about a list of particular drs. Thats how I found a good geriatric dr for my Dad. Once I got some names I used some resources I had and we went from there. I think the drug thing is everywhere from what you read on the these threads but worse maybe in some areas.

Do you get uptight, jittery or nervous when you go to the dr? I ask because my Mom did. In some instances the doctors read her anxiety as her being a whiner, a hypochondriac, she never asked for pills she always refused them, she read alot and was a very intelligent lady, they said she needed to stop self-diagnosing herself, she really had a time theer for awhile. Finally she found some drs that were not put off by her anxiety. I was visiting her one time and the nurse was taking info down and she rolled her eyes at my Mother. Oh, I got PO. I looked at that nurse and said"you know I just read that about new study on eye rollers, they claim these people are very mentally ill and in need of dire medical attn'. I thought my poor Mom would bust a gut laughing, that old bitty slammed out of that exam room. I really didn't care. I made my point.lol. Her dr came in the room I lit into him about his eye rolling nurse too.

All it was she got anxious when she went to the dr. Kind of like white coat syndrome people's BP will shoot up sometimes when the go to the dr. Just a thought....Susie

Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 1/31/2009 3:59 AM (GMT -6)   
My problem MAY be that I don't look sick and I don't look like I'm in pain when
I go to the doctor.
I rest for a few hours before my appointment. I file and do my nails. I fix my hair
and put on appropiate make up and clothes.
I don't complain much I just tell.
My pain doctor has a questionnaire that his patients fill in before he sees them.
They all deal with the intensity of pain, depression and problems with friends and
families. He acually "scores" these pages.
I think he's learned from experience that some patients will do anything to keep the
pain look away from their being. He sure knows I have pain. That's very good!
Then again he may just tell from the lab reports and MRI's.
I'm doing ok with the pain doctor. That's what REALLY counts.
I will call the hospital and find out what they can tell me about internal medicine
doctor. I really want to find one before I need one.
Thanks Susie. You're helping me along.
Now Sweetie, how are YOU doing?
Pamela :-)

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   Posted 1/31/2009 9:39 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Pam, my PCP is an internest as well as my gastroenterologist. I really like my PCP as I have been with her right at two years. One smart lady too, knows her stuff. The only draw back is she decided she needed more time with her 8 yr old which I understand, and went into a large group practice. She has reduced her work days to 3 days a week. This larger group does offer much more than when she was solo. She has 2 drs out of the group that I have their names if I need to be seen she suggests one of the two-said they practice very much like her. Of course my gastro has been a life saver more ways that one. He helped me on alot of things that the old PCP missed.
I do hope you will check with a hospital in your area and see if you can get the names of some internest to call. You need one so that if you got sick you would have someone to call for help. If I were you, once I got some names of some drs, I would sit down & compile a short list of questions to ask about the dr before ever making an appt to go see him/her. Also, get online and pull up internests in your area, there are many ways of tracking them down. lol  Narrow your list down and and make an appt & do a meet & greet.
I still feel like doo doo and wishing my antibioitc would hurry up & kick in. I went down to pick up my new script the nurse said she was calling in yesterday and there was no script there for me to pick up. I have no clue what happened, because when I told her what I needed she took the info down and said when he is finished with his patient I will take your chart to him and let you know. So, a bit later she called and said he ok'd it and she needed the phone number to my pharmacy. So, either something happened in the office that diverted her attention or else she forgot to call it in. So, after my pump refill Monday morning I will be calling her to find out where she called my medicine in at.lol. Sure was not at my pharmacy.
So now the husband is having himself a fit because he has what I got. He rarely gets sick and its a good thing because its the end of the world  nearly. People that rarely get sick just don't know how to handle it, lol. at least he doesn't. He gets one cold a year for about 5 days and then he is done.
Well you made a very good point about not looking sick or in pain when you see a dr. Oh, have you ever hit it square on the head. If we go in with some makeup on, hair fixed, not sporting the Don King look, and clean pressed clothes on, we don't look like we belong there. But, if you have a good dr that really knows you, they know this is your diversion tactic so to speak. My psychologist and I spoke about this very subject. She encourages her lady patients to do this if at all possible to get up and do what we call making ourselves presentable every day. She says that just doing those little things can really help us feel better about ourselves. I do know if I am done up for the day and this does not happen for me very much, but if I am done up as I call it I have the tendancy to get out of the house. Even if its only to go walk around Target or Wallyworld. But, I am more likely to get out of here maybe for an an our or so. On the other hand the drs may interpret this as nothing being wrong with the person either.  My drs all know that I do this alot just to help with the depression part and trying to get myself out of the house. I also know some women will not leave their home w/o hair & makeup done.
If I think of some more ways to find you a dr I will post it here. Oh, yes, when calling the hospital referral line, ask if they have on staff a patient advocate person. Not all hospitals have them. These people are a wealth of info when it comes to good drs/bad drs. Have to keep thinking here,lol...Susie

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   Posted 1/31/2009 10:32 PM (GMT -6)   
If I were in your shoes, when you find a new doc, don't tell him or her that you have fibro. Write down the things that show up on x-rays and in tests, the diagnoses that can be verified or proven. Let your new doc diagnose you. Many doctors are too busy to verify illnesses and some will just take your word that you have fibro without making sure that you do. Any doctor that says OTC meds cure fibro is not someone who's diagnosis I'd trust.

You are entitled to a copy of your records but the office can charge you a nominal fee. One of my docs wanted to charge me $25.00 for the first page and $1.00 for every other page. I had the office fax the records to my PCP and he gave me copies for free. Doctors usually send records to other docs for free but you might want to see what this one put in your records before you let anyone else see it.

There is no real treatment for fibro. You treat the symptoms that bother you, usually sleep problems and pain. You are being treated for your pain and can get help with sleep if it's a problem. Some people have depression and anxiety, both can be treated without a fibro diagnosis. Basically you can get your symptoms treated with or without a fibro diagnosis. Chronic pain and sleep deprivation produce fibro symptoms in many people anyway so how can you tell if you have fibro or fibro symptoms. When any new meds for fibro come out, you can talk to your doc about whether they are appropriate for you based on your current symptoms.

In my opinion, if you can avoid a fibro diagnosis and still get the treatment you need, skip the official fibro diagnosis. When you find a doctor that you like and feel comfortable with, someone you can trust, then bring up the fibro question.

Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 2/1/2009 10:16 AM (GMT -6)   
Susie, I just read the part about the eye rolling nurse. smilewinkgrin
It's funny what you did but that nurse has no business working with people
who are ill. I hope she got fired. devil I think you did good.

Post Edited (Pamela Neckpain) : 2/1/2009 8:19:01 AM (GMT-7)

Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 2/1/2009 10:25 AM (GMT -6)   
I don't understand Fibromyalgia.
Is this it?

Some doctors treat it and consider it serious.
Other doctors prescribe otc medicine or just shake you off?
Those doctors think you're a nut case>

I don't think I have it but I have plently of other problems that need some
serious medication.

I'll never go back to that jerk. I wasted my time seeing him.

Pamela Neckpain shakehead

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   Posted 2/1/2009 4:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh Pamela,
I know just how you feel about the methadone thing...I, too live in the Bible Belt...Nashville, Tn!!
I have been taking Methadone because I am scared of taking Oxycontin...Not that Methadone is much better, but...  Anyway, I have been through the Doctors and have been treated like a Leper (sp). I finally did find a good group of Docs and I am so greatful...but it could always happen again.  If my current Docs decide that I need different help, or if I screw up and they get rid of me...Anything is possible.
So, the fear is always there...


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Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 2/1/2009 5:56 PM (GMT -6)   
Dear Me,

With Chronic Pain we learn to live with Pain & Fear & Anxiety. They're not nice.

When my pain doctor put me on Oxycontin, a neurologist shouted at me ...
"Oxycontin is just for movie stars!"

Oh well, it didn't matter & Oxycontin didn't help me anyway. Maybe I didn't take

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