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   Posted 2/17/2009 7:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Everyone,
I don't post often, but I read here alot. I am a fellow CP sufferer. I met with an attorney today to
discuss SSD.
Does anyone get social security disability? I will be applying at the end of this week. I know most people are denied the first time, so that's why I met with the attorney. He handles disabiltiy claims for my doctor.
I was just curious about other peoples experiences.
I have ostoarthritis, with ostofytes(sp) Spina Bifida, and 7 (yes I did say 7) herniated disks. My back problems are all degenerative and at this point, I swear it gets worse everyday. I can barely function in everyday life, and take care of children, let alone work. cry Thanks for listening and any responses.

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   Posted 2/17/2009 10:03 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Wicks,
Welcome to HW! I don't get SSD (not yet, at least), but a lot of people on here do. If you do a site search for Social Security Disability or Social Security or SSD, you should find plenty of posts from others in the past. Also, there have been some posts more recently about the topic, so maybe if you even just go back a few pages you will find something.

best wishes,

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   Posted 2/18/2009 7:39 PM (GMT -6)   
 Retaining a lawyer, good thing. File ASAP. Do it online, very easy. Make copy of everything you tell SS. When you recieve your booklets to fill out, tell the truth. Get all medical records in order, copies if allowed. Latest MRI etc. Inquire with PCP and others specialist to back your claim for you. Keep SS informed of everything, latest doctor appointments, findings and prognosis. Try and keep with your assigned case worker to give info. Too many times information get lost or not filed properly. Best of luck. Worked for me.

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   Posted 2/18/2009 9:40 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been trying for awhile, be ready for a fight...... some fyi i was given is that depression (and in my case, obesity) out ranks chronic pain..... i know. i know. how is it possible? most of us cp'ers have depression, so if you do- get a psychiatrist & start building a case that way. but i am also 31 so my age (& education level) is against me. good luck- let us know what happens!!
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   Posted 2/19/2009 12:25 PM (GMT -6)   
I am on SSD,  however, my gastroenterologist is the dr that insisted that I file because of my crohns disease. I filed for it and was awarded benefits immediately. I did not use an atty because I worked as a paralegal for 20 plus years and knew about filing for SSD. One thing I will tell you up front is you must have your drs behind you 500%. In fact you will need for your dr to state you are unable to work in order to have a date disability began. Without a dr saying you are totally disabled you won't have much of a chance.
I also obtained all of my medical records and provided legible copies to SS. Do not rely on your drs office to send in copies of your records. For some reason medical records copying is the least liked job at a drs office and they tend to back burner request for medical records. A request for medical records from SS was found just laying in my chart in one of my drs offices, no one had bothered to send the records. This is why I say do this yourself. Many times Unfavorable Decisions are by by SS and its because they do not have all the medical records.
I had a case worker assigned to my claim. I kept this person informed of every appt and what happened and if medication was given and when my next appt was scheduled. This person appreciate my cooperation and she kept my file updated too.
I do know alot of time your age and education can play a role on the decision too. Some will disagree with this but I have seen it happen over and over. I have also heard its harder to get in some states over others.
Be sure to keep a copy of everything you send to SS. You need to keep a copy of all the forms you have to fill out and send to them. You will need at some point to reference back to these forms to see how you answered something. Alot of their paperwork is duplicate but you still have to sign and fill it all out and send it back.
Good luck and I hope you get your benefits. Susie

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   Posted 2/19/2009 2:18 PM (GMT -6)   
It took me 2 tries before I was approved. I did have a good doctor backing me and he made sure all my records got there but it is true if you just leave it up to the staff they are terrible about copying and sending records. My claim was based on I was totally disabled due to falling down a flight of stairs and breaking my back. I suffer from chronic pain. I had to go in for several medical exams that lasted hours to check on what I could and couldnt do but you have to requests those reports and go through them with a high lighter marker becasue there was many mistakes. For instance in one paragraph it said that I was in so much pain I was unabled to complete some of the tasks the wanted me to complete but then in like the next paragraph they stated there was no reason why I couldnt lift 50 pounds on a regular basis at a job!!!! I found at least 10 of those things. I went through a very long and detailed phych exam and I got to say I embelished it some. I do suffer from depression and PTSD from some very violent past relasionships and a tramatic rape and robbery so I just told them I still had a real problem being around men or working with them and to some extent this is true but I did not hold back with any of the tears when talking about my life dealing with pain and the PTSD stuff ( post tramatic stress disorder)which I had been dx'd with and they wanted to see my records from that too even though its supposed to be private but I gave permission. So based on the screw ups from the 1st time around with my medical appointments it did not go through and thats when I asked for copies so I could go through and point out the discrepencies. I quickly got the ball rolling on the second go around and I did consider getting an attorny but my doctor said that if it went to a 3rd round that most times they just finally give in because they do not want to deal with court but I would have got an attorny if it went that far. Apparently they try to get you to give up with all their exausting tests and interviews. After all the medical tests and tons of medical stuff that I had to back up my claim they finally got me approved on the mental aspect of the case!!! I have been on ssd for 8 years and have had no problems with staying on. They had said they would recheck everything every 2-4 years but that has consisted of sending a one page form to my doctor that basically just asks if I am still disabled and thats it. I have had several other medical things come up since getting approved like diabetes and another fall down the same stairs so more damage to my back and I continue with counseling off and on so they can see that there is still an issue with that. It took me almost 2 years to get approved and I got back pay from the first time I applied so a hefty back pay check when it went through. I did have to pay back the state for medical costs and a small monthly check I recived each month from applying for welfare benifits while I was waiting for the ssd to go through. That payment helped pay off debts that had been building up and to buy things for my apartment that were sorely missing from hardly any income. I also am on Medicaid and that has worked out pretty good. I do have trouble finding some doctors that will accept it, like say allllllllll the pain clinics in my area which equates to my still being on the same dose of pain meds for the last 5 years. But as far as paying out on prescriptions and medical tests like MRI's I am talking big money tests they pay right away. I get better coverage with medicaid on prescriptions and tests then my brothers family does on private insurence!!!! Like name brand drugs and no pre approval for specialists weird huh? I wish you luck and hope it goes through the 1st time. But do make sure that you go over all thier reports to look for discrepencies(sp).
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   Posted 2/21/2009 5:47 AM (GMT -6)   
After reading everyone's post on getting their SSI so quickly I feel that the cards are stacked against me once again. First can work. Second refusal I retained an attorney, he's a great guy and worked his tail off for me to get me a hearing before a Judge Advocate in which I felt that not only was I being scrutinized for having a laptop but just by having a problem with my back at all! An hour later.....yeah your medical records tell that you are disabled and support all that you have said......BUT (I knew that was coming!) we found at least two jobs in the whole US that you could do part time at least 4 hours of sitting...standing and walking. Wait a second!!! Didn't I tell you stupid Judge that I couldn't sit for any longer then 5 minutes without being in excruciating pain????? You gonna get me a job that offers a cot for me to lay down on every 5 minutes? Now I'm screaming inside and want to smack my attorney for not backing me up......oh and the real kicker.....DENIED not only for the point stated above but gee your only 43 years old. Oh goodie!!!!! Now what?

Now we are in the third or what my attorney likes to call his "Finest hour" stage. Here he usually gets 95% of his cases approved. Now they send all my medical records down to some place in Tenn. and some stupid panel pours over my medical records to see if I truly am disabled or gee am I just asking for a handout. they sent in all the paperwork for this last August...its now Feb. Called my attorney and got told waiting for them to decide my case...should hear back soon. And once this is all done...even if I am approved.....I will only get 1 year back pay cause that is all WY is required to give. And......I'll maybe get 200 bucks a month because my social security so called points or whatever they are using to determine how much you get when you are actually disabled ran out in 2003 so since I haven't worked since then I won't get snot when I actually need it the most.

Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but I am. People in this country that are disabled aren't getting a fair shake and it just ticks me off that after working my tail off since I was 19 years old it's all gone cause I got hurt.


Oh BTW this is my final try for SS disability if I am denied again they tell me I won't get benefits when I turn 65
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   Posted 2/23/2009 2:39 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you all so much for your replies. They were so helpful! I am going to file online because the first appointment I could get in my area was on April 10. I am in the process of getting all the records sent over to my ndw CPD.

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   Posted 2/23/2009 1:21 PM (GMT -6)   
I have found that the approval process for SSD is HIGHLY dependant on the individual person reviewing your paperwork. I appeared in person with supporting medical records that talked about my attempt to return to work after my last back surgery but having to stop because of continuous pain problems. They asked me if I felt there was any job I could do and I said that I didn't think anyone would like me around the workplace in constant pain. Plus the amount of time I would require for frequent rest would not set a good workplace example. I think the fact that I tried to return to my job and failed had a lot to do with my first time approval.

Now the amount you receive is not a matter of individual interpretation. It is clearly defined by the job and income history and the credits earned over your working career. I am not sure what the formula is but it is the same once you have been determined to be eligible.

Above all, do not try to fake your case. These people at SS see hundreds of clients and can spot false statements. And your approval will depend more on what working will do to you rather that on what not working will do to your family and loved ones.

I hope this helps and good luck to all.


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   Posted 2/23/2009 3:57 PM (GMT -6)   
Your SS monthly check is based on eight earning quarters. That is why its important to file for SSD immediately and not lose any of the earning quarters. In other words waiting 2-3 years to file can knock you out of some these earning quarters. For folks that have not worked long wnough to meet the eight quarters they have a minimum amt they will pay each month too. Of course the higher wage earner you are the higher the monthly benefit. SS does have a fairly high cap on the benefits, off hand I don't remember the cap.


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   Posted 2/23/2009 10:23 PM (GMT -6)   
I was very lucky, I got approved for disability the first time, I was blessed. Good luck with your case, I have heard its hard.
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