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Bones And Dones
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   Posted 3/11/2009 9:26 AM (GMT -6)   
I have seen several post on this forum about the negative things involved in taking methadone for pain.  The teeth issue.  The "stigma" of only herion addicts taking this dark and evil substance.  I have to express my believe that all these negative stigma's are simply that "stigma's!".  It's these stigma's, lack of knowledge, training, and sympathy that keep Dr's from prescribing this cheap alternative to the combined fixture opiates(Lortab, Percocet, etc..)and the very expensive CONTIN[controlled interaval (OXY, MSCONTIN, etc..)]opiates and opoids. Lortab, Percocet, and all the other fixed combo's contain NSAIDS(acetaminophen, ibuprophen, or asprin) that when takin in the amounts and length of time needed to contol CHRONIC pain, can be very damaging to the liver.  There great for ACUTE pain.  On the other hand the CONTIN line of opiates are so expensive, that those of us that are not or are underinsured, can not afforded them on a long term basis.  In my case on any basis!  
As for the deal with the teeth.  IMO, it comes only in cases were people loose self motivation and self esteem and simply quit using proper hygiene.  And agreed it does seem to cause patients to eat and in some cases(like mine) crave sweets!  Esp it seems late at night.  So if you don't brush your teeth before bed the leftover sweets remain along the gumline and this eventually leads to tooth decay.  That along with water retention, from the constipation(which comes with all the opiate use), leads to the weight gain issues.  Esp in my case in the face and abdominal areas.
I can't understand the whole Suboxone for pain thing.  Or really the Suboxone deal at all!  For starters there close to $7a piece(8mg) in the pharmacies in my community(KY).  I hate to say this, but, I will.  I kind of believe Suboxone is placebo type of situation.  In contains naloxone which we all know is a opiod antagonist and will block all other opiates or opiods from binding to our receptors. And by doing so block all effects, both pain killing and euphoric.  Buphenorphine(Suboxone) itself is a partial agonist-antagonist opiod(like darvon or davocet), so how does it not block itself??  I have e-mailed the manufactor and can't get in knowledge response.("it just does'nt work that way")  I have taken them myself and within 30 mins, I felt like I was in about the third day of detox! 
By all means if you find Suboxone works for you and your insurance covers it or you can afford them, do what you have to control your pain.  These are my experiences(nearly 15 years worth) and opinions only.  But, most of them are based on personal situations or from watching people use and yes abuse pain meds first hand!  I don't want offend anyone, so please don't be.  I just needed to get this off of my chest and get my "2 cents" worth out there. Thanks for reading.  Best of luck to everyone out there trying to control there pain.

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   Posted 3/11/2009 2:44 PM (GMT -6)   
The naloxone in suboxone doesnt get absorbed when taken under the tongue so it doesnt block the narcotic part of the it. The naloxone is only activated when one tries to snort or inject it. And I dont know about you, but as someone who has taken every pain killer under the sun, Suboxone has been the best for my pain. And suboxone shouldn't cause withdrawals if you take it after you are alredy in mild to moderate withdraswals from the last narcotic you took. I had to withdrawal off of methadone for 48 hours before I could take take the Suboxone and it worked wonderfully, it was bet thing I've ever taken. It makes me really drowsey sometimes, but I guess all pain medication cause that. And theirs a few new medications about to come out in the near future, one with oxycodone and one with morphine thats being mixed with naloxone/naltrexone to help with tolerence and abuse, but like the same with Suboxone, the naloxone/naltrexone wont be activated if taken right. And the main ingredint in Suboxone, which is Bupernorphine, has been used for like 30 years in the UK and other countries for pain, and they are doing the clinical trials right now in the US for the bupernorphine patches for chronic pain. Well all in all, yes, Suboxone is a great pain killer being used more and more by doctors cause it does have a pain killing effect when taken in very small doses, and doctors love the fact that you cant build a tolerence to it (and so do I). I have done lots of research on Suboxone before I took it, and I still continue researching cause I think Suboxone has been a miracal drug for me. I know Suboxone doesnt work for everyone (and I think people think theirs no narcotic it in, when theirs a very very strong pain killer in it). And yes, suboxone is very expensive, but thank God for insurance. If I had to pay cash, I would, no toher pain killer has been as effective for me as the subs have been.Before I took Suboxone I was taking 12 10mg methadone a day and I was still in severe pain, where with subs I only take one every 8 hours and my pain has reduced ALOT. I hope this helps some.

I have Migraines, Pancreatic Divisum, Severe lower back pain (possibly turned to arthiritis from lack of treatment), Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Depression w/Anxiety/panic, had glallbladder stones at 14yrs old, gallbladder removed at 15yrs old, 2 severe car accidents in '05
Meds: Suboxone 8mg 3xday for pain, Cymbalta 60mg @ night for depression & Fibro,
Lyrica @ night for Migraines and Fibro, Treximet as needed for Migraines,
Ventolin Albuterol Inhaler as needed for Asthma Attacks.
Chocolate as needed daily
Been on Diability since I was 22 for Migraines and chronic Pancreatitas but going to college Spring '09 to be a nurse
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   Posted 3/12/2009 2:16 PM (GMT -6)   
I was a drug counselor, I must say it is true that the methodone absorbs calcium terribly so, and it is not the hygiene factor that causes teeth loss, I have experience in the field and would not say it, if otherwise. I would never tell anyone what to take, but would
suggest calcium suppliments and foods with calcium.
Swallow your pride, you will not die, it's not poison.- Bob Dylan 

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   Posted 3/12/2009 3:44 PM (GMT -6)   
I have read a lot about Suboxone and I have never seen that it is for pain... only for the withdrawls off of methadone and other opiates. I don't see how it could help with Chronic Pain. And I have never had a pain killer make me sleepy..maybe I'm just odd that way...

We are all in the same boat...unfortunatley it seems like it's sinking...
Post Lamenectomy Syndrome
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120 mg. Methadone daily
60 mg. Oxycodone daily
Lyrica as needed 


Pamela Neckpain
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   Posted 3/12/2009 6:34 PM (GMT -6)   
I gotta go have some ice cream -- one of those cones that has chocolate
at the very tip.
Let my teeth fall where they may.
Pam Tootless

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