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My kind of night owl, animal lover girl.

I love your quote!

I worked in a doctor's office. He was very superstious. "As my practice
grows, my plant will flourish."

Ut oh, I over watered it. It died. i lost credibility.

My eyes are crossed. It's bedtime!

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I have two cats that live with me.
One is 4.5 bls and is a perma kitten. Her name is emily but we call her loush or emiloush. Not sure why but it fits.

Our other cat is a big ol' fat tuxedo with long hair. His name is Saito. Alls he does is love but he acts like a dog. He comes to the door when we get home and he follows us around the house and heaven forbid there is a closed door!

We have 3 dogs at his parents house that we consider ours as well. There are two mini-weiners, bother girls, one is Carmel and the other one is Killer. The other dog is a chihuahua name Pablo. He is skiddist but ones he decides you are ok he is a complete love.

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Everyone! I haven't posted in a couple days as I've not been able to get on line. I only have a couple minutes but couldn't resist this topic! We have two horses, a male named ElDorado but everyone calls him Dorrito and Lilly the Big Boss Mare. They are really my wifes but I love them too! Lilly is a Thero-Quarter mix and El D is a Tennesee Walking Horse. Then there's Sally-Rose the wonder hound but everyone calls her Rosy or Rose. She is half Cocker Spanniel & half Blue Tic Coon Hound. No one ever believes her mother was a cocker becaus the coon hound part is so prevelent. She's jet black very short soft fur w/ white on her chest covered w/ blue spots! Everyone who see's her thinks she's a Lab puppy even though she's three and a half! Very pretty. My wife found her as a very young puppy being killed by two German Shepards a cop owned next to the barn she had our horses for a while. The neibors who owned the mother didn't want her as they thought she would die. When I saw her little brown eyes, I told my wife we had to take her to the vet. Her back legs were parralized and her belly was covered with puncture wounds from the shepards. $750.00 later we took her home and prayed. She is the best dog ever! After telling my wife NO DOGS for 25 years, she came and adopped us! It's not that I don't love dogs, we didn't have a place they could run here, now we do up in N.W. Fla where my wife lives. We always had cats. Just prior to Rose coming I lost my Dear black cat Gladis Nite, she was 13 and loosing her sight. The neibor had a large shelf outside and somehow it fell over on her. She was a Princess who grew up w/ my two boys! She was also a nurse cat for them. Whenevr one was sick, she would go take care of them, she always knew! We also have two Quaker parrots, mine is named Angie (4yo) after my Itallian Grand Mother and my Wife's is Pony-Boy ( Remember>The Outsiders) (1yo) who has become very protective of Angie and has started biting me when I try to get her. Angie and I are very close, lots of petting rubbing and kissing! Before Pony came I think she thought I was her mate but things have changed! She really needed a companion other than me. She still loves me though and goes after Pony when he tries to bite me. I love all animals too! I love watching the wild birds, they put me in a trans! All for now> My son Pete Jr. came in at 12:00am and we were up past 2:00am talking. I have to go wake him, we have a BIG day today!
Love Yuze Gize!
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Thanks for sharing your ideas and views with us. I would like to know more on this.

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My signature contains our dogs' names, but not how they got them.

My wife was always a cat person; myself a lifetime dog person. We got married January 2003, and started accumulating the dogs the following year. My wife was a driver for the US embassy in Russia (this does tie in) previously, for 3 years. She brought her cat back from Russia with her when she returned.

Being a cat person, my wife didn't really want dogs. I asked her about names in Russian that might bridge the gap between cats and dogs. Turns out, Koshka (COASHKA as in coat) in Russian means cat. So my concession was that we get a dog but name it cat. She agreed to that and we got our first dog.

Shortly, it became obvious that the dog (rescue) was going to be a midsize (my estimate was 40-50 lbs). My wife's sentiment was 'If I'm going to have a dog, I want one I can ride"; so we went back looking for something big[ger].

The day we went back, there was a litter of 8 (6 week old at most) that was a mix of black lab and great dane. He is now 98 lbs, and when he walks under my wife she is carried along for a few feet off of the ground. So she got her wish, I guess. Oh, yeah, name. We each picked each one up to get a feel for personality. As puppies are wont to do, they each grabbed my thumb (with their mouth) looking for food. As we got to the one, he grabbed my thumb and clamped down. "Ouch!" I said. "We'll take that one," said my wife. And so came about the naming of CHOMP!

(Please don't repeat either of these stories in front of my wife. I'm not that brave, and I suggest few on this earth should be.)

(Edit: added (with their mouth))
Wife: Liz, the choice of a lifetime
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Pete, oh my your so lucky a Tennessee walker, so cool, my grandpa had a palomino and ended up giving
it to a police officer to use, I've always wanted a horse...wishful thinking...
I have two kitty Kats one is a snowshoe named Remington and the other is
a lil black cat we got by chance so his name is Chancellor, Sure hope to someday
own a lil Russian Blue..
Wow reading all these post on pets is nice...
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Posted 4/3/2009 12:33 PM (GMT -6)
loush? emiloush? tongue

That struck my funny bone.

Pamela turn
Posted 4/3/2009 6:23 PM (GMT -6)
I love these stories on your pets. We are planning on getting a new puppy soon maybe we all can name him/her.... Elmer is getting older he would enjoy having a puppy around he loves to play when his joints aren't killing him.
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Posted 4/3/2009 7:33 PM (GMT -6)
I got to thinking and I realized that most of my dogs came already named. Almost all of my dogs have come from breeders but many of them have been several months old, or have a litter name beginning with a certain letter. Lets see, my present dogs, Tzar and Xander (short for Alexander) came to us around a year old and they were already named. Earlier we had dogs named Bandit, Axel, and Covey's Electra of Tucker Hill. All these dogs came named, but we changed Electra to Tea for a call name. By the way these are all show dogs. We had Banner and Max which we named ourselves and then there was Cola, ( I was in my drink phase/ named my mother's dog, Whiskey) hahahahahahahahaha! There was Samantha which we chose but she was not a show dog, but boy was she smart and we had her attack trained. We were very young then and had a lot of energy.

Now if I ever get another dog, it will be a small one, as all these were German Shepherds and it will not be a puppy, so it will probably come with a name of its own, once again.

Thanks for letting me share too.

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I have three dogs and they are a handful. This is my first & last time of taking on 3 dogs, its alot of work trying to clean after 3 dogs both inside and outside.

We had a 13 yr old golden retriever we lost 2 yrs agp due to old age. His name was Willy and he was a cracker jack, everyone simply loved Willy. This guy drew people to him like a magnet. He went everywhere with my husband and I. He was just an incredible boy. He was a big boy and his top end weight was 137. I gave him my husbands middle name, Lee, so if he got in trouble with me it was Willy Lee. He was scared to death of my fly swatter. I can probably count on one hand how many times he ever got swatted. We spent alot of weekends at the lake and of course he was right there in the middle of it. He learned to ride the Sea Doo with my husband or my son. In fact when we said you want to go for a ride be beat us down to the water edge and would  be standing on his hind legs propped up against the Sea Doo waiting. He thought the Sea Doo was his. This was a big 3 seater that topped out at 52 on the water and he loved it, those ears just a flapping in the wind, not a care in the world. He was also a big swimmer. He had his own thick foam float to lay on. He & I would get on our floats and just float around the pool. He also like to to be pulled on his floaty around the pool. My husband could hold him in the pool and tell him to relax and he would go limp as a noodle, he never tensed up, he just mellowed out. Losing him was so hard for my husband & I, we both still cry to this day. In fact my husband just rented Marley and Me and only lasted half way thru said all he did was cry thinking of Willy. He never finished the movie.

That left us with Jake, my golden retriever. I say my, because he was abused and I think by a man and he really did not want much to do with my husband. A neighbor boy brought him to our door thinking he was ours. Well, husband thinks its the neighbors dog so he said just leave him with me and I will take him home when they get in from work. So, he thought he would let Willy & Jake play together. Willy always met at the door when I came home from work. Well, this day no Willy and it scared me, cause he was not sitting at the wrought iron double gates looking out. I walk out back and there is this dog in my pool that cannot swim worth a hoot andh he is panicking and so I go yell for the husband to come help get this pooch out of the pool I figure Willy knocked him in or he slipped and went in. Either way, Jake swims like a rock, I have tried and tried to teach him to swim. As it turned out no, it was not the neighbors dog, wrong color. So, that how I got Jake. No ads in the paper for him, no signs up nothing. Well, I take Jake boy to vet who guesses him to be about 2 yrs old. He had heart worms, he had whip worms but looked healthy as a horse and he had been a street boy for awhile cause his toe nails were ground short from running on concrete. So, I get the vet to dr my little fella and oh, let me tell you, heart worms are so hard the treatment is and sometimes can kill a dog, especially if they are older. Since Jake was young it was best to treat him. He had to stay with the vet for 8 days and it was awful. Our vet finally made me stay away until Jake was ready to come home because Jake was real weak from the medicine and it upset me to no end seeing him in that shape. I got him home finally and the next day he started having breathing problems, I am on the phone hysterical and crying so back to vet we go. All he needed per the vet was a shot of steroid for the inflammation in his lungs and to lay on the couch for a couple of days. He did, I put him a sheet and blanket on the couch and made him a pallet. Jake is now 11 yrs old and the best boy anyone could ever hope for. He is my constant shadow and never leaves the room if I am in it. He is getting a little hard of hearing. He does have arthritis in his hips and legs but he is now on a supplement that has a made all the difference in the world. He walks so close to me if I have on slip on shoes he walks in the back of them. Jakerboy weighs about 75 pounds.

My husband decided Jake needed a friend after losing Willy. After all Willy showed Jake the ropes around here. He was afraid Jake would get depressed. Well, it all sounded good but my husband was so darn depressed he could not stand himself. He lost his buddy. I started getting hints of a new dog. Out of the blue one day he said he wanted another Brittney Spaniel. He had one yrs ago he hunted with. The search began and there was not many. He finally found a litter about 80 miles from here. I overheard him telling the owner about losing Willy and he told the man he just needed something to love. Off he went with the grand baby and his Momma. They came home with a liver & white puppy. He was 11 weeks old and the cutest thing. He named him Britt like the other bird dog. This one turned out to be a cracker jack too. But, my Jake was just too old for this whipper snapper that wanted to play 24/7. So, Jake was brought upstairs alot and he could look thru the slats to see what was going on downstairs. Charley had to build a gate to keep Britt downstairs. He ate everything in this house from woodwork to cell phones. He was introduced to a kennel at night for sleeping or when we left the house. He adapted very well to his kennel and it became his hideaway when he grabbed a steak off the counter, my husbands full breakfast one morning, my pancakes. He is a sneaky little thief that uses his front paws like hands. He can get those paws on something its gone,lol. He loves to tear up grand babys toys if he can find one out. His eyes turned yellow as my husband predicted and he can melt you with them. If I add or take way one thing in this house the minute he walks in he knows it. He also has a fetish for my vacumn sweeper. He has to be inside when I am sweeping. He will sit on the landing steps till I get to those. Then I swap out attachment and the little one with bristles he likes for me to swipe down his back, its a must. I have to do this or he does not stop talking. He is a very smart little guy about 50 pounds. He had also turned into a big baby. Yoy can change the tone of your voice and ruin his day. Those dogs were bred to please and he gets his feelings hurt real easy. He has nothing to do with the big pool, however, he has his own plastic pool that he loves.

Then one morning I am coming down the stairs to hear my husband tell someone on the phone "thats exactly what my wife & I been looking for." So when he gets off the phone, I am like what are we looking for? So, he tells me about this 4 month old golden retriever this lady has free to a good home. The dog has papers from a very good line. The claims she did not know the dog would get so big. Her name is Jazmine, Jazz for short.  She was about 30 miles from us so off we wenrt and home with us she came. I figured if we didn't keep her I could get her a really good home. Anything to get her out of a backyard and alone. She was a timid little girl who rode home with my arm wrapped around her. Of course we hit here and the boys are they welcome wagon. She and the boys get along fine. She is the alpha dog and what she says pretty much goes. She is a big marmaduke of a girl. Right now she is weighing 90 pounds and has another year to grow. She has finished off my woodwork, one chair, a hole in the carpet on the landing, front of husbands leather recliner. Anything she can get her mouth on. She takes her big butt and swings it around sending the boys flying like bowling pins. She gets scolded for messing with Jake he is too old for that crap. Its so funny my husband is always telling her she isn't exacly a little ballerina. Oh, she has discovered the top steps of the swimming pool. I imagine she can swim like a little beaver. 

Sorry my post is so long but each one of my tribe is unique and cannot be described in one sentence. I think this is a great topic. Susie

Posted 4/3/2009 11:30 PM (GMT -6)
I love all of my animals more than anything in the world. I bond much stronger to animals than I do to people. Right now, as I write this, I have two cats and a dog on my bed, and the other two dogs are on the floor next to me.

I've always had animals growing up. When I was younger I had a ton of fish - had two for seven years, and after that, I could hardly keep one alive for a single month! I had three guinea pigs, one of whom was pregnant when we got her & gave birth to two babies. We gave the babies away. Then we had a dwarft rabbit, Lucky, for 8 yrs. He was just the sweetest thing. My sister & I used to build obstacle courses for the guinea pigs & bunny with a bowl of carrots at the end!

My first dog was Ben, a big Golden Retriever. He lived to be 11 yrs, but cancer took him from us. I now have 3 Golden Retrievers: Cricket, Piper, and Rory. Cricket just turned 6 yrs this week. She is the sweetest dog ever. All she wants is love. That and to play ball. She is a ball & swimming fanatic. She will do flying leaps into the pool or pond in the summer. Piper will be 5 yr next month. She has the same mother as Cricket, but a different father. She is a beauty. All my dogs came from a breeder, but she has the face of a show dog! She would make an amazing bird dog, she just LOVES chasing birds & deer across the fields and woods. She is a big love as well, but she also has a very loud mouth. I've never heard a golden as barky as she is. Our neighbors must love us. She actually has CP in one of her legs, as her joint is basically being destroyed by Lyme disease. We can really relate toe each other! Then there is Rory, he's my baby. He's only 5 1/2 months old. He is my dog, or so we say. He is supposed to come with me when I graduate next year, but somehow I doubt that my mother, or the other dogs will be able to part with him. He is such a sweet, perfect pup. He loves his big sisters so much. He just gives them kisses. Unfortunately, he has been sick since shortly after we got him. He had parasites, but they were cleared up. However he still has major intestinal problems & can't eat any normal food. We are wondering if he could have something like doggy Crohn's disease. We are making some progress with homeopathics, but he is still not a normal puppy.

Then there are the cats. Chloe & Sammy. I always wanted cats when I was little. I was a cat fanatic. But my parents always said no. But I never gave up. I bugged them & bugged them, and one day when I was about 10 yrs my father (the one who really didn't want the cat, my mother was okay with it) finally said yes! I was so shocked that I made him sign a "contract" at that moment so he couldn't deny it later! I few months later I got Chloe. She was a scrawny, ugly little thing. She is a short hair grey & calico tabby. The last cat left at the pet store. She had been the runt of the litter & no one wanted her. My mom thought I should look at other cats, but I feel in love with her. She is queen of the household. She has claws & teeth and boy does she let you know it! No one can touch her but me. I smother her with love while dodging her claws/teeth. I think she really misses me when I am at school, as I am the only one who will give her any attention, although she pretends like she could careless or doesn't want to be touched. She is much more affectionate when I come home & has taken to "stalking me," following me everywhere I go! The dogs are all terrified of her. Then there is Sammy, a gorgeous long haired black & white cat. We think he is part Persian. He came from a rescue organization. Someone threw a whole bag of kittens out behind a restaurant. He was the last one left. He was so uncoordinated when we first got him. He didn't know how to retract his claws, so he would get stuck in everything! He is the sweetest cat. He has the loudest purr. It can be heard from a room away. We got him when we lost Chole for a week. Of course we found her the next day, and when she came home she was sooo mad that we had gotten a kitten. We thought she was going to kill him. We referred to the next several months as WWIII.

And I can't forget Elvis, my corn snake! Oh, and there is the squirrel that I raised, but that's another story...

Posted 4/4/2009 12:12 AM (GMT -6)

Skeye don't you just love the dispositions of the goldens? Jazz is my first female dog and I must say they are so much different from males. She has the habit of wanting to grab my hand with her teeth, not in a mean way, but the problem is I am very thin skinned. It takes so little for the skin to break open & bleed. I have no idea how I will break this habit. Jazz does bark much more than any of my boys ever did. In fact, the other morning my swimming pool man came in the gate and her bark sent him flying right back out. She has a deep gruff mean boy bark, not a girls at all. She is very protective of her domain I am finding out.

Since my previous post there was a knock at the door, husband hollered for me to come downstairs. Some neighbors had a little male gray Schauzer show up in their garage. He has been groomed recently and was fairly clean. Hubby thought I may know who he belonged to. Then on top of it, the people didn't want to keep the dog till they found an owner but agreed to keep him tonite. I guess he is coming to me tomorrow and I will get some flyers out and also visit the vets in our area to see if an owner may be found. I made the people promise to keep him at least tonite and I would take over tomorrow. I just told them I needed a little time to get things ready. Oh, please pray I find his owner, I can't handle another dog. Not only that, I cannot afford another dog, This giy had a nasty looking scrape on his side, the lady assured me she would clean it and put some neosporin on it. And then this husband of mine saying, oh Susie we will just keep him-I am thinking oh no we won't either. Wish me luck.  Susie

Posted 4/4/2009 2:20 PM (GMT -6)
I have had more than my share of poodles. Not the tiny, yappy lap dogs. The bigger, loveable doe eyed miniatures. My current one is Michael. He is my guy, and no one else's. The family tell me he sits at the door and waits for me to come home when I'm gone.
We also have a mean little yellow tabby cat. LOL He isn't so much mean as just sure of what he wants! His name is Natchez, which is Choctaw for "busy people".
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Posted 4/4/2009 6:47 PM (GMT -6)
Oh yes, Susie! I adore goldens! They are just the best! It is very very rare to come across a nasty golden. They are just big loves. All they want is attention. I can't understand how anyone could ever harm or abandon one! Although they are not for everyone as they are high energy. They do make good protectors as well. I have one that is all bark but no bite, but another that would & has protected us. You would never guess it. She is so sweet, but she can be quite vicious when she is protecting us.

Susie, maybe you could try putting something on your hands that Jazz doesn't like, like Bitter Apple. That way when she goes to bit your hands she gets a taste of something nasty. Or what about a spray bottle with water? If you had it handy/carried it with you, could quickly spray her with your other hand.
Good luck finding the stray's home! I sure hope you find the owners. Both for your sake & theirs!

Posted 4/8/2009 2:23 PM (GMT -6)
We have a black lab with a fine Irish name...Brodie. However, he often goes by "Mr. B"....pronounced "Mr. Beeeeeeeeeeee!" (in a really high-pitched voice).

He's currently at my feet (I'm in bed) snoring and whuffling up a storm. He never barks..only in his sleep when he is having a nightmare. Poor little guy.


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