Posted 4/25/2009 12:26 AM (GMT -6)
someone please help me. im tryn to get off methadone with no medical help off of 60mg and soma, oxycodone.
my body in such spasms. i need some guidance. i have degenertive disc disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis. no drs care. canttake anymore.
Posted 4/25/2009 12:36 AM (GMT -6)
I want to welcome you to the chronic pain forume of Healing Well. We aren't doctors here, though, and can't give medical advice. I would never recommend trying to withdraw from these drugs without medical guidance. It can be dangerous. If nothing else, you may need to go to the E.R.

Why is it you want to stop these medications without medical help? Please, at least call your local E.R. and tell them your symptoms and let them decide if you need to be seen.

Posted 4/25/2009 1:12 AM (GMT -6)

I dont know about Soma, but for the oxycodone, all you can do for withdrawals from that is time, you wont die from the withdrawals but you will wish you where dead. The symptoms peak at about 3 days and lasts for up to 7-10 days for oxycodone and quite a bit longer for methadone, the withdrawls from that can be months, even one lady I know was still having withdrawals after a year, it really stores up in your bones and fatty tissue. Then their's paws which can last for a year or more, which will be the worse part of it from what I hear, the depression from the paws is suppose to be terrible. And you will need some kind of counciling, group, or/and 12 step meetings no matter what, that will the most important part.?? But all I can tell you to help with opiate withdrawal is to drink ALOT of water even if you dont feel like it, take alot of hot baths, take ibprofen for pain and aches, and stay away from caffiene, which can make withdrawals worse. And if you can find a doctor, ask for some clonidine, the pills not the patches, that will help you with alot of the symptoms, and sometimes benzos (klonidine, xanax, valium, ect) can help but take as little aas possible or that can cause a whole new addiction problem which can be deadly if stopped all of a sudden. This is all I can think of, and of course their's Suboxone treatment which can cost alot (I know it did for me) and you can find a list of approved doctors at Also why are you not under a doctor's care? where you getthing these meds from a doctor?

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Posted 4/25/2009 2:38 PM (GMT -6)
I understand about wanting to stop taking Methadone, for whatever reason.  I recently went from Methadone 120 mg. a day to MS Contin (Morphine) 120 mg. a day...What a disaster!!! First off I had to deal with withdrawls!!! Almost from the get go.  Then I had to deal with Pain... For me Morphine isn't as effective for pain as the Methadone was.  After only one week I went back to the Methadone.  I couldn't deal with it.  I don't know if it was the withdrawls or the actual pain that was the worst...whatever it was, I had to go back..
May I ask WHY you want to get off the Methadone if it works?  I know, for me, I will most likely take Methadone for the rest of my life....and that's okay for me.  It might not be okay for others. I am not giving in to the pain, I have just resigned myself to the fact that the pain will always be a part of my life, and if I want any kind of a life, I have to take something...
Not everyone feels that way, and I applaud anybody that can go through this without taking anything... And....trying to come off of ANY Opiate by yourself is trouble waiting to happen.  Not only are the withdrawls awful, but you have to worry about other health seizures, depression, and added pain.  So, please talk to a Dr. about it, they know how to handle these things...

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Posted 4/25/2009 6:50 PM (GMT -6)
Hi Hello-Kitty:

Thank you so, so much for all of this information. After reading it, the whole idea makes me a little nervous when there is no guarantee that the subutex would be a better pain reliever for me than methadone. Both my maternal/fetal specialist and my pain doc, who works with high risk obs, have said that it's ok to stay on methadone if I'm pregnant. Of course, I cringe at the idea and feel guilty about it but they've tried to alleviate my anxiety.

Anyway...I really appreciate you going to the trouble to post all of these sites and this info!!


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