I am determined to give Lyrica a try, but it is not owrking........

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   Posted 7/6/2009 6:21 PM (GMT -6)   
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Helllo,My  name is Sherri, I am 48 and I have fibromyalgia. I guess that is what it is,because test after test has been run on me, and there is no logical explanation for my pain. 2 doctors have said "yes",it could be fibromyalgia.

Thank you to everyone who has posted to my other thread. It is so nice to get input and advice from others. I am not abusing anything, just to clarify. I take 1/2 in the morning, and half in the afternoon.My friend is my B/F. No more. I know it is wrong, but I was not able to get a hold of my doctor because of the 4th of July holiday. I just went to the PM doctor tuesday.But it is handled now cause today is a normal business day.

          My story is:
                        I have been on Vicodin for years now, it has helped me to get through my day and I was able to work my normal work week, with lots of overtime ( 13 hour days ). I am not married, I have to support myself so I do have to work to take care of me. Yes, I have tried everything else it seems in the med dep't, nothing worked. My Vikes ran up to 4-5 a day. I did not abuse it and take any more than needed. ( Even tho ,I still felt pain ).l.The dreaded Vikes helped me get through MY DAY!!!! The "dreaded vikes" were thought of by my doctor's physicians assistant who does not believe in narcotics.  Without them, I was not able to live my life,such as having too work. My doctor sent me to pain mangement,I had an appointment June 29th,he put me on 25mg. Lyica,2x day,and 15 mg. meloxicam,2x day. I have no vicodens, so this is cold turkey. I am on my 6th day, I am fine,no withdrawals, nothing. Just in excruciating pain.....I am going nuts. And during this time, no percocets. Only saturday and sunday. The good thing is, I was off the past 3 daysafter I started Lyrica and was taken off cold turkey with my vicodens.Why he did that I do not know.I did not push it.
I went back to work saturday. I work as a dietary worker on my feet all day, busy as hell. I am willing to give this Lyrica a chance,I will see the PM doctor in 3 weeks.
                        I am wondering, is this a blessing in disguise? Maybe, the Lyrica will work with my Nuerontin and my Vicodens.
Thanks, and I am glad to be here.....

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   Posted 7/6/2009 6:41 PM (GMT -6)   
Did the pain management Doctor, you went to see know, that you've been taking Vicodin? to have
a good rapport with your new doctor, he or she should've been made aware of 1. what meds you've
tried, 2. what meds you've been taking 3. what your diagnosised with from other doctors...
This is just my 2 cents worth of advise...
Hopefully others will come by with better answers for you...
Hope you get a low pain day...
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   Posted 7/6/2009 7:51 PM (GMT -6)   
Stopping the Vicoden "cold turkey" is not inhumane when a patient is not dependent on it. It is certainly within standard medical practice to stop. You said you had no withdrawal symptoms, just pain -- which would indicate you were not dependent.

For the future, if you do not have medications prescribed to you, you really do need to call your doctor or go to the ER. It is dangerous on so many levels to take others meds. I have been through that personally when my mom took some meds I had from after my craniotomy. I have learned my lesson about properly disposing of unneeded medications, but she got herself & me in a world of trouble with doctors & the police. I narrowly avoided narcotics charges. My NS refused to see me again for anything at all (I wasn't even on any pain meds when the incident happened; he refused to see me even just for follow-up). The reason it was found out was b/c the Percocet that my mom took from me (without my knowledge) did not mix with the other meds she was on at the time & she ended up in the ER in respiratory distress.

No one was saying that you shouldn't have pain relief, including Vicoden if that is what you're prescribed. We were just saying that it is not worth it for 2-3 days of relief to risk your life & livelihood & the life/livelihood of your boyfriend. I am glad that you seem to have avoided any serious consequences from using your boyfriend's meds, but please keep in mind that there are better ways, legal ways, to handle the situation in the future.

wishing you a low pain day,
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   Posted 7/6/2009 8:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry, I must of miss something, but DID the pain management doctor give you a reason for not prescribing you the vidodins?? I had a friend that went a PM doctor once and her GP was prescribing her vicodins and hte PM doctor knew of this, and after several visits after her pain go worse and her GP gave her an RX for methadone, he took over. She went a good 4 months before he finally took over hte pain med prescribing. Sometimes PM doctors when it comes to pain meds think your still getting them from your doctor that refered you, and you have to bring up the idea of the PM doctor taking over. But I'm just confused on why this doctor didnt prescribe you any when you where taking them daily, did s/he just wanna give the other meds a try first? if that's hte case, then you need to call him ASAP and tell them what's going on, that's what they're for, just because your follow up is in 3 weeks, doesnt mean you should ignore any pain issues til then. Maybe he just doesnt like hydrocodone since short acting meds can make tolerence go up faster sometimes and doesnt like to prescribe it for long term pain, and if you said that's all that worked then maybe he got hte idea that their is no other pain med out there to try, but you should let him know that your open to any suggestions he may have. And even if he prescribes you something that you know doesnt work, give it another try just to show him that your not lying. Just some ideas if you havent tried them yet.


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   Posted 7/6/2009 8:23 PM (GMT -6)   
   Dear Sherri,
     Good evening *hugg* it is good to see you again. I hope you are in a little less pain tonight.
Maybe it is my headache.. so, lemme read your post just one more time..
   For : fibromyalgia
1/2 in the morning, and half in the afternoon of.. (Percocet?)
25mg. Lyica,2x day
15 mg. meloxicam,2x day
and are thinking of adding in
Maybe, the Lyrica will work with my Nuerontin and my Vicodens.
? Did I read that right or is this headache gettin to me that bad?
     The good thing is, I was off the past 3 daysafter I started Lyrica and was taken off cold turkey with my vicodens.Why he did that I do not know.I did not push it.
  Did you read the other thread? Your new doctor has reasons for his decisions... Alot of years of knowladge at your disposal.  Why not give your new doctor a  chance to show you what you can achieve together? If im just reading your post wrong, tell me. I do that sometimes...
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   Posted 7/6/2009 11:13 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm not sure you're understanding all the comments from the other thread. Taking medicaiton not prescribed for you (doesn't matter if it's BF or anyone) is illegal. It is against the forum rules to discuss illegal behavior. Plus it seems you increased the lyrica on your own, but I'm not sure of that.

We all have pain and it is made a mess of many of our lives. But what makes it even more difficult is getting adequate pain management from our doctors, and part of that reason is because a few people misuse or abuse medications - and that means taking others' medications, taking more than prescribed, etc. We don't want you to be in pain, but the solution is to call your doctor and ask if you can increase a medication or resume the vicodin. Yes, it might mean a day or two of pain if you can't make contact with him, or if it's seriously bad sometimes a trip to the E.R.

Since you're new to the forum, you may not understand why a thread gets locked. The administrator is the only one that can put a lock on a thread. It's not done very often, but one of the reasons is when rules of the forum are violated, as Chutz explain. Please rethink your perspective on all this. Maybe I'm wrong, but my sense is you're taking it a bit too lightly.

I hope you can understand the reason for my post. And I hope you work more closely with your doctor in the future if you're still in pain. He's just starting out the new medications, and needs feedback from you about whether they're working. If you're still in a lot of pain call his office, but please don't take more meds or someone else's.

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