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   Posted 7/9/2009 12:09 AM (GMT -6)   
When you were a kid...that can be anything under, let's say 20, What one thing did you do that got you in trouble. What sort of punishment did you get and did you deserve it?

This one takes me back when I don't have too many memories because I was only riding a tricycle at the time. My older brother, by 4 years, was not what you would call an ideal sibling nor even a friend so if he could get me in trouble he would be delighted. One day he decided to teach me some new words that I'd never heard before and I was so proud of myself. We were in the back carport area and he told me to ride my trike over to mommy and daddy and tell them the new words I learned. Wow, was I going to surprise them! And boy did I! These were all 4 letter swear words and I had no idea of their meaning. smhair smhair I do remember getting my mouth washed out with a bar of soap...Dial as a matter of fact. lol And NO, I didn't deserve it! I don't know what happened to my brother since I was busy scrubbing soap out of my teeth but I can assure you that in later years I returned the favor. To this day he has no idea who toilet-papered his house about 25 years ago and I won't tell him until he's crippled and in a wheel chair or he'll still pound me. smilewinkgrin

What's your story?
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Oh man!!!  That is funny. 
I was the reason everyone of my siblings needed stitches.  No, not malicious, just impulsive.  I am still!!  I pushed my sister into a cupboard.....stiches in her forehead.  I stole my mom's fresca and after drinking it, I bent and un-bent the can until it came apart and turned into a razor sharp ribbon.  My little brother stepped on it.  I was standing on top of the picnic table and big bro joined me.  I pushed him off.....stitches in the back of his head.  I was never punished.  I actually felt really bad all three times!!!! 
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Oh, my!!! I don't think I can top these entries!

I remember in 8th grade a few of us were using crayons for something and they needed sharpening, so we decided to sharpen them in the pencil sharpener - in the classroom of one of the dear benedictine nuns. I remember having to sit and wait as our parents were called in to pick us up. I mean for sharpening crayons? LOL

In high school I was a cheerleader and of course, still in Catholic school, we had to wear longer skirts as a uniform. So one day someone had the brilliant idea to roll up the waste bands and wear the uniforms into class (I have no idea how we came up with this strategy!) and next thing we new our names were being called, one by one, over the loud speaker to come to the principal's office! I was a good Catholic girl who got A's, so this was humiliating.

Once again, parents were called. :-)

I used to tell my parents they were lucky I didn't do the really bad things like other kids, but somehow they didn't believe me. But it really was true in retrospect!

Oh, and one more I just thought of (this occurred as was growing older, into teen years, and getting a bit braver!). We had a small swimming pool in the back yard. My parents were out for the evening so I decided to have an impromptu party - instigated a bit by a friend who was visiting from Detroit (she was a whole lot braver than I was! she was a big city gal!). My parents weren't supposed to come home until much later, and I wasn't supposed to have any "boys" over in their absence but, well...we all ended up going swimming with our clothes on! And of course I had on a white shirt. Need I say more? Next thing I knew my parents were pulling into the driveway and everyone was scattering and the only reason I got off somewhat lightly was because Michaela (my friend) was visiting. And two of Michaela's uncles were priests. Whew!

Fun topic, Chutzie!


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   Posted 7/9/2009 4:49 AM (GMT -6)   
HEEHEE, I did one of the most stupidest things when I first got my driver's license when I was 18 years old. Me and 2 of my friends where driving one night and it was really foggy, and one of my friends yelled suddenly to stop, so I threw on my breaks and before I could ask her what was going on that she yelled like that, there was this person knocking on car window. It was some strange guy (about our age) and he just opened the door and got in and asked if we could give him a drive home cause he was really drunk and his GF ditched him. So me being stupid did so, and just to mess with his head (now remember he's drunk) we told him we where adult stars, I still remember my adult star name, but I wont write it on here as it's very inappropriate. But me and my friends will sometimes call each other these names as an inside joke. But it really freaks me out that I picked up a hitch hiker, it could of turned out so bad.


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Ok here goes. When I was 4 yrs old living in Minn. my father was in the middle of painting the house. At one point he went into the house to get something to drink. Well hmmm 4 yr old, green paint, paint brush and 3 yr old twins next door. What does that make for? You guessed it I ended up painting them GREEN. Wow was I in trouble. Then a week later I painted my mothers antique dresser red with finger nail polish. I could go on and on. No wonder my 20 yr old son has gotten into so much mischief....lol

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  Hey Laurie!  Congratulations...I see that you are a moderator now!  Thanks for your willingness to volunteer; that is wonderful.
Ok I have to post another one.  PAlady reminded me of this one with her "I didn't do anything that bad" story.  PAlady, your parents would have KILLED me!!
I walked into one of my high school classes and sat down before the bell.  I saw the AV (audiovisual) cart with the slide projector on it.  You remember slide projectors?  You put a film strip in it and showed a bunch of slides with a audio commentary.  Well class hadn't technically started yet and I was bored.  I started to poke around the slide projector from my seat.  I opened the little door that held the lightbulb.  There happened to be a roll of masking tape on the cart.
I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be funny if I covered the light bulb in tape and then when the teacher turned on the film projector there would be no light.  That would waste some time and maybe we won't have to watch this!"
So that is what I did.  I didn't realize that once the lightbulb was on, it would heat up!  Smoke poured out of the slide projector and the teacher panicked and screamed for us all the get out!  On the way out, someone hit the fire alarm and we had a school wide fire drill!!!
OH man!!!  I was sure I was going to be suspended over that one!!!!  I was in a state of complete anxiety for days!!! Apparently no one saw me put the tape on the lightbulb!  I was never punished beyond my own stress and anxiety.
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When you were a kid...that can be anything under, let's say 20, What one thing did you do that got you in trouble. What sort of punishment did you get and did you deserve it?
   Dear Chutz,
     My childhoods was a bit crazy after 7yrs old. But one "lesson" that sticks out the most is fire works...
    I think I was about 8 maybe 9yrs old. (We were living deep in the mountians and unfortunatly the only kidds within miles were all boys... rolleyes   ) And one boy had managed to steal firecrackers from his shed. The other two boys and I were fascinated. I ran off to find a lighter while they set up the firecracker bomb in the fire ant mound.
    So, here I come with lighter. I pass it over. They did a good job, the made a makeshift fuse extender. We were well away from the ant mound.
    We lit it and *KA BOOOM* Nice size crater! Make you proud!
    We ran over the check out the size of the hole. We were already planning our next attack on the ant mound on the next tier down when we started burning. REALLY BURNING! Then it started raining, AND burning!
    **This is the part where we look up, look down, and realize we are covered in very mad red ants! We went screaming! Running and stripping off our clothes just as fast as we could! We ran to the top Tier to the kidds house where the firecrackers came from.. and his mom hosed us off with water.
     Year later were laffing about it (I was about 22 or 23yrs old)and his mom says.
"Of course I knew. Why do you think I was standing with the hose before you even ran up the hill?"
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   Posted 7/9/2009 4:05 PM (GMT -6)   

Chutzie - I think this is one of the best threads you ever started!


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Well as a kid I guess I wasn't to bright! I was in 6th grade 12 years old I think and I was at my buddies house down the street, there were 3 or 4 of us there and we were just hanging out and talking in my friends bedroom. Anyway he told us he had a bunch of smoke bombs that his older brother got him. All different colored ones, well one thing let to another and we all thought it would be a good idea to set them off,  but to set them off in his bed room and make a contest out of it and see who could stay in the bedroom full of smoke the longest! So so my buddy went and got some matches and he started lighting  them off!   To make a long story short I guess his mom seen the red, green, and blue smoke coming out from underneath the door, and she opened up the door screaming  and all of us kids come scrambling out of his room coughing and sneezing and we ran out of his house and down the street to  home. We all thought for sure we were going to be in big trouble.  Well a short time later he called us all up and told us we better get back over to his house,right away or his mom was going to call our folks! So we all came over, and his mom lectured us real good, WOW was she mad and upset! Well she  gave us a couple of big buckets with Spic n Span in it,  and some  wash cloths and we all had to scrub down everything in his room, floor, walls just about  everything!  Who would have thought 4 or 5 different colored smoke bombs would have left such a mess in a 10' by 10' room! There was a film of different colors on everything!
 I never really got into any really bad trouble or anything as a kid,  but I guess I did do some pretty stupid  and down right crazy things!
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   Posted 7/9/2009 5:29 PM (GMT -6)   
White Beard,
That was one smart mother - getting you all to clean it up! LOL

These are all really a hoot to read! I'll bet we could all keep thinking of things for a long, long time.

PaLady :-)

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   Posted 7/9/2009 5:46 PM (GMT -6)   
When I was sixteen, me and my best friend in our infinite stupidity, decided to take up smoking and even though I had parents who both smoked I knew I would be in trouble if they found out so one night she was over spending the night and we had managed to get ahold of some cigarettes and since I didnt want to get caught in my room we went out on my roof and lite up a cig each, we were smoking away when I heard my mother come out on the porch below I didn't want her to catch me so we got very quiet, just then, of course, the cigarette slipped out of my hand and rolled down into the gutter, which was full of dried leaves, the smoke started so I (still in my infinite stupidity) quietly moved dow to grab it out of the gutter so the smoke would wtop, I grabbed the wrog end, and burned myself and of course dropped the cigarette out of my hand and where did it land you ask? On my mothers head of course!She went running and screaming at the same time, both at me!! She of course now caught me , the cat was out of the bag, my mother had a bald spot and I was grounded from my friend for a week. Did I get what I deserved, no, I should of got the crap beat out of me, maybe then I would have stopped, but it has been four years since I quit, I got my mother to quit and now she isn't so mad anymore, of course that was more than 20 years ago so I hope not. Its a lessen to be learned, smoking hurts alot of people, even ones that aren't directly involved, lol!

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When I was about two years old, my parents went away on a several day trip, while my sister (2 yrs older) & I were left at home with our grandparents. One night they called on the phone & were talking to my sister. I was too young to understand & I thought that my sister had sent my parents away, so I got really mad & bit her on the cheek. She had a nice bite mark for days, and I think I only got sent to the corner. My sister still brings this up from time to time (she actually mentioned it tonight). I think I scarred her for life!

I also distinctly remember drawing all over the white walls of my sister's room with lipstick & crayons when I was about the same age (maybe a year or two older), because I was jealous that she got to go to a friend's house & I didn't. My mom was really mad, but I don't think she did anything more than send me to the corner, or my room & make me clean up the mess.

I was a little devil as a child! I was actually watching some home videos last weekend & it was a lot of fun. I've changed so much!! Sometimes I wish that I could be the way that I was when I was little... I'm way too uptight!

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