Question about fentanyl

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Bones And Dones
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   Posted 7/12/2009 6:14 PM (GMT -6)   
I just started using the 100 mcg/hour fentanyl patches.  I can never get them on perfect.(They always seem to not want to not lay completlly flat against my skin) I've had problems getting them to stick.  Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else.  Any suggestions?  Also, will this effect it's delivery into my skin.  Most of the patch is flat against my chest.  But, theres always a place that wants to stick up a litte.  Your help would be greatlly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

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   Posted 7/12/2009 6:28 PM (GMT -6)   

I have been using the patches for years.  There are two different kinds.  Do you have the ones that are more oblong and can actually see the gel inside?  Or do you have the more square ones that just look much like a piece of tape?  Either one I put on my upper arm and have had good "stickiness".  Never try to put one if area has been cleaned with alcohol without thoroughly rewiping it with clean water.  Also, hold the patch  (where ever you put it) in place for at least 30secs - 1min.  

Hope this is of some help.  Good luck!

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   Posted 7/12/2009 6:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Bones,

I was on fentanyl patches for a couple of months & I did not have much trouble getting them to stick. I know that this is a common problem, but I never had any major difficulties. I used the generic brand from Watson. There was always a little "tab" on the end of the patch that did not stick, so that you could easily pull the patch off -- I don't know if this is what you are referring to? I used to wear them on my chest & on the side of my torso, although mainly on my side. I tried to place them such that they wouldn't be too effected by the movement of my body. If I held them down for ~30 sec, then the were usually good to go for the 3 days. If I ever had problems, it would be because I placed the patch near a piece of clothing that would rub. Then, sometimes, the corners/edges would start to peel off. If that happened, I'd just tape them down with cloth bandaging tape (just be sure not to cover the patch with non-clear tape, as this can affect the rate of absorption of the meds). If you are having a lot of trouble, you should ask your pharmacist about a protective covering that you can put over the patch. There is a type of clear surgical dressing that can be used. I don't remember the name, because I never had to use it, but maybe someone else can tell you...

Best of luck!


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   Posted 7/12/2009 6:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I used them for about a week after some surgery I had last year and what I found was that they would stick a lot better if the skin was freshly washed and completely dry. I have a tendency to oily skin anyway and I would actually use DAWN dish soap to clean my upper arm and then really, really rinse the area with water. I would then towel dry and then stand in front of a fan or have my wife use a hair drier on cool to completely dry the area before having her apply the patch.

I would have done all this myself but my surgery was for carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve transposition so I was w/o use of one arm and hand for several weeks.
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Bones And Dones
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   Posted 7/12/2009 7:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for your responses. I taped the one i have on now. Just down the sides and across the top. Seems to be fine. I'll try the apply after cleaning method on my next one. By the way they are the ones with the gel in them, made by Watson. Thanks again.

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   Posted 7/13/2009 3:57 AM (GMT -6)   
I used TegaDerm patches while on Fentanyl. I got the pharmacy to order them. I feel certain you could get them at a medical supply place as well. Its a very thin clear sheet, same thing used when they put an IV in your hand at the hospital. It sticks very well. This was the only way I could keep mine on.
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   Posted 7/13/2009 5:37 AM (GMT -6)   
My doctor use to give me rolls of that clear tape that they use in ERs that rips really easily, and that use to stick really well for me. But also, as a female, I would put it on my sides under my armpit so that my bra strap covered it and kinda held it on too, plus it was hidden, cause nothing was more embarrassing then having people seeing it. And also cause I live in a town full of addicts, I was scared of them seeing it and following me and knocking me out and taking my meds, it's happened before so one can never be too careful. So make sure where ever you place it, it's in a spot where nobody can see. And if you feel like it's not sticking, talk to your doctor, they can recommend diffrent things, and may even have diffrent tape you can try like my doctor did. Also I heard that some of the patch makers have special patches you can place over them, but you have to call them and give them a number off the box the patches came in, but some companies dont offer this, I know mylan doesnt. I beleive their's 3 diffrent generics and one name brand patches out their, and they're all diffrent, and some people prefer one over the other.


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   Posted 7/13/2009 8:18 AM (GMT -6)   

I use tegaderm bioclusive dressings ( it's the stuff they use to cover IV sites in the hospital). You can buy it at any medical supply house or some pharmacies carry them as well. I buy mine off ebay in large lots of 50 or 100 covers at a time, to save a lot of money. I use the 10 cm x 12 cm ( 4 inches x 4 3/4 inches) for the 100 mcg patches and the smaller ones for the 25 mcg patches. The 4 inch ones are 1626W is the id number for the ones by 3 M that I use.

I know that nexcare also makes one , those you can usually find in any pharmacy in the dressings section, but they can get expensive, something like 12- 14.00 for 5 of I use ebay as I said instead, much cheaper.


There is also something called opsite that you can buy in medical supply places but it can be a bit awkward to use. You can cut to the sizes that you need, but you have to have two hands available to remove the backing and put it in place and then peel the backing off.



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