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   Posted 8/16/2009 11:43 PM (GMT -6)   
When you were growing up, what one rule did you always disagree with? I mean let's be honest...our parents were unreasonable and just mean...OK? But we all had rules and limitations and for the most part it was either for our safety or our own good. But was there one rule your parents enforced that you thought was totally unfair?

I wasn't allowed to date in any way until I was 16. That was fine and I understood. But the silliest thing was NO drive-in movies at all! I mean really? If teenagers were going to park in a car and do 'adult' things, why would they go to a drive-in with other people all around and actually pay for the parking space? It just didn't make any sense to me.

But there was this one goofball who I went on a date with mostly because my parents wanted me to. He was a very distant relative of kids they grew up with. I thought he was yucky...<shudder> but I agreed. He told dad we were going to a movie theater and get something to eat. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway he announced we were going to the drive-in because my parents would never find out anyway. Yes, he knew I was not to go there but didn't care one bit. I didn't tell my parents when I got home but I never talked to or went out with him again and they never asked. See, he was one of dad's students at school and I was afraid if I said something dad would have a fit so I kept quiet. If I knew then what I know now I would soooo have ratted him out! What a creep! And yes, he did try to pull a few 'moves' on me but I made him stay on his side of the

What rule did your parents have that was the time?
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   Posted 8/17/2009 12:12 AM (GMT -6)   
My Dad was a alcoholic and a control freak, when I went out on a date he would put a mileage limit on the car like he would say " yes you can have the car tonight, and I will let you have 25 miles!" He would then go out an check the odometer and write down the mileage! ( it was a 1963 4 door Chevy Belair 283 V-8 automatic.) Anyway I paid for my own gas, untill he put a locking gas cap on it. Anyway once when me and my buddy that lived down the street went out on a double date I had to bring the car back home and then we had to switch to my buddies car! How embarrassing it was and our dates thought it was crazy and of course it was, but they often felt sorry for me! Anyway I found a good solution to this silly problem, no I did not disconnect the odometer, you can tell when someone does that, the needle on the speedometer is always shaky and nolonger smooth when it is tampered with. But with a 63 chevy automatic, you can put the rear wheels up on Jack Stands and run the car in reverse, and the odometer will go backwards, at least it did on my Dads car. So after going out on a date I would head over to my friends house and put it on the Jack stands and leave it run for a while! My father was a bussiness man and knew nothing about mechanics or cars. He never could figure how I could use a half or three quarters of a tank of gas and only go 20 or 30 miles!

Oh by the way I used to go to the Drive Inn but they alway had someone walking around with a flash light checking and if there were no heads above the seats they would be peering in at you and knocking on your window yelling at you. Pulling off on the side of a country road in the corn fields was a much more preferred place to go parking! But of course I have only heard that as I really would not know that first hand !(big Smile)

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Oh where to begin? First of all, my husband and I were only allowed to see each other once a week, & had to have a chaperone everywhere we went (right up to the day we were married), and the chaperone had to be either one of my parents or one of his - it could not be any of his brothers or sister, or mine. The only way we could have any privacy was we had to sit out on the front porch (it was a very busy street), and my parents would have my little brother watch out the window the whole time to "watch" us.

My brother will admit now that it was lies, but back then he would run from the window and tell my parents that we were "too close" or that we were kissing out on the porch, and they ALWAYS believed him. My husband would be sent home, and I would get the 20 minute lecture on how inappropriate our behavior was. We lived by every rule they set out for us. We dated for over 3 years, and as hard as it was, we both saved ourselves for our wedding night. I know that may seem like too much information, but I feel like it is very special.

My identical twin sister wound up leaving home when she was 16 because she refused to live by those rules, and moved in with a friend from school. Within a couple of months she was pregnant, and while initially my parents were upset, very quickly they became very supportive of her and the father of the baby who she married. They helped them set up an apartment, bought them furniture, kitchenware, etc.

My wedding date was 6 weeks after my sisters "shotgun" wedding, which we had been planning every detail for almost 2 years. I doubled up my 11th & 12th years of high school to graduate a year early and worked as well, then as soon as I graduated, I worked a full-time job and 2 part-time jobs in order to pay for my wedding myself. My parents didn't so much as give me a card at my wedding! Absolutely nothing. Then to top it off, my parents car broke down while I was on my honeymoon, and my mother called me and asked me to pay to repair their car with some of the cash gifts that people gave us.

Oh well, that is enough about that!

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   Posted 8/17/2009 11:17 AM (GMT -6)   
That my older siblings got to stay up at least an hour later than me and they always got to watch scary movies that I wasn't allowed to see. It never made sense that since I'm up half the night, why couldn't I? (My folks were always watching scary movies with us kids watching in the background under the belief that we wouldn't "understand" it anyways).

bluejet: that sucks. My aunt/uncle did crazy crap like that to me and my husband too. For instance, if I was laying on the couch, he couldn't lay on the floor. My cousin who was younger than me, her boyfriend got to stay til 3 am. whereas my husband could only stay til 10-11 (when they went to bed). Even more silly, my dad was around all this and didn't really care. He knew I was raised with good values and wouldn't do anything we weren't supposed to. It mostly led to us going out a lot more then hanging around the house.
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   Posted 8/17/2009 4:33 PM (GMT -6)   
I hated the house rule "If one of us was bad then we all got punished"
My brothers would beat me up everytime mom and dad went out and if I said anything
then I'd get spanked too, a no win situation...can't remember how many black eye's I had...
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