Methadone Week 4

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   Posted 9/8/2009 9:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing on my new med.  I am now at 50mgs of methadone and I think this will be the dose I will stay on.  I am nodding off a bit and pretty constipated.  I am sure these side effects will go away soon as I remember when I started my oxycontin years ago I had the same side effects and they eventually eased up.  The only pain medicine I am on now is the methadone.  I am still having about 2-3 episodes of breakthrough pain a day depending on my activity level.  I told my doctors office about this at my appointment two days ago but they did nothing about it.  My appointment was real early and I saw a guy who was the Physicians Assistant.  The doc was not in yet.   He (PA) said the doc did not usually prescribe breakthrough meds with methadone.  One thing I have noticed is that if the doctor is not there then no meds can be changed, started or stopped.  I am pretty sure the PA has to OK it with the doc first and since the doc was not there maybe the PA wants me to talk to the doc first.  Who knows.   I am really happy about being able to have some relief with the methadone.  I was on the oxycontin before and it was not working as long as it used to.  It worked absolutely great on the pain (better than the methadone) but my tolerence kept going up and I did not want to keep increasing my dose because I was already at a pretty high dose.   My pain is controlled exept for nights and mornings.  I am trying more swimming and walking.  I would be fine if I could get my breakthrough pain under control.  I work on a hard marble floor and it hurts.  When I get a flare up of pain at work I can hardly stand for a while.  It sucks but I have no other choice but to keep going.  The pain radiates from my back to my leg knee and foot.  I wish my doctor would understand this.  I really thought doctors were suppose to listen and understand what helps with pain.  I am never demanding in the office.  I always let them know of my pain both breakthrough and consistant and they seem to just turn the other cheek with the breakthrough pain.  I wish they would treat it.  I also feel if I out right ask them for something for my b/t pain they will think I am trying to get meds.  I hate that we pain patients cannot sometimes get our condition treated like anyone else with a medical problem.  I just hate it.  I hate all the bad raps we get.  I am really upset that I am made to feel bad because of my condition.  Sorry,  I am upset, Let me cool down.  Anyway , I am off to swim and do my stretches for the evening.  I quess I will stay on the methadone 50mgs and take advil for the breakthrough pain.  I hope all of you are doing great and take care!

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   Posted 9/9/2009 5:22 AM (GMT -6)   
Shaw, have you had any testing to determine what is causing your pain. Sounds like bad disc in the lumbar to be causing the radiating pain down the leg. You stated that you are using advil for breakthru. I have found that tylenol helps me more than advil but of course we are all differnt. As for the constipation, I had to use miralax for some time until my body got used to the narcotic meds. It did help and I got to the point where .5 capful each day was enough to keep me comfortable. Hope you find some relief soon.
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   Posted 9/13/2009 1:08 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been on Methadone for a long time...and I have always had BT meds with it.  I don't understand why your Dr. won't give you anything...I take Oxycodone 30 mg. 4 times a day and it helps enough to get me through the day....I am actually going to see about taking something else...Although I don't know what....I really think you should keep on your Dr. about the BT's not fair that you suffer...
Please call your Dr. and ask about it....or maybe you should find a new Dr.
Please try and have a good day...and I am thrilled that the Methadone is many people think Methadone is just for Heroin addicts and never give it or us a chance...I think it's great...

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   Posted 9/13/2009 2:30 PM (GMT -6)   
I'd agree to ask for something for breakthrough. Its odd your doctor did not automatically give you something to begin with for BT. Some people even think that methadone stops other pain medication from working. but thats not necessarily true. It works, it helps pain, it just doesnt give you euphoria because that sense is being 'blocked', the receptors. I take 30mg oxycodone also, and Im about to ask to switch to something else, after about a year and a half I just feel its not working as well, obviously, tolerance if Im using 30mg oxycodone, and not one at a time, 2 to 3 at a time. But do ask again, ask them until they give you something, or explain to you some sort of explanation in their thinking.

Alot of people are fearing or scared of methadone, because people associate it for herion withdraw or addicts, but thats just not true at all. Its a great pain medication, matter of fact my pain management doctor has different brochures for any controlled/extended release medication that people might have bad views of, which are from fear mongerers I believe. But anyways he has a brochure for Oxycontin, Methodone, and Im not sure the other, but it might be fentynal I believe. Because they always have the most publicity of course people think their the worse, but its just because people use it and it works that they have a bad wrap. a medication wont get a bad wrap when it doesnt work because no one or not many will use it to SEE or sense any side effects. Dont you somewhat agree?

Nice to talk to you, by the way if you didnt know Im Chris!

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   Posted 9/13/2009 2:31 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Shaw,

I think its stinks that your PM is not listening to you. If he does not rx BT meds then it sounds like you need to bite the bullet and get another PM dr. What he is doing is not right, your pain is being under treated. As a pain patient you have a right to proper care. Many PM drs do rx BT meds. I have a pain pump and my PM dr says all pump patients needs a BT medication. But there are some drs out there that will not give a pump patient BT meds. Its all boils down to the personal choice of the physician. I am glad you are happy with the Methadone. It can be a very effective pain reliever. But again, its only for long term use only. Will your dr rx you something like Neurotin  that is for the nerve pain. If you are having nerve pain, narcotics are not going to be of much use for that type of pain.

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